Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CNY Day 4 Part 2: Han's birthday celebration

Woots!!! Today is the last post on CNY. I took like two months just to finish up all the posts. Hehe~ So paiseh. The Taiwan's posts will take longer I think. But by June hopefully all posts will be cleared. ;p

So anyways after the YF's visitng and resting enough at my house. We headed over to John/Han's place coz we're gonna give him a surprise birthday party. We told him we were gonna go his house for visiting nie.

Greeted by these two when we arrived ^^

The little girl is Meryl who's my friend, Audrey's daughter. They lived in New York but back for holiday.

I've only seen Meryl in pics on FB. This is the first time I've seen her in real life wtf. She's not really friendly so I didn't get to know her so well. But I did get to know that she loves her ipad. LOL~

The other fella who smiled so "hamsap-ly" is my godson, Shane. LOL~

I didn't manage to get a video of the surprise coz my camera died before coming over. But it was sort of hilarious la. Jo parked his car at the back of their house. John was like why park behind there. Jo had to lied that many people are coming wtf. Then Jo had to climb in and out the (low) wall just to get the cake and all the stuff we got ready for the surprise.

Apa nie stare at his wife while singing birthday song. So "loving" meh? LOL~

Awwww~ so nice ^^

Another happy family pic

Its said To: John Ng Happy 25th Birthday By: Yuth Fellowship

Its either Jo can't spell "youth" or the Secret Recipe's people can't read his writing :p And why he called his bro so formal la wei? John Ng. LOL~

This cake is Green Tea Cheesecake by Secret Recipe btw. Its my fav cake at SR for the moment.

Khoo J-Yun (Bernice) was being "lebih" that night. Die also wanna be in the pic and poor 'ol Shane must be super bored. LOL~

All of us who came to his house. Too many to name. Sorry~

Haha~ Shane was talking to me in this pic. Kena scold from John summore "Eh! 要跟他讲话来前面讲!" (Eh! If u want to talk to him, talk from the front side!)

Our dinner that night~~~

We ordered 14 pizzas with side dishes. LOL~ Dominos must have a hard time that day. But they still managed to send it on time. Geng!!!

Us girls (and some women) acting crazy as usual. LOL~

Uncle Gue gave blessing to John and his family and to the food. Then we started the party.

The rest of the night was us playing fireworks and Uno Spin. Too busy to take anymore photos so it ended just like that ^^

These few days I'm feeling really frustrated and sad and disappointed for a few things in life. Its not PMS coz my period dy came wtf. Part of it is my work. Another part's more personal. There's this student who had been giving me a lot of problems since she started learning with me. Now she's getting on my nerves. I just hope she'll stop coming to my lessons. I don't wanna see her face anymore.

On a happier note, I've gotten a new phone. I'm currently addicted to Angry Birds which is the only game I've downloaded into my phone. LOL~ My mum was like: "这样无聊的东西你可以玩一整天。晕!" (Such a boring game and you could play it all day. Faint!)

Any games on Android that you guys recommend to play or any apps that is a must? Tell me!!!

I'm thinking to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab but I have no idea why I want it except to play games on it. LOL~ So still contemplating la... Its also very expensive lor. So probably won't la... Will see how...

Gotta go now. Off to cook lunch.

See you guys in the next post.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

March 2011 Purchases and short review


Its been awhile since I last posted some buys/purchases. Basically coz I was saving money for Taiwan last year so I cut down on buying stuff and also I was lazy to post it up wtf. Haha~

So I'm starting these buys/purchases posts again. Just to let you guys know what I bought for the month and also  do a short review about those things in case you guys are interesting in those stuff. I'm thinking probably I'll do a favorites posts every month too. But I'm not sure la... Will see how.

Metrojaya had a clearance sale at Melaka in March. I went there to see if there's anything I could get. There were many cheap stuff but I didn't get lots of stuff coz mum was there with me. -.- Cheap clothes didn't have many choices of sizes and as for the cosmetics and beauty products were all near to expiry date so I didn't get of those.

