Thursday, April 5, 2012

Filter #2 2012- Random Topic

Hello there...

There's a couple of topics on my mind right now. But I don't know which to talk about.

I shall start by talking about how sick I am right now. I don't know if you guys noticed at the end of the last post I said I was not feeling well. Yes, I am still sick. My head is heavy and feverish and I didn't wanna get out of bed. But it was not a permanent thing. On and off. On and off. Which I hate. I was ok for work and stuff and the next minute I couldn't open my eyes. My whole body hurts right now. Even the joints of my fingers and toes hurt. (And I still want to type this. This is what I call dedication :P) I also have a bad cough that cured a lil after drinking some honey with apple cider.

I don't like going to doctors. So I'll probably wait till I couldn't move at all and needed help from mum to move around then I'll get to the doctor :P But I do hope it'll cure by itself coz you know going to the doctors means moolahs spent. :(

Today while lying on bed, I watched this video...

You don't have to watch it if you don't want to. Its basically a video of Bubbi/Lindy talking about how she changed over the years she had been youtubing.

One particular thing she said touched me. I can't remember the exact words but it was something like...
People will want to bring you down when you are moving forward its because they are not comfortable without you being in the same level as them.
I used to have a best friend whom we had a lot in common. There was nobody in this world that could tear us apart coz we were like "glue tight" (?). But no matter how close we were the sentence above still applies to us.

Our friendship started to changed when she first started dating, which was her first step moving forward. I was not able to feel happy for her. For the two years she was with that guy, much as didn't want to admit it, I tried to bring her a way no best friend should. :(

The second blow and also the final blow to our friendship was when I started dating and went to uni (no prize for anyone who guessed who is that lucky guy wtf). She tried to make to look like a bad person and brought me down just the way I did back then. We grew apart so much and eventually ended up as strangers.

People often told me its so sad to see two best friends ending up like that. They want us to get back to where we were and some even demand explanations to what happened. I've always kept my silence but today after watching Bubz's video it inspired me to talk about this.

I've always blamed her for all that has happened. But thinking back today... I had done my part to ruin the friendship as well.

I also think that what we had was not truly a friendship coz between friends should never have some sort of level between each another. What is there to compare between two best friends? Don't you guys agree?

Well, even though we're strangers now, I still hope the best for her...from the bottom of my heart. Coz I'm living the life the I love and being with friends whom I love to bits. We do have comparisons tho'...comparing who has the lowest IQ to make the other one laugh wtf.

Last thing before I go, I am on instagram. Praise the Lord for instagram for Android ^^ Follow me if you have instagram as well @dookikiekookie

I think I have to go have another cup of honey apple cider coz the cough is back.

I'll blog about HK when I'm feeling better wokays?

BTW, I know some of you didn't like long wordy post but when you're sick, you tend to be emotional and have this sort of words vomit. So forgive me. Its not like a have a lot of wordy posts right? :p

Ok la. See you guys soon.


p/s: I heard my "dear best friend" is getting married next year. Another step forward huh? Sinren Liow, what are you waiting for? I can't lose out :p

p/p/s: I'm totally joking :p

p/p/p/s: Maybe I'm not :p

Ok I've gone nuts. I better go.


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