Monday, May 30, 2011

April Purchases 2011

It took me sometime to post this up coz I was searching high and low for stuff that I had bought on April but there's nothing that I've bought. Erm... actually I've bought two things la but its not that interesting. -.- So this post is gonna be a short one. And I'm not gonna do a April Favorites coz there's nothing that I've like in April.

But I've look at my folder for May Purchases and Favorites. Its gonna be a better one than this I assure. So wait for it next month.

The first thing that I've purchased and of course love is my new phone.

Before I show you guys the new phone, I've to talk about the old phone.

The phone looks pretty normal right? It is actually not. The phone's flaws are hidden within the pink (and fading) casing.

So if you guys had a Blackberry Curve 8310, you'll know that there's this rubber thingy that surrounds the phone. I don't if it happened to you guys' phones but mine peeled off a lot. It just kept peeling off by itself. I didn't even touch it or anything.

Before I had the pink casing it already started peeling. So I've decided to just stop the peeling by using the casing. But it still peels.

This is my music play keys and forward/backward keys. Its completely peel off. Thank god I could still do it using the keypads or else I couldn't play music with it anymore.

I've tried sticking cellophane tape to stop the peeling...

It still peeled -.- Say hello to what used to be the volume button and my camera button.

Le sigh~~~ Can't adjust the volume of my music at all. Coz the keypad can't help adjust it. I'm just listening to all my songs at the loudest volume all the time.

Apart from that the battery kept konking (is that a word) everyday. Like if I've charged the phone over night before, by night time before I finish work, the battery's dried out completely.

So anyways, I've got a new phone...Samsung Galaxy Ace, which is one of the phones I've been eyeing on for a long time.

It looks like a fake Iphone and it does function pretty much like an Iphone

Why I didn't get an Iphone and got a sort of a ripoff? Coz 1) Iphone is way beyond my budget. 2) I see Iphones everywhere its making me sick.

Its a pretty good phone and I'm satisfied. Plus the camera's way better than my BB's one.

And the best thing of all...
Angry Birds FTW!!!!

I'm like hooked. I have three Angry Birds games on my phone. Even my mother got sick of me playing with "shooting pigs with birds" LOL~

That's all about my phone I guess. Nothing great to brag about. But its good enough for me.

Next I've got myself I new book to read...
I've not seen the movie but I'm so interested in the story so I've decided to get the book first then download the movie to watch it.

I'm really drawn to the movie's story line when I first saw the trailer but I missed the screening coz I didn't have time to go to the cinema for quite awhile.

I've only read a few pages 'tho coz the books kinda compact with lots of geographical things which I'm not into. So it took sometime for me to understand it.

That's the two things I've bought.

So uninteresting. LOL~

Today I'm on break. Woots~~~

Planning to clear the room abit coz its getting a lil crowded.

So shall blog tomorrow again coz I'm having break in the morning. Woots!!!

See you guys then.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Its been four years ^^

Thank you everyone who had been reading and supporting this blog for four years. I hope I didn't let you guys down.

Thank you to those who loved the blog. It gave me a reason to continue blogging from the start.

Thank you to those who are still reading and planning to read on. I will continue to blog for more years to come.

Can't believe I've wasted a space on the net for four years. LOL~

Happy birthday prinznprinsezz/dookiekookie!!!!


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