Friday, January 8, 2010

So the other day I saw this video review on you tube about Maybelline eyeshadows. This girl said that she didn't like Maybelline's eyeshadows (she meant generally not one particular one) because they are too easily blended. At first I thought what's so bad about that? I mean that's so that the eyeshadows looked blended right? But then I saw a few other reviews and they also said the same thing. By too easily blended, they meant that the colors blend too much that you can't see the different tones of the colors.

So I've decided to try this out.

I had lots of Maybelline eyeshadows coz I was totally into Maybelline before I'm head over heels with Japanese makeup. But I didn't really use them coz by the time I know how to use eyeshadows properly I started to use my KATE eyeshadow and ditched all the other eyeshadows altogether.

So for comparison of nicely blend eye makeup vs. too blended eye makeup I'm using Maybelline's Color Wear Trio in Spring Tones 12 and Renommee Cosmetique Eye Shadow in Cool Quintet.

So I did one eye using the Maybelline eyeshadow and the other one with the Renommee one.

Well, with open eyes you can't really see the difference but I think this look is kinda awesome don't you think? Maybe I'll do a tutorial if I still remember how I did it. Haha~

Oh and my left eye's pupil looked so light...nice!!!!

Ok so this eye I used the Maybelline Color Wear Trio eyeshadow in Spring Tone's dark green and light green (and white to highlight) with purple and lavender from another eyeshadow palette. I did not use the blending brush in this look.

Look at the colors. It looked like everything is merging into one color which is almost white. You can't see each of the colors clearly. The green is like not even there.

As opposed to Maybelline, the Renommee one looks better right? I've used Renommee's dark green, light green and white with the same purple and lavender as the ones I used with the MAybelline's one. The colors look more visible...the purple, the green and the highlight doesn't smudge up the rest of the colors.

But from far there's no difference la... So I think its ok.

So its proven that Maybelline's eyeshadow are actually not that good compared to others. So I'm never going to get any of them until I hear good reviews on them.

Well, this is only my own opinion la. If you like merged colors eye makeup, you can still buy it 'tho. Just giving you guys my opinion.

Too free lately so did lots of makeup and experiment. Will post photos of my other experiments real soon.

Stay tuned.


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