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Honeymoon in Krabi Day 4 Part 2: The Hilltop

My lappie is getting slower and slower. It is already 4 years old. So it is normal for the processor to be slow and stuff. SR told me I should send it to reformatting which is difficult for me coz I can't live without my lappie. So he told me to give it to his brother, Wen Zheng who is an IT technician. He has all the things needed to help me do reformatting. So yeah maybe over the weekend I'll let him have my lappie. But I need to remove all my pictures, videos, songs...etc. and put it into my external harddisk. Super susah la. But have to do it.

This weekend I can pass the lappie to him in peace coz I'll be going to KL and Ipoh next week. So I won't be using the lappie. Let's hope when I get back, my lappie will be at normal speed la. Now its like a crawling snail.

Ok so today I'm going to post up the next part of day 4 of our honeymoon. Let's start...

If you missed the part one of day 4 you could read it *here*. So after what happened in Part 1, we were super hungry. Dropped our stuff in the hotel room and went out to look for food.

We reached the area where there were stalls and saw that our favorite pancake stall was opened. We couldn't resist and ordered two different pancakes from what we had the last time.

We tried honey pancake (the top one) and ham and cheese pancake

I think that flavors of the pancakes that we had this time were better than the ones that we had the first time. My ultimate favorite has got to be the honey one. Coz it was so damn crispy and sweet. I don't know where to eat these in Malaysia. Hopefully someone would learn this and open at least a stall somewhere.

After eating this, we were still not full yet. So we went into Burger King...hoping to find something we didn't have in Malaysia.

There was not much difference with our Burger King here except for these things on the left...which are mini hashbrowns. Nothing special but since I like hashbrowns, these will do la.

There were pork burgers in the menu but they said they do not have them that day. Damn sad la.

Nothing special about the burger la...can't even remember the name of the burger or what type of burger this is. Sorry =/

We went around shopping for some souvenirs for a bit.

Bought lots of snacks as souvenirs at 7-Eleven. The receipts are all in Thai. Wouldn't know if they cheated us pun. But I'm sure they didn't la.

My hubby was like imagine us buying things at 7-Eleven in Malaysia for over RM300. Sure kena cap crazy. Hahaha~

Then we headed back to the hotel room to shower, got changed and dolled up coz we made reservations to have dinner at really nice restaurant.

I had not put on makeup for the entire trip except for this dinner

We went down to the lobby and waited for the shuttle to come fetch us to the dinner place. I've forgotten to take a pic of the shuttle but it looks like a golf cart. Super scary when we going uphill. I felt like we could fall off any minute. Dah lah no seat belts summore. Really damn scary.

I would suggest if you are planning to have dinner at The Hilltop (the restaurant that we are heading to) or the other one which is also on the hill (sorry I've forgotten the name), please make reservations. The shuttle will come to the hotel to pick you up so you don't have to walk all the way to this shuttle stop (quite far from my hotel and many other hotels) and had to wait for the shuttle at the roadside like these people.

Camwhoring on the shuttle ^^

My love <3

So the shuttle dropped us at the restaurant and one of the many waiters and waitresses who were standing there getting ready to serve, brought us to our table.

This is the restaurant that we went to

If you are interested you could check out their FB *here*

This is how the restaurant looks like

It is super romantic. The whole ambiance, decoration and environment just sets you into the romantic mood. When you make reservations, remember to tell them that you wanna watch the sunset. They will arrange that you reach there before the sunset. Then you could watch it there. Seriously damn romantic.

They have this lookout point where they set up a replica of the dining table they had in the restaurant. You can't actually dine here. Its only for photography purpose.

Quickly went up and took a pic before anyone else *kiasu queen strikes*

We also have a kiasu king who don't know why so enthu to pose that day. Hahahaha~

A very kind Caucasian lady came up to us and volunteered to take a pic of us together at the lookout point. Thanks so much.

In return we also took a pic of her and her group of friends. ^^

We continued to take pics at other parts of the lookout point.
Damn kao poser ah

My skirt is so transparent (-///-)

Beautiful scenery of Ao Nang and some limestone hills

There must be some fire happening somewhere. Look at the thick smoke there.

The same caucasian lady who helped us take the photo said to us: "This must be a new breed of sheep. Only available in Krabi." LOL~

The beautiful sunset

Don't know why the sky looked brighter after the sun had set. I didn't arranged in the wrong sequence. It was really a lil brighter when sun was lower.

After watching the sunset, we ordered our food.

My three color hot chocolate

SR's mango juice...super good. Its like eating liquid mango. Why are the mangoes in Krabi all so good?

Our starter: dry duck...taste like bak kua

Fiery bowl of tom yum

SR and I had our mouths burn because of this. We had already told the waiter not to make the tom yum so spicy coz both of us can't really tolerate. Manatau their not so spicy is our crazy spicy level. We couldn't even finish it.

The manager came over to ask how was the food and also the waiters'/waitresses' service. We told him the tom yum was too spicy. Other than it was great.

Pineapple rice

Super good. Nothing much to say.

Last two pics we took at The Hilltop

After dinner, we went out to buy some more souvenirs and ended having our first argument as a married couple. Hahahaha~ Not even a week after our wedding. See there's no such thing as honeymoon period for marriage.

Our honeymoon is almost coming to an end. =( Next honeymoon will be the last post about us in Krabi. So please wait for that.

Next week like I said SR and I are going to Ipoh for a short vacation. We're planning to eat all the way and get fat together. So romantic isn't it? Hahahaha~

I'm not sure if I could blog anymore this week coz I've moved all pics to my external harddisk. But I'll try la k?

I actually have an alternative solution to blogging but that I will tell you guys in the next post.

Alright I'll see you guys in the next post.


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