Friday, June 28, 2013

CNY 2013 Day 6: YF Visiting


Today I'm gonna do the second last post on my CNY this year.

So on the 6th day our church's YF had our annual visiting. I was pretty excited to join it as a participant this year (the past few years I had been the one organizing it)....until they told me we had to meet up at church at 8am. I was like O.o They are totally not joking ok? And the list of places they are visiting are crazy. Its a full day itinerary ok? From morning till night. So I tell them I'll make it when I wake up >.>

I slept till 10...if I've not mistaken >.> I wanted to meet them at SR's house but they left =P SR on the other hand also woke up at around 10. Hahahah~ So I went over to pick him up and we went to Wei Yon's house (they were there at that time) to meet up with the rest.

Group pic outside of Wei Yon's house

From left to right: Sheerin, moi, Wen Zheng, Sinren, Tze Khan, Zhi Hui, Wen Feng, Wei Yon, Zi Jie, Xiang Hui, Gilbert, Melisa, Sheene, Sheena

Next we went over to Ah Teck's house...

I must say the route they take is a bit weird but...nvm la... not that I'm driving =P

At Teck's house

No wonder Teck's nickname is King Kong. They got King Kong all over the house. Hahahahaha~

Group pic again

I don't know why am I smiling so widely.

Next we went over to Uncle Mok's house...which is also Paulie and Kelvin's house.

At every house i think we just eat, eat and eat

But that's what everyone does during CNY right?

More people came for the visiting

There's Shem, Soon Jau, Paulie and Kelvin.

Look brother in law, Wen Feng is so excited about the CNY cookie -.-

After Uncle Mok's house, we went to have a lunch break together at Wilson Chicken Rice. Then we headed to Gilbert's house at Tanjung Keling. No pics of it coz we were too tired and most of us took nap. See that's what happens when you plan such a long itinerary.

Then we went over to Xiang Hui's house...

Oops Xiang Hui slept off

With Xiang Hui's mum...she's standing right at the left

I just realized my hair looked like crap at Xiang Hui's house T^T

After Xiang Hui's house it is my house's turn.
Some already left and someone new just joined

Jacy, the ah mah is here and I don't remember why she is showing the newspaper for. And yet again my BIL, Wen Feng is AA-ing -.- He's holding a pic of me when I was two. -.-'''

After they left for the next house, a few of us stayed over to chill at my house for awhile. Damn tired la can after a whole day of visiting.

Then we head over to Noah's house for his farewell dinner. Had some really awesome food but no photos of it. As usual food comes later =P

Group photo with Noah and his parents. If you're looking for Noah, he's the one on the right side wearing red.

He's studying at Taichung, Taiwan right now. He's doing great there. Saw all the pics he posted on FB made me miss Taiwan so so much. Mr. Hubby, we need to visit Taiwan asap.

So after Noah's house we actually went to John's house to play fireworks and stuff. But I didn't bring my camera (battery totally died) so no photos =( There are photos but its in John's camera. We all know what happens to pics that are in John's camera...they never see the daylight. Sigh~ better don't take pics la like this.

Ok that's bout it.

I would say this year's visiting is super exhausting. They shouldn't have plan it as a whole day thingy. Half day should be sufficient. I once also planned a full day the last few houses they were all like dead. Group pics look pretty ugly at that time. Yeah so I think half day is fine la.

Next year if they are having it I think I'm going to be helping out as a host at both SR's parent's house and my house. And to think I had to give out angpows to all these people. OMG!!!! Banyak sial!!! Now I know Li Yee's feelings for the three years we visited her house for CNY.

Alright la... now I have to go make some lunch coz later I'm gonna at work and church from 3:45pm till 10 ish. Might not have dinner till I go fetch SR.

See you guys in the next post. Hen's night post still not ready. So sorry =(


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Empties 2013 #1

I've not done any beauty post for a very long time. Most of the time I'm trying to post up overdue stuff or just crapping. So I thought why don't I do some beauty every now and then. Better than crapping right? It'll give information to people...much more beneficial than craps.

