Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009

To start the year 2010, here's some pics of the overdue event.

Gonna caption only. Not much to say.

Just am happy that my darling had finally baptized =)

Praise and worship team wearing bobbly santa caps...cute =)

Everyone who're gonna be baptized...including the bf

Pastor Lim and Elder Lee

Spot Sinren....

Smile ler properly...sepak kang!!!

Tersengih-sengih budak nie...

Awwwww~ so cute la all the kids =)

Luke is so damn cute!!!! He's not baptizing that day actually he just came out to accompany his sister...I think.

More kids...

Joyce's "hidden talent"...hahahahahaha~

Awwwwww~ she's so damn cute. And she's staring at my bf. Jaga lu. I'll be watching you. Haha~

Om nom nom nom after the Christmas service

My sweetheart....missing you again~~~

Went karaoke-ing after service...awesomeness comes in eight. Hehe~

Mad day and super tiring. No wonder I was sick after that. Haha~

My sexy bulu hand...not mine la. Sinren's. Haha~

Well, no mood to blog d coz its too long past and the photos that I've been waiting for had not been posted. Zzz~

So that's all about 2009.

Time to create memories for 2010!!!

See you guys soon.


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Fiona Tay said...

congratulations to him!! :D


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