But I did get...

Haha~ I know....very wtf right? Why would I wanna get these stuff?

Aiyoh... its for my students la... I always get them gifts when they did well for the assessments that I gave.

They are very cheap and the original stuff. Just that they are remainder stocks.

Other than that I've got...
Got this for two obvious reasons....

a) I want to do some rope jumping to lose weight and inches.

b) It has Stitch on it <3<3<3

Even the handle thingy had Stitch <3<3<3

Anyways, I've been doing the rope jumping for a few days now. First day I was doing pretty bad. Only managed to do 37 skips hehe~. It was like super torturing just to do that 37. I was panting like I was going to die of suffocation. Then the second day I did slightly better. 76... Then the next I did 102...planning to hit 150 and maintain it for awhile.

Somebody told me that I've lost weight yesterday ^^ I forgot to ask her whether its the face which looked slimmer or my body in general. I don't really care bout my face coz its not that hard to slim down on the face. I'm hoping my body is slimmer. Or else my diet, massaging and all the exercising is just a big waste of time.

Bought myself a pretty headphone from Mac City ^^

I've always wanted those nice and pretty headphones I see in those movies. My Philips headphones are awesome but far from pretty.

Haven't used these yet. Will get to use them when I'm on my trip to Genting end of this month. Being in a car with some nagging folks. So these are the best.

Oh btw, the soft touch earpads are really comfy on the ears when I was trying them out at the store. Like cushion to your ears.

What's this jiggy majiggy?


This is the Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover which I've read good reviews on blogs and also Japanese beauty mags like Mina and Vivi.

I don't get the product feature. What's up with the underlined sentence? If I'm not a heroine, I'm not supposed to use it is it? -.-

I'm quite mad with the wand (the thing above). I felt so cheated lor. In the packaging (three pics above) they shown that it is a half comb and half coil wand. It is also stated in the product description. When I open it up, it looks freaking the same. I cannot differentiate the comb or the coil.

So here's how you use it...
Ok, so this is my eyes with mascara (please ignore my bad skin's condition...I forgot to ps it =p)

I actually put on a lot of mascara on my lashess. Can't even recall how many streaks I put on each side.

Last time I usually use a cotton wipe soaked in makeup remover to remove my mascara. It usually doesn't clean up really well.

So the mascara remover is basically a makeup remover used to specifically to clean off mascaras. Apply it to the lashes like how you would apply mascara. It could be used for the bottom lashes as well.

Mascara would instantly "melt" after a few minutes. Actually a few seconds will do but if you want to be sure that its super clean, leave it for a few minutes.

Then wipe it all off with a cotton wipe/tissue

It really does clean up very well. I'm not sure if it'll clear off clumping mascaras coz mine doesn't clump. I know some do. Maybe I'll get one which does and try it out with this mascara remover and let you know.

Ok so I'm quite satisfied with the outcome of this product and all but I won't be buying it the next time. The price of this thing is the same as its mascara. Its like purchasing another mascara. I've found a better alternative recently to remove mascara which doesn't cost much. Plus the product gets into my eyes when I apply it. Some bloggers reviewed that it doesn't sting the eyes. It is true but it made my sight went blurry for awhile. That's sort of scary right?

I've probably talked about the Liese Bubble Hair Color already. So I guess there's nothing more to say. I'll continue to purchase this until I've find a better hair dye or I have so much money to spare...I'll get to the saloon everytime my hair had regrowth. :p

Decided to try this color out coz it looked so nice on one of the models on a magazine

Will show u guys the before after in another post soon.

Got this from Popular Bookstore

These are like post-its bookmarks. I bought it to mark my student's practical books so that they have something to look forward to when they get home to practice ^^

It works for the moment. Let's just hope my student will continue to practice.

Finally applied for a Watson's card ^^. Most of my drugstore makeup and beauty products are bought here. So I will need a card to earn points to get more stuff, discounts and gifts. Hehe~

I have a whole stash of coupons. Woots!!!

