Friday, January 22, 2010

A Package I Wasn't Expecting

Last week after work on Wednesday, dad passed me a package that came on that day.
I wasn't expecting any packages because I did not buy anything and nobody said they would send me anything. So I'm sort of puzzled to receive this.

When I saw the writing, it was some what familiar. Must be someone who's very close to me for me to recognize this.

But when I saw this signature I knew exactly who sent me this. Awwwwww~~~

Darling Esther, did you expect me to remember your signature? =p

Anyways, she actually did tell me that she was going to send me something but I totally forgot. Its was supposed to be my birthday present. One month late but its ok. Its the thought that counts =)

So now let's see what's in the package...
There's two plastic in total.

The smaller plastic contains this...
A faux leather handphone strap

What's so special about it is this la of course. Hahahahahahahahhaa~

Thanks so much for this embossed (or is it engraved?) handphone strap Esthie. Now everyone knows I'm the princess. Hehe~

I didn't dare to tie it onto my handphone coz I tend to lose them very easily that way. So I tied it onto my handphone pouch which was much safer. =)

Next is this pair of earrings.

Haha~ Crown for the princess huh?


But please ignore my skin's ugly condition.

On to the bigger package...

A denim high waist skirt

She said she didn't know if its my style and worried that I might not wear it. Apa nie... don't need worry la. I don't have any particular style so anything suits me. Of course I will wear. Unless I can't fit la.

Apparently I could fit in it and I love it!!!!

Am gonna wear this on CNY to Sinren's house to dine with the parents ^///^. Er... with a different top of course. Haven't decide what shoes to wear coz many of my shoes died T_T

Now I just want my Crocs. Faster come to me.

K la...

See you guys on Monday coz I'll be away tomorrow. If I had time today, I will do pre-scheduled posts.

Bubbye people...

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