Monday, October 1, 2012

Wedding Preparation #4: Pre-Wedding Photoshoot preparation

Hello there,

Nah~ this is not about the pre-wedding photoshoot yet. Today's post is about the preparations that we did for the photoshoot.

The girl who was in-charged of us for the pre-wedding photoshoot gave us a list of stuff to prepare for our shoot on the day of our fitting. So we had like two weeks to prepare everything.

First thing that I had to prepare was a pair of white shoes/heels. When I went to KL with my church mates (I've not posted up on the trip yet -.-), Siew Ling bought a pair of white heels for her own shoot. I was like "White shoes are so boring" so I did not get one for myself. Instead I bought a pair of hot pink shoes which I think would look lovely with my white gown. Manatau the girl told me that I had to get a pair of white heels coz it'll match with all the gowns that I've choose..which is true. I don't think Hot pink shoes would look nice with the mint and navy blue gown. So I had to go get it. The hot pink shoes would be reserved to be worn on the wedding day itself ^^

Sinren reminded me that I actually had a pair of white heels...actually it is beige la. But the girl said that it could beige, silver or any color close to white.

But I decided not to wear this coz this heels my feet to the max. It is a pointed toe heel so it tends to squeeze my toes together. And the whole shoe is also very hard. Very uncomfortable when worn too long. Trust me these are not excuses for me to get a new pair of heels. I'll be standing all day so I really need a very comfortable pair of shoes.

But I'll bring this pair of heels just in case I felt like changing to this for different gowns. Maybe I'll wear this until my leg hurts la.

I went around Mahkota and Pahlawan looking for a pair of heels that I really like. It is always difficult to find things when you need it. The shoes are mostly either out of my size or not comfortable. But finally found the pair that I like and is comfortable at Payless, Mahkota Parade. Its like the only dressy white heels. Other white heels at Payless looked a little too casual.

Not gonna show you guys the heels first. It'll be a surprise just like my gowns =P

I also bought these invisible gel patch in case my legs or toes start to hurt while wearing the shoes

Siew Ling who already had her photoshoot already told me that the most important shoes that I must prepare during the shoot are a pair of slippers/flip flops. Coz when we're not doing the shoot or when we're moving from one place to another, its best to wear the slippers/flip flops.

In the end, I didn't wear much of the heels and didn't even use this gel patch. Coz most of the time I'm either wearing my flip flops or not wearing any shoes. Hahaha~

The next thing on the list are a pair of nu bra.

For those who doesn't know what nu bra is...

This pic is from Google coz I feel weird posting up my own lingerie on the blog wtf

I thought I was supposed to get a corset but instead the girl told me to get a pair of nu bra. I think it is of coz my lack of boobies. LOL~

The nu bra that they offered to sell me was kind of expensive so I decided to go out and get one of my own. The one that I bought from Anna House was only a fraction of the price that they offered me.

My makeup artist (also the one who helped me dress up) had to help me to wear the nu bra coz I've not worn it ever. Damn shy can? -///-

There were some thing that they offered me that I didn't manage to get on my own so I bought it from them. I don't know where to get ampules or how to buy them so I just purchased from the makeup artist of my bridal studio.

They wanted to sell me some falsies but I didn't buy it from them coz they were selling it for too expensive. It looked like they were from China so I don't think it worth the price.

I went looking for cheap ones in MP (Mahkota) and DP (Pahlawan) but most of them are above RM10. So my last resort was to go to Jonkers...where beauty stuff are super duper cheap there.

Super natural falsies from Jonker. Only ranging from RM8-22. You can never find anywhere selling this cheap. Trust me.

Yes, it is still from China. But I would rather pay like RM10 than the price that the bridal studio asked me to.

I know I have a lot of falsies so why do I need to buy new ones right? Well, I read on a blog that its better to use cheap falsies than expensive ones for photoshoots. I don't know why coz the blogger didn't explain.

Loved these lashes. So natural but still gave my eyes enough attention that it needed. Lost one pair after the shoot coz I was careful while handling them after removing them =( Its ok I can go to Jonker to get it any time.

So I went for a mani pedi session just for the photoshoot coz nice nails were required in the list that bridal studio girl gave me.

I wanted to go to this one in DP which I think do quite nice designs. But didn't at last coz I didn't have time to go all the way to town just to do nails. I went to this nail parlor which was right beside my work place called The Nailz Studio.

I made friends with the workers at this beauty saloon (the nail parlor was in the beauty saloon) when Siew Ling was there to do her facial and nails a week ago. The whole place was filled with friendly people so it was easy to make friends with them. I booked my session right that day coz I was satisfied with the services that they did for Siew Ling.

