Thursday, May 30, 2013

Acting Touristy in KL Day 3: The Finale

Finally I could finish up this post that was pending since last year....phew~ are you glad its over?

If you missed the other days, here are the full list of all the previous posts:
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Day 2: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/

So on the last day...which is a Sunday..we went to church.

We went to the church near Yin Qi Music Center...which is where my friend, Tze Yu is currently working and serving at.

The church that we went to is also where Tze Yu currently goes to and serve at.
Group pic with Yuyu before we leave the church

We went for lunch after that but didn't take any pics coz all were too hungry to function

Then we went to One Utama to shop again O.o Yes, this is more like a shopping trip more than anything else. I'll post up a very late haul from this trip real soon. ^^

After shopping we went back to our accommodation and got ready to pack home.

Poor Siew Tin KO-ed right after she finished packing her stuff

BTW Siew Tin graduated and had returned to her hometown after my wedding. Sigh~ lost a good jimui dy. Hope she'll find a great job and continue to have a great life. *big hug to my jimui*

After all had packed, Sheena proposed that we have a little sharing session...
Brother in law on the guitar for the praise and worship session

One minute she's down and the next minute she's leading the praise and worship full with hype. LOL~

Me rocking the aunty look  =/

Mummy looking less aunty than me. How is this possible?

I have my reasons ok? I had a massive headache and didn't care about how I look...hence, the above.

We gave Siew Ling and Zi Jie a lil gift of appreciation for organizing the trip and being our driver for that few days. Really a big thank you to them. This was the second trip that they've planned. The first being the kukup trip (read about it *here*). Looking forward to more trips soon.

The previous pic Zi Jie's eyes couldn't be seen so we asked him to open it wide lol

Sharing session begins...
Starting with Noah

Next Zi Jie

Then Zhi Hui

Brother in law, Wen Feng

Siew Ling's turn

It is just me or my husband looks so much thinner half year ago compared to now?

I've put on weight after the wedding and honeymoon =( Time to lose weight yet again =((((

Yes, its Aunty Dorcas' turn to tell her grandmother stories

Looked like I was scolding someone but I swear I'm not

I don't know what's going on. Something smelly? hahaha~

After the sharing session, Sheene our treasurer gave us a report on all the money that we've used and how much money will be given back to us. Like a pro budget meeting lol

We cleaned up the place and then got ready to leave. But before we leave we left a gift for Reverend Phang just to thank her for letting us stayover at her place while she's away.

We wrote her message on a random piece of paper =/

This was drawn by Zhi Hui who is a graphic designer. You guys can check out his page on FB to see his works *here*. I absolutely love his style of drawing. Do check him out and support him by buying his shirts. ^^

The "hamper" that we prepared for Reverend

So we left and decided to send SR back to his place in Kelana Jaya. Can't let my poor husband go back on his own la... too kesian =p

But before we sent him back...we went for dinner...

We went for dinner at Murni Signature at god knows where. I can't remember coz I was having a headache and also coz its been half year after the event. LOL~

So Murni Signature is supposedly like the Murni at SS2 which I've spent like nearly all my dinners there when I was in uni. But it is said to be a higher class version of the one in SS2. More like a cafe instead of a mamak. It does look a little more posh than the one in ss2 coz they didn't have any cockroaches and have nicer renovations and tables and stuff. But I still think it doesn't pass off as a cafe la. Still a mamak to me.

But most importantly the food is just as awesome. Man, I'm craving for some roti hawaii right now. I should go to kl and end all my craving for my KL food la one day.

This amuses me a lot. This is my order for my milo. They put in all the details about my order. That's really nice. ^^

Ok that ended all the post for our three-day trip to KL. Sorry I took so long to post it up. But at least I've did it ^^

Tomorrow is Friday and SR is coming home ^^ We'll be going over to his parent's place to stay. I'm not sure if I could blog. If I bring my lappie over then I could but if I didn't then I'll only post up something on Saturday or Sunday.

So I'll see you guys in the next post.

Off to help mum to cook dinner.



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