I've been thinking about doing an empties post for a long time. There's a lot of stuff that I really like or don't like that I want to talk about but didn't have time to talk about or review. So now I've decided that when I finish something I'm gonna post it up and then review it for you guys.

To start off the first empties, I'm going to talk about...something that is not really beauty related. >.>

It is this..
Optrex Eye Lotion

I don't know if anyone has the same problem as me? Every time I put on full makeup and then remove it, some of my mascara's fiber and eyeshadow's glitter would always get into my eyes. My eyes tend to get very irritated because of that and I will rub my eyes like mad. This will make my eyes red.

I didn't know what to do until I saw in Bubbi's...can't remember whether in her videos or in her blog..she would use a eye bath to clean her eyes at the end of the day. This not only ease her tired eyes, it also help clean the residue that are in her eyes. So I decided to try it out.

At first I bought this for the reason above but after one or two washes...I became lazy and didn't use it =P But recently due to the terrible haze that is happening, I took it out to use it more often.

Prove that its finished

If you see carefully from the first pic, at the bottom there is a row of words saying: "soothes, refreshes sore eyes, and relieves eye irritation" When I read that I was like not sure whether this was the eye bath that Bubbi was talking about. But when I came back to google about Optrex Eye Bath many people bought this. So I must bought it correctly la. I'm still not sure 'tho. Maybe I should go to a pharmacy to find out so that I don't buy the wrong one.

Anyways, this is how I use it la basically.

I would pour the clear liquid into this...
This came with the bottle and it was said I need to pour the liquid until the indicated line

Then I would put it on my eyes. I don't know if this happens to other people but when I put this cap, the liquid comes out from the sides. I don't know if I'm suppose to press it harder or what but it always comes out. So I think  I finished half the bottle by wasting it >.>

Anyways, with whatever is left I let my eyes soak in it for about a minute. And that is it. Just so simple.

After the eye bath, my eyes are definitely more refreshed. I don't get irritation after I remove my makeup anymore. And during the haze times, I usually come home feeling very dry on my eyes...even without my contact lenses. I didn't put on my contact lenses for quite a long time already because of the haze. I would take an eye bath right after coming home and feel so much better after that.

Many reviews I've seen shown that they have residue in the liquid after the bath. But mine usually have very little residue...or almost none. Usually I would see my mascara's fibers in it. During the worst haze day...which is on Sunday, I actually see that the water turned a little white...which is effing scary ok?

I would definitely purchase this again coz it really make my eyes super refreshing. My eyes are easily dried...don't know why. So this makes it so much better. I know some would think that eyedrops would be better but  I think I would prefer this. The prob is I'm afraid that I might get lazy and not use it. The shelf life is about three months. It would be a big waste if I throw away the whole bottle after using for like once or twice. Let me just think about whether I should repurchase it or not. Will update if I did ^^

I need to go find out about whether I'm using this the correct way or is it only used for sore eyes. Hopefully I can find out soon and share it with you guys.

Ok that's about it. Quite a wordy post but I hope my information is good for you guys.

I'll do another empties post if I finish another item. So please wait for it. Hopefully I'll make this a regular post and not fail it... like my hauls and favorites >.>

Alright la... wait for my next post ya.


p/s: I know I said I would post about my Hen's Night. =P Next time la... not done with some stuff.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We Tied The Knot Part 1: Getting Ready and Gate Crashing

I am done with part one of editing. Pheeeeeewwwwwww~ I've already cut down a lot of the pics. The rest that didn't make it here will be uploaded into my FB account. But that being said this post still has like 130+ pics >.> I'm sorry... I've already try cutting down. Please bear with it.

There's mixture of pics from phone and pics from cameras of three different cameramen. Pics are edited by me and some by Samuel Jin, one of my photographers. Please take note that Samuel is a graphic designer. He is much more pro than me in using photoshop. Hence, all the photos that he edited are super professional. So there's a mixture very professional edited photos and super simple editing photos.

Alright let's start...

