Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Famosa: Happy Juice

OK are you ready for the next part?

Actually I'm kinda bored with it. Usually I do not post up the pics in FB first coz I lose interest to blog them if I post them up in FB too soon. I have no idea why. Should not have posted on FB first la. Sigh~

Anyways, after we showered and stuff, we went to rock the kitchen.

As you can see I was not much help. People cooking and doing stuff in the kitchen while I'm taking pictures. Hehe~

Can't seem to get Buvy to be in the picture. LOL~ My camera seriously had something against Buvy for the longest time. Haha~ Caci my camera summore la. =p

Anu looked freaky...like some sort of psycho serial killer...

Come come Buvy... I'll take a photo with you to make up to all the other photos that you were not in. =)

The happy juice

And this is when the madness all begin...
I don't really remember what this was...er~ I think its Black Label with coke.

Looked at the time when I first started drinking and took this picture. Its 7.19pm. Let's see how long it takes for the craziness to begin.

Others who started the same time with me

The chef started to prepare his stations to cook...
The frying pan section

The soup section

Don't stare at Buvy's boobs can? So damn rude wtf. Haha~

Love the t-shirt!!!!

Why you pointing at me now Buvy? Sepak kang!!!

The chef working on the bacon

Bacon marinated with lots of stuff which I had no memory of right now

So freaking pure...EXTRA VIRGIN.... Mother Mary has nothing to top this.

Erm... I don't find it funny anymore wtf.

Buvy koreking something

Anu peeling the prawns coz she wants to eat 'em all

After eating, we went to the pool side to continue drinking
Two pairs of couples

Anu, moi and Buvy

My nicely shave legs

The tipsy-ness had not started

No, it had not start

Ok maybe around here... and the time is 9.56pm. About 3hours after I've started drinking

There's a bow to hide somebody's ugly face and we're imitating somebody from FB. But with a cup in between. Hehe~

Pee Fen and Jeremy...nice people to get to know to =)

Pee Fen and her other bf...haha~ Inside joke

Ann and Kev and Jeremy's sexy legs

My messy hair which I didn't bother to comb

Anu wanted me to take her profile picture for her

Haha~ Candid shot

Nice =)

I like this picture. I like how Siew Han looks like he's having a good time with his cup of liquor while Buvy thinks he'd gone mad. Haha~

Happy nye Jeremy...

Now he doesn't look so happy

I don't know what happened to my camera. It suddenly took pictures looking like that. I think some steam went to the lenses. Scared the hell out of me.

I think I now know my process of going drunk. Start drinking, then feels unusually happy, dizzy then sleepy (like above), then emo, then back to happy and of course the last part is unknown to me coz I'm already drunk.

I think I should stop drinking when I feel sleepy. Or else it'll be chaotic after.

We came back indoors and continued drinking.

The chef in black continued cooking

The last thing I remembered him cooking was some sort of prawns.

Then I went into my room and talked to my bf. He told me I sounded weird edy and asked if I drank. *busted!!!* I just casually told him I drank a bit.

I went out of the room to see what's going on outside (after hanging up) and saw my cup refilled again. *YAY!* So I drank summore. By now I had no idea how many cups I drank coz every time my cup is empty, my dear friends will feel it up for me.

Anu vomited

She said its because of the prawns and beer combination she had.

Ann also felt dizzy d. I don't know if she vomited 'tho. Coz I was already quite gone myself by now.

I was trying to show you guys Ann but failed coz can't seem to aim correctly d. Haha~

She looked super pale after vomiting

I don't remember this photo being taken. Maybe she took it herself.

More pics of us so I won't caption anymore

Awwwww~ So sweet

Emo Buvy...

Last picture I took of the night coz after the drank I had I saw two cups on the table and drank it without anyone noticing. Then I'm done for the night.

She came into the room and rant non-stop then suddenly we heard snoring.

Photos from this point on all taken by Ann coz I was already drunk and acting cuckoo. Haha~
I was shouting at Anu, telling her my grandmother's name. "My grandmother's name is Phang Kim Moi" Which is wrong coz my grandmother's name was Phang Kim Hwa. Lol~

I don't know this happen. They told me. I went back and thought about what they said and realized I've said my grandmother's name wrongly.

By the end of the day, everyone knew my grandmother's name but the wrong one. HAha~

This is me crying for no reason

Actually got reason la. I called Sinren again and told him I missed him. Started to sob non stop that he got a shock at the other end. Then I kept repeating: " I want Sinren...."

Then I was ok. After some time I cried summore. This time I want my mum. LOL~ I was so damn sampat that night.

Pointing to something

Ann took a video of me talking nonsense but its too private to show it. Hehe~

Siew Han talking on the phone with Anu's bf... I think. Coz nobody remembered this. Haha~

After the whole craziness...I even told Siew Han my grandmother didn't like him coz he talks too much (So sorry... its not true, you know right? Hehe~) and I told Ann I hated my specs and I'm gonna throw it... I slept off. THank god I took off my contact lense or else sure teruk the next morning.

Woke up at 3am to extreme hotness and loud laughter from the living room.

Stupid Buvy switched the air con to low mode and made all of us so damn hot. She even fell from the bed to Siew Han's bed on the floor. LOL~ So Siew Han had no place to sleep coz she fell and didn't wake up to climb back. Effing funny.

I went to the living room to see what's happening and see a very tipsy Siew Han walking like a geisha. Hahahahahaha~ I was kinda blur so I didn't take a photo. Or else it'll look so damn funny.

He went to sleep with Jeremy while I stayed in the living room to watch Stitch for awhile then went back to sleep at around 4 something.

Crazy night but was awesome. Haha~

Next time if I'm drinking with them, I'll control myself. Or else gonna be the joke for a very long time.

Tomorrow will be the last part of A Famosa post. Wait for it.


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