That's Cynthia who was working on my toes ^^

After chatting with Cynthia for a few times I was over at the beauty saloon, I found out that she was actually my neighbor. She stays just a few houses down from mine. Haha~ So ngam.

All products that she use are from OPI unlike some that I went to before this.

For my toes, I did basic pedicure then Cynthia will paint it with a color. So Cynthia gave me a couple color wheel for me to choose the colors.

At first I decided to go with a pinkish color...the color I picked was the hot pink on the far left (the one beside the white). Then Cynthia told me that it'll make my legs look dark coz of my skintone. She said it will be better if I chose something much lighter.

So in the end I picked no. 19. Its pink with silver glitter

But... Cynthia saw the color wrongly and went to pick up no. 20. I didn't realize until she finish painting my toe nails. -.- I was not blur la... Coz my toes are too far away for me to differentiate the color wtf.

The outcome was awesome 'tho. I like it. Cynthia even drew some nail art on the big toe nail. She was like: "Let me draw something on your big toe arh..." Then in less than 5 minutes she was done with both big toes. Damn pro can.

Then she was asked what would I like to do for my nails. She recommended me to do nail tips coz my nails are too short and just painting a color would be too common. Summore she said that I could re-use the nail tips anytime I want.

I actually wanted to do gel extensions for my wedding day. But after listening to Cynthia's advise, I think nail tips will be better choice la. Cheaper summore.

Did basic manicure as well. Looked so healthy right?

Actually when you do nail tips you don't have to do manicure. But because Cynthia said that my nails look very unhealthy so recommended me to do it.

Cynthia's service was very good. Her massage was super nice. I wish she could massage me everyday. Hahahhaaha~

After that Cynthia gave me some samples to choose for my nail tips. She had a lot of samples. I see until I pengsan. Too spoiled with choices.

One of the many samples

I cut down that all to four choices which are...
Leopard prints...who doesn't love them? Plus the diamonds/bling are so nice.

But I think it looks a bit too wild for weddings right?

This is pretty

Actually these ones caught my eyes first. But I think the colors can go with my mint gown. =(

Super love this

Another one that I really like

Cynthia also gave me a bunch of mags to choose from. By the time I finish the mags I was @.@

So in the end I told her what I like and the colors that I want then I asked her to design/custom make it for me.

The nail tips that I got ^^

I'm still wearing them right now as I type in torture. Haven't remove them yet. Cynthia asked me to soak in warm water but still couldn't remove them. I'm gonna go ask for her help tomorrow. Don't know how am I going to teach today. @.@

It does look a bit unnatural in real life. But it looks nice in photos. I've got a lot of compliments from my friends and other people. Happy ^^

Anyways, if you guys are interested in getting ur nails done and you live in Malim or anywhere near there, please go to The Nailz. They are awesome.

I'm not sponsored by her of course. Just helping out a fellow friend. Contact her for booking. Weekdays do not really need appointments but just in case la... Weekends are always full. So have to book much earlier.

That's about all the things I had to prepare. I also went for a trim before the shoot coz my bangs are getting out of place.

As for Sinren, he had less things to prepare. Probably coz most of the things he needed to prepare he had already had Black shoes, slacks, white and black socks.

The only thing that he had to worry about was to get a tuxedo shirt.

He had to get the one similar to the one on the right

Actually he could get any shirt but when the girl showed him the tuxedo shirt, he loved the special collar. So he determined to get one la.

He also went to cut his hair...just the way I like it ^^

That's about all about the preparation.

We'll post up on the shoot real soon. There wasn't much photos but I'll still post them up and also talk about what happened that day. So wait for that. ^^

This week I'll be more free than the previous few weeks coz we're done with the shoot. I'll be updating the blog more often la I guess.

We've not booked our venues yet coz we're still waiting on the new menu and price list to be out. Sigh~~~ this is taking too long. Hopefully the manager will hurry so that we could tick off another item from our list.

Now all I have to worry is how am I going to remove my nail tips. -.-

I'll see you guys in the next post. Hopefully by then I won't have anymore difficulties to type. LOL~



mishberries said...

Congrats on you getting married :D

I think the second wedding dress is nicer =P Classier :D

Stumped upon your blog cause I was looking for the comparison of Myvi vs Alto :D

So in the end which car did you get? =P

prinsezz said...

Hello there. (^.^)/

Its always nice to get response from my readers.

Thanks for ur congratulatory wish. We're actually getting married next year.

I haven't got a car yet coz too busy with wedding stuff. But I think if I was to buy I'll definitely get Alto. ^^

Hope you'll continue to read my blog and enjoy it.

Have a great day ^^

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