The night before my wedding I couldn't sleep at all. I was excited about getting married. But mostly I was worried about a lot of  things. I was worried that things are not going to work as planned. I was worried I left out somethings in my planning. I was just worried la. In the end I only slept for 1 hour plus O.o

I woke up at around 5am. Earlier than anyone else. Earlier than my parents as well. Woke up showered and had a little breakfast. Then my makeup artist came to get me ready.

I was half asleep when Cassandra, my makeup artist was doing my makeup

Cassandra's train case which I love so much. So much makeup!!!

Our new bed with new sheets and Hello Kitty (and her bf, Dear Daniel)

I'll do a room tour post soon once I'm done with organizing. I don't know when that will that be. Sorry... =P

Done with makeup

Started on my hair

Eating breakfast coz I only had some biscuit and a milo

Mum decided to fry some tom yam bee hoon for the guests that are coming over to our house that morning. I asked Puff to get me something to munch on coz I was super hungry. Thank God mum just finished frying. Puff quickly got me a bowl.

Cassandra's work of art

The reason I chose Cassandra/M Nicole as my MUA coz their makeup and hairstyles are awesome. Would you just look at that...tell me its not awesome.

Fully-dressed ^^

I love my Marilyn Monroe inspired dress la... Felt like buying it and keeping it.

Some of my jimuis

From left to right: Sheena, Sheerin, me, Sheene, Siew Ling and Siew Tin

All of them stayed over at my house the night before. That's why they were at my house very early.

They are jimuis from my church side. But still short of one coz Peise is not here yet. Jacy couldn't make it coz she had to attend training in KL. =(

Sigh... I still have that awkward face when people take pics of me with other people. Fail kao kao

My fringe was super fail that morning. Don't know why. Sigh... I think my fringe hates me la. Making hal on ,my wedding day T^T

Parents <3

Time to put on my veil...

I look like I was going to cry. LOL~ Actually its coz my falsies kept getting stuck on the veil

Let's go over to SR's side to see what he's doing...
Our bridal car


He's like doing some sort of photoshoot nie. Beh tahan >.>

Ok back to my side...

Having some photoshoot of my own too. LOL~

That is why we are married. Super compatible. Hahaha~

My first aunty and her family came so she came up to my room for pictures

The rest of my jimuis is here

Yes, I have a crazy amount of jimuis. =P

From left to right: Nana, Anu, Puff, Ann, Deepa, Umie, Buvie, Peili and Liz.

Its impossible not to have crazy photo time with these people hehe

Yes, I am eating bread coz I'm hungry again -.-

Shem (in pink, the Lee sister's baby brother) decided to come and kepoh that morning

Pei Pei is here ^^

Ok back to me

Its my wedding... so of course there will lots of pics of me =P

My baby came over =))))

He was quite shock to see me at first. I don't know why. Then he was very shy. Like he just got to know me that day. But after awhile he realize that it is his Dorcas jie jie after all and acted normal.

With my pretty mama friend

Those corsages are DIY-ed by me in case you guys don't know

Now you see how many jimuis I have

Gorgeous pic of me taken by John. Best friend ever. -.-

My baby again

On the other side... SR and his hengdais are getting ready to come over.

Super love this!!!

He's coming for his bride

Reaching Ozana

I know what's going through his mind: "Here it is... I have to give out the first angpow" T^T Hahahaha~

My man in suit and tie <3

My gorgeous jimui, Ann hahaha~

SR negotiating with Pei so that she'll let him in

Cannot tahan Ah Pei's face expression. LOL~

Brother in law, Wen Zheng taking out angpows to pass to Pei Pei

Both their face expression are really damn funny can...

Another funny face Hahaha~

She seems happy now...maybe she'll let them in already

Manatau she only let SR in while the rest of hengdais had to stay outside =P

Then the games begin...
Peipei explaining to the hengdais on how to play the first game

Wah wah wah...happy nye dia. I know you don't have to play games...can stand there and laugh at your friends summore.

