Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This is where the magic happens

People who are close to me and also those who read my blogs may know that I look very different with and without makeup. I mean this happens to everyone la right? That's why I call my makeup magic wtf. Hence the creative title. LOL~

Anyways, today I'll be showing you guys my vanity area. Not to brag about how much makeup I have...which I don't really have much actually...but to show you guys the most tidy and organized place in my room. I don't know why I was able only to keep this place so tidy and organized at all times. I just have to show you guys it because I'm so proud of it. LOL~ If you guys are interested, this could give you tips on how to organize your makeup as well.

So this is where I do my makeup

I have a dresser but the drawers there are not deep enough and didn't have enough drawers to store everything. So I took my bed's side table and push it near to a power outlet to make it my makeup area.

Now let's talk about the top area first.

I've labeled each area so its easier for you guys

BTW the expiry are is not the mirror. Its the part behind the mirror.

I'll start with the dry lips area.
These are my lip repairs/ lip balms for whenever I need a fix on my dry lips. They are on top and at a easy to grab place so that whenever I leave home, I'll just reach for it easily

I don't really have super dry lips but I do use these at times. I use the orange tube (Burt's Bees) one the most. The other two I've actually pretty much abandon them. Plan to just throw them away when the time is right wtf.

These are all the products that I have at the hair products area (I typed the caption wrongly in the pic)

I seldom use any of it coz I am too lazy to style my hair. Bought them to inspire me to style it but it didn't inspire me at all. :p Hopefully I'll be less lazy and try to style something out of my boring hair la. Got quite sick of it already.

This is the only hair product that I use very often which is the liese hair cocktail, my hair serum

Next up is my expiry area which is the place where I put all the products that were going to expire soon.
This box was given by my godma years ago. It was a gift box but I re-used it to store my makeup.

Its a little too small to put all my going to expire makeup but still able to keep my table top clear of miscellaneous makeup. The eyeshadow quad you see on top of the box is supposed to be inside but there's not enough place.

I put the going to expire makeup on the table so that I would use it more often than the ones are in my drawers. Easier to reach = use more. That's my logic.

What is in the box??? You may ask...

Some eyeshadows

I label all the expiry date of the makeup on them so that I know I have how long to use them and when to go get a backup.

I have so much of these eyeshadows left. They have not even hit pan. Don't think I'll be able to finish them by the end of this year.

Some of the many lipsticks and lipgloss that were going to expire soon

Same thing... I have so much of it left. It'll end up in the dustbin by the end of this year

Which is reminder to me to stop buying lipsticks and eyeshadows coz I can't really finish them in time.

My sad looking mirror

I'm planning to get a better mirror. I can only see half of my face while doing my makeup. Still looking for a big round standing mirror. Saw many but a little too childish looking. Have to look for something suitable for my (old) age.

This mini square bucket here holds all my other eye makeup products like mascara, liner...etc

BTW this bucket was actually also a gift box. Some thing my bf bought me years back.

Very empty because these makeup expire very fast so I don't try out many at once. So I only buy one new item to try out every time I run out.

Here are the stuff that are in the bucket...
I'm supposed to throw out the Maybelline mascara coz it expired. But sayang la. Still got quite a lot. But I didn't like it coz of the comb like brush. Sigh~ dilemma dilemma.

Dejavu and Fiberwig is from the same company and for the moment they are my favorite mascara. Had two mascaras from the same company coz I forgot to bring my mascara to Hong Kong so had to grab one in Hong Kong. Using both like crazy coz gonna expire soon!!!

Talk about this before. Still have no love for it. Waiting for it to expire

The liners that I'm using

Gonna go get a backup for my pencil liner soon. Probably getting back the same one (Majolica Majorca one) coz its the best one I've tried. But I've been thinking of trying Dollywink's coz a lot of people had been saying that its super smooth. Will see how la.

Eyelash glue

My eyebrow color which I no longer use coz my original hair color had grown out so much. My hair looks more blackish brown right now.

Will have to keep it till when I dye my hair lighter next time.

These two are where I keep my makeup sponges and brushes

The pink box was a gift box that I received from some friend. Its filled with clean and brand new sponges. The brush holder is actually a pencil/pen holder from Daiso.