But its all till 30th April -.- So many coupons, so little time. Who wants to go shopping at Watsons with me???? ^^

I'm currently obsessed with falsies!!!

Not that my lashes aren't long enough. I just want to have crazy volume on my lashes. That's nothing any amount of mascara do.

These are actually half lashes which are ones that you apply to the outer corner to make it look longer on the outside.

Canmake's falsies look and feel very natural. Its like not wearing any falsies but people still notice it. Awesome right?

I wanted to get #06 (also a half lashes) but couldn't find it. Actually no la. The sales girl was finding it for me but she was doing it so slowly. MP was already closing and she's like so slow. I just simply get this #14 and paid.

Me with the half falsies on ^^


Not sure why its not so obvious in pics. If you see me in real life, you can definitely see it.

BTW I'm wearing circle lenses from Hearts Fashion. Its the Hurricane series. There's this new series called Flowers. Looked awesome. Gonna try it out ^^

Finally got a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

I've been wanting to try it after so many good reviews. The reviews are like everywhere on YT.

Found out that you could get NYX from here from Eevon. So I went to get this. You guys should check out the site too. They sell not only NYX but also Elf. Both not available in Malaysia yet. Sharon (the seller) also sells makeup palettes and nailpolishes. Check her out ^^

I've got Milk which is one of the best seller ever!!!

It is a stick eyeshadow (correct me if I'm wrong) in this pen like thingy

I've already depot-ed it. I didn't want to depot it coz it seems like a lot of work. But I don't know how to use the product if it ends up shorter than the top.

The eye pencil glides on nicely on my skin and its so creamy looking. Like those white frosting on cupcakes. Yum!!! I'm clearly hungry again. LOL~

This is how it looks blended

I'm gonna use this as a highlight for my brow bone and inner corners. Coz it brings in a lot of light to it. Better than my usual Kate white eyeshadow.

Will get other jumbo eyepencil next time just to see how great are the other colors.

I'll post up how to depot it if you guys want to know. It was a gruesome 10 minutes I tell ya. LOL~

Well that's my March purchases.

Will be doing one of these again next month and like I've said probably a favorite product thingy.

I'm sorry to the boys who read my blog. This must be boring for you. I'll try to post something manly next time. LOL~

I can't wait for Friday....Friday, Friday...gotta get down on Everyone's singing so am I. HAhahahahaa~ I love long weekends and don't have to work on it. ^^

Will post something up soon...but probably not this week coz I'll be away ^^

So see you guys next time.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

House of Victory Old Folks' Home

During March, when I was on my one week break, I went on a pretty meaning outing with my Youth Fellowship members. We went to this old folks' home to entertain and hang out some old people there.

I've never been to an old folks' home ever. Erm... I think I did. I went to visit my friend's mother but not to hang out. (actually who hangs out at old folks' home la wei? LOL~) So this was sort of like a new experience to me.

Urgh~ thanks Everlyn for this "gorgeous" photo of me giving a short speech :( And this is like the only pic of myself in the entire outing. I was busy taking pics for others. Sad case.

This is Joy and she's the song leader for that day. Great job, Joy!!! ^^

Paulie wallie playing the guitar <3

Above pics are from Tze Khan and Kaylyn's side

This is still during the praise and worship session. The uncles and aunties actually can't read the song books lor. Its only us singing and them clapping.

I think in this picture we're already playing games dy coz Joy was standing there instead of song leading.

The guy in the far left is not really old as you can see. But the poor guy fell from a tree when he was 12 and damaged his brain or something. So he ended up like this. :( He's around 40+ right now. His family owns this house which was rented out to House of Victory so the family said its better to let him be here since they can't afford to take care of him.

Wei Yon with an aunty who won't shut up. LOL~

Seriously she had so much to say. Even asking her to eat porridge she had to comment 7986487264872548 things about it.

I might end up like that when I'm old. Hahahahaha~

Kar Seng and Wenfeng had to sit beside this grumpy wheelchair uncle. He was unhappy the whole time we were there. About few minutes later he decided to go hide behind in his room and refuse to come out.