The first task they had to do was to stand altogether on a piece of newspaper for five seconds without falling.

Altogether it means that all hengdais had to stand on that small piece of newspaper. As you can see there's like 10 of them. Hahahaha~

My BIL, Wen Zheng was like: "Are you kidding me?" Hahaha~

Thinking how to work it

Sin An directing the hengdais how to do it

Bunch of men sticking together...not cool. Hahaha~

Hahaha~ Damn stupid sial

Hahaha~ Poor Ah Teck "sardine-ed" between all the tallies =P

Somebody cheated =P

The door is opened and now they had to step on another piece of newspaper to get into the house

I don't know this guy but it seems like he's telling the other two guys: "Stop touching and hugging me, you bloody idiots!!!" LOL~

So now they are separated into two groups. Much more space for them to stand

But the front group had to do a pose as instructed by Puff and stand in that pose for five seconds without falling.

Yes, that's the pose

Puff doing le happy dance hahaha~

Actually she was about to fall and if you guys look properly, her mouth is actually mouthing the word : "FUCK!" Hahahahha~

Another guy, Elbert saying: "Are you kidding me?"

*thumbs up*

Somebody's cheating again...Sin An, Sin An... how many times you wanna cheat la wei?

Still laughing at his friends

Moving another step into the house

I don't know when I will receive photos of my wedding from Nana. Probably on my first wedding anniversary. Is that right Nana? =p


My lovely bouquet which I forgot to throw after my wedding ceremony

Yeap, I still have my bouquet with me. I'm sorry to those who had anticipated to catch the bouquet. =(

They were looking for a difficult pose for the guys to do next

I think they found it

Yes, that's the pose

Jo is actually facetiming with me so that I could watch the whole gate crashing process. But unfortunately the images were blurry and I couldn't hear anything. -.-

Sin An is like the instructor for the day. Almost all poses he is like teaching them how to do it

Look like they are preparing to "kao tao" lol~

Look nothing like the pose that they showed but not bad la...pass because of their effort

The gate crashing is about to end but Pei Pei is still not satisfied

Still trying to get more angpows from SR

Now its the hengdai's turn to laugh coz they don't have to give any angpows to the jimuis

But Pei Pei didn't let the hengdais to be free also la...she handled them a block/packet of ice containing my house's key. Have to break it so that SR can go in.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Chee Wei. Most popular hengdai of the day coz almost all the jimuis asked me about him after the wedding. I guess now I know why he got the ice block. LOL~

Just for my are a few solo pics of Chee Wei. Enjoy...

You are welcome. Hahaha~

BTW Chee Wei is single. =P

Thanks to them we have a crooked house key. Ish ish ish~

While the hengdais break the ice block, SR had to do a quiz. A quiz about me.

He looks like he's taking some serious exam nie. So difficult meh the questions?

I heard one or two of the questions. One of it is what does Dorcas hate to do? Simple what right? Everybody probably knows the answer. Thank God he got that one right. Hahaaha~ Its showering btw. Hahahaha~ I'm the gross-est girl alive.

Look that's me

Just in case you missed my face coz its been a long time since you last saw me in the post wtf.

And finally (after about 45 minutes to one hour @.@) the jimuis are satisfied and they let SR open up the door to enter the house...

In the next part I'll continue what happens after he enters the house.

I think to compare with other people's gate crashing mine was way too simple la right? The hengdais were like telling SR the jimuis are very kind. Thats coz they didn't even torture the hengdais enough. But Ah Pei did a good job for organizing it. Eventhough it was not torturous it was fun for the hengdais.

In the next post I'm going to post about my hen's night. I know... I should post up the hen's night first. But many people had been asking about the wedding photos. So I post this up first la.

Hopefully part 2 will be up soon. But I know it'll take sometime lo... Please bear with me.

Oh I realize I had always typed "bare with me". LOL~ So sorry about the typo. I don't want anyone to be naked with me. Hahahaha~ I'll type slowly and carefully from now on.

Alright I'll see you guys in the next post then. Thanks for reading this bloody long post.



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