Another part of my vanity area

I don't have a proper container to hold all my spongetips applicator so I used this Loller box. >_> Looks a bit unhygienic 

I don't use sponge tips applicators anymore. Just kept them just in case I may need them

I don't use fake eyelashes often but I do keep quite a big collection of them. I don't know why. I should maybe start using them more often -.-

Here are some of my collection...

Got these super cheap falsies (RM 7 for 10 pairs) from Jonkers. But I've not used them ever. I think they are too thick for me. Don't know what got into me when I bought them. Might just sell these away.

This ugly box to store all my falsies

Gonna get a nicer box or get a nice container for these. So embarassing. -///-

The whole stash

Its expanding by amount month by month because I just found a seller (check out Japan Beauty House *here*) which brings in Japanese makeup products/falsies.

I've got some quite cheap. All from Daiso.

There's lots of variety and last longer than those super cheap ones but they look very unnatural.

Here are some Japanese drugstore eyelashes which are on the cheaper side

More natural but still difficult to work with especially the one on the bottom right. The one that I've worn the most are the etude house ones.

My favorite falsies of all time

Planning to get more of Diamond Lash soon coz there's a few that I like. But my favorite is still dollywink.

Now moving on to my eyeshadow palette area.
I only have one palette and its all I ever need

Super versatile and can create so many looks with just one of this

I always bring this when I'm traveling...which reminds me I have to pack this to Perak.

Last part to talk about is the drawer...
Bought that organizing tray from IKEA super convenient. Planning to get another one for my accessories next. The other two organizing baskets (holding those miscellaneous stuff) are from Daiso. Not bad as well.

My blushes

Mostly are actually bronzers or in bronze shade except for the Canmake Cheek Gradation is in light pink and orange shade.

The rest of my lip products that are not gonna expire anytime soon

Glosses...all in pale pink and nude colors

My favorite lippie brand is definitely revlon

I definitely am a big fan of nude lipstick. LOL~ But now I've changed my mind. I prefer pink shades now. :p Will be bringing in new lippie soon. XD

The Etude House Lip Stain & Gloss was my favorite but there were too little product in that tube. I wished they will make a better one. Maybe separate those two things up?

Lip concealer was bought to give it a try. Didn't like it.

Bought the Revlon Lip Butter since it was raved by so many youtubers and beauty bloggers. Didn't like it 'tho. Will talk about it in the next haul or something.

Next the eyeshadows compartment
The top one holds all my single eyeshadows

My single eyeshadows are colors that I want for a certain look but seldom use it so I didn't buy it in a quad or palette

I seldom uses my single eyeshadows unless if I want to put on a specific color. Except for one bright gold one which I forgot to take a pic of.

The bottom holds all the eyeshadow trios/quad/quintet...etc

Big fan of KATE eyeshadows

The Maybelline one will be thrown away soon coz it expired and also I didn't like it. The colors are a bit sheer. Dollywink one reminded me of Anna Sui...even though I've not bought anything from there.

These are two of my very expensive eyeshadow quad and quintet

Actually Renommee is not that expensive but the very beautiful packaged Jill Stuart is the most expensive makeup item I've ever bought.

My face products

Revlon is also my favorite drugstore foundation. Had been using the same brand since I've started using foundation.

That Estee Lauder one is something like a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer which I seldom use.

Currently using that Revlon powder foundation a lot. As for the RMK one I've not used it ever coz its too light for me. Got it as a free gift from purchasing at Cheesie's Wardrobe

Haven't found my favorite concealer yet

Worst makeup base ever...hardly use it

Will talk about it in some other post.

These are my miscellaneous makeup items

Let's look at the first basket from the front first

The first basket actually have some makeup items which are...
Gel liners which I hardly use coz I didn't like these two

I don't really like to apply gel liners. Prefer liquid liner coz its so much easier to apply.

My trusty eye shadow primer

Vaseline are for the times when I have cracked lips

They work like magic. Apply over night and they heal.

As for the second basket, its seriously all miscellaneous stuff
I have (kids :P ) hand sanitizer, sharpener (for my pencil liner), oil-blotting sheets and some oilment from Burt's Bees that I hardly use.

That's basically my makeup collection and storage. Mostly drugstore products and Japanese brands.

I'm currently re-organizing the rest of my room. Making some changes coz I need to clear some space.

When I'm done re-organizing, I'll show you guys other spots in my room.

Ok la.. I have to go get ready and shower for work.

See you guys in the next post which I hope will be soon.



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