Why la uncle? We're all so fun...

Mama tagged along coz she wanted to see what she could help out there

But there isn't much help needed coz the volunteers there had been doing a good job.

Uncle Mok gave a short sermon that day. So paiseh coz I didn't plan everything perfectly. Everything was like random and spontaneous.

We were playing this passing the parcel around game and whoever lost had to perform a song for the old folks.

This is Mok Kar Seng and he kena kao kao from his brother, who is none other than the evil Paulie Mok Kar Yong. Wahahahahaha~ He had to sing and perform actions at the same time. Then kena sing three or four times of the same song. Hahahahahahaha~

Panorama shots I took while Kar Seng sang

After the game we had some free time with the old we sat down and chat with them...

Everlyn made friends with one of the old folks there. She promised to buy her roti canai and visit her often. ^^

These few awesome old folks' pics were taken by yours truly using Everlyn's big ass DSLR. I love 'em. Should have taken more but it was too damn heavy.

These two are taken with my humble camera (cannot say lousy coz its not that lousy la...)

Call me mean but this uncle reminds me of someone from Spongebob Squarepants cartoon :p I'm not gonna say which one 'tho. It'll be extra mean.

This aunty here only speaks Hakka so none of us could talk to her. So she just sat there quietly. Thank God Uncle Mok knows a bit la. So he was the only one who was able to be with her the whole time.

Joy tried talking to her in various ways. Failed badly coz she didn't understand a word. But it made her laugh. Haha~

Siew Fern and her elderly friend ^^

The poor uncle is half blind and has Parkinson disease. Sigh~

The anti-social uncle

I still manage to take a pic of him...U can run but you can't hide wtf...

Lunch time

We brought fried mee and bee hoon and also porridge there to eat it with the elderly.

AWwwwwww~ That's the rare-st thing happening right there.... Paulie never... I repeat NEVER EVER feeds anyone except for himself. Anyone who runs up to him and ask him to feeds him/her (a.k.a me wtf), will get a bitch slap from his stare.... even kids!!! Seriously!!!!

After lunch we still hung out there for awhile...

Uncle Mok was great company for the elderly. Sigh~ I failed badly coz I had no idea what to speak to them. :(

This old man claimed that we should all call him lengchai, which means good looking man in Cantonese. LOL~ Ok la Uncle... u look quite good looking for an old man lor. Haha~

This uncle also talked a lot. Mostly complaining la... The boys had been surrounding and listening to his rants all day. Hahahaha~ Kesian betul.

We left at around 5pm. But before that we took some obligatory group photos with the old folks and the volunteers there.
I didn't edit this. Everlyn did.

You guys probably can't see me back I'm standing at the back and being tortured by Mr. Kelvin Mok. He won't stop tickling me since forever. Whenever I'm near him, I'll get tickled like mad. And this had been going on since he was little. Sigh~~~~

But now that I'm fearless wtf. I fight back. So apart from being tortured by him. He was tortured by me. Wahahhahaahaha~ We were both poking each other at the back in this photo. Hahahahah... Until Paulie turned around and bitch slap us with his stare and said: "Don't play la. Wanna beating is it?" T.T


Today I'm not feeling very well. Actually since yesterday la... I don't have strength and the will to do anything. I just wanna lie down and sleep all day. But I couldn't. Today I had to work from 2pm-9pm. T.T

I think by the time I'm home I'm gonna collapse right into my bed and do another 12 hour sleep or something. Like I did on Sunday. Which is impossible coz I'll be back at around 9.30pm and I had to get up at 7am. T.T

Ok la... I gotta go lie down for awhile before my student comes at 2pm.

See you guys tomorrow...hopefully if I'm well. Or maybe on Friday la.

Oh btw there's now a shoutbox at the sidebar. Spam all you want there. But please do not promote various stuff you're selling or whatever craps offer you have...unless I know who you are.

Seriously gotta go now...



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