Sunday, March 30, 2014

Family Matters #1

I realized that I rarely talk about family unless it is about a certain event like weddings...CNY...or some sort of festivity or celebration.

Since there is quite a few of my family members who read this blog, I'll try to regularly update about our little family so that you guys will know what we are up to. Sometimes I'll talk about my extended family a.k.a hubby's family as well if there is something to share about.

Not many people knew of this but mummy went for cataract removal surgery (for one of her eyes) during be exact, she did the surgery on 6 February.

All of us was very worried even though it was not something serious. For weeks we treated her like a patient/princess and mummy hated it. She said she felt useless just lying down doing nothing. But she was also very happy that she didn't have to cook/do housework. It was like a long holiday for her. Hehehe...

But now she has fully recovered. She had her last checkup this week. Doctor said everything is fine and she need not to go back for further checkup. Woohoo!!!

Here's a pic of her rocking it during her recovery period...

She had to wear sunglasses everywhere coz her eyes are very sensitive to brightness. Also the sunglasses also prevented dust/smoke/haze from irritating her eyes.

This pic was taken at the Amway Store where we went to stock up our beauty stuff. I wrote in Instagram and FB: "My mother is cooler than yours coz she wears sunglasses to shop"

During this period of her recovery I've learned a few things...

  1. Daddy is not a really great cook as he claims he is. Hahaha~ we had a few dinners that were quite a fail. I would rather he cook Teochew porridge every day but he was too adventurous during that period.. Don't know why.
  2. Mummy cannot live her life not doing any housework. While dad was cooking, she had to stand beside him. Kept trying to help but daddy forbid her. While I was doing the dishes also she sibuk wanna help to mop the floor la...wipe dishes la...wipe table la... The doctor had told her not to look downwards, let water/sweat, dust, oil...etc. get into her eyes. Hence no housework for her. But she wouldn't sit still.
  3. I now understand what mum does in the kitchen every day after our dinners. Every day she spends a very long time in the kitchen after dinner. I didn't really went to ask what she was doing before this. But during her recovery period, I had to do everything she does. Apart from washing dishes and all the pots and pans, she had to mop the kitchen floor, wipe the stove, clean the water basin, wash the wash cloth and finally throw the garbage. So much to do! No wonder she takes about an hour everyday. Nowadays I try to help her out more (after her recovery) so that she has to do less.

As for dad... I don't have a pic of him to show you guys...which reminds me that I haven't posted a pic of him sleeping for a long time lol. I'll try to take one and post it up. EVIL!!!

Dad and I had caught a cough bug after CNY. I've recovered for a long time d but he had not. Hopefully he'll be ok soon la. So kesian to hear him cough.

Last update would be about hubby.

So last month we went out to eat in conjunction of Valentine's Day.
I was heavily photoshopped because I was having a really bad breakout at that time =(

We actually had not celebrate V-Day for years d. Mainly because it is too overrated. Restaurants have all these special dinner which are usually much higher in price than usual. Things are more expensive especially flowers. Plus we've been staying in two separate states for years so it's really not possible to celebrate V-Day.

But we do go out and eat something special on the weekend near/after V-Day. Taking V-day as an excuse to eat something expensive than usual.

This year we went to Kensington.

Top left: cheese-baked potato jacket. Top right: wild mushroom soup with garlic bread. Bottom left: SR's some steak (sorry can't remember the name =/). Bottom right: my salmon in lemon and herb

Not pictured: our drinks and apple crumble with ice cream.

Food was alright. Probably the only alright western food place in Melaka for the moment. Not the best la. Hopefully there will be a better western food place soon la...

We planned to catch a movie at Aeon after dinner but I was sick that day. Was having headache even before the dinner but it gotten worst. So we headed home.

I think I've talked about this but I'll just tell you guys about his work recently.

So SR is now working in a bank's IT department. It is under a new section in the department so work had been really hectic. We used to have time to sms each other and FB message each other when he was in his ex-company. But now even during lunch time he had no time. On few days on the weekdays he had to work till 8pm and every two weeks he had to work on Saturday.

Sigh poor baby... He's always exhausted after work in KL and when he's back in Melaka either on Friday night or Saturday night, he's also really tired. Falling asleep just by sitting down quietly.

But its ok la... we'll work as hard as we could for the moment to achieve our dreams. It will be all worth it when we have our own car, home to prepare for our next generation. I hope I'm working hard enough for our future too...not just by working. I'm trying to change a lot of things in my life which I'll talk about in more details next time .

Alright that's all for this time's update.

I'll update more about the family in another post.

I'll have to go help mummy with drying clothes now.

See you guys in the next post ya.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Liz and Nic's Wedding: Morning Session

What's up?

New post that's what's up.

(-.-''') Sorry. Uber lame lately.

So this year four of my besties are getting married. (Ish! Why nobody teman-ed me last year?) Three of which had already gotten married. One registered but wedding ceremony and reception will be in November.

Liz, the big sister of the gang, was the first to get married this year.

Two nights before her wedding, we went to help her get the bridal room get ready. Thank God she had free people like Puff and I. Or else who to help her to get the room ready you tell me? =P

Happynye we all

Me being the aunty knows what to decorate coz I decorate my own bridal room. *shows pride* wtf. But the funniest thing was I put for her the wrong bed sheet on the bed. Lizzy was on the phone and I was damn effing sure of the red bed sheet was the one she wanted. And when she was back from the call, she said wrong bed sheet and we had to change everything all over again...from bed sheet, bolster case, pillow case and the bloody comforter. Bukan main penat I put nicely then wrong. *wipes sweat*

After decorating the room, we also brought her to Dolly's house (Dolly is Puff's cousin) to get her manicure and pedicure.

So fast forward two days to her wedding day...

 Went to her house with Puffy (who is not pictured =P) coz SR was not around in the morning =(

When we reached she was still doing some photoshoot thingy with her photographer.

Mindy and Lizzy both acting so not them hahahahaha~ BTW Mindy is Liz's baby sister.

Lizzy got us something as jimuis gift ^^
Hot air balloon earrings... Guess which color did I choose?

Pink rose corsage

Surprise surprise I picked the pink hot air balloon earrings.

I really love all these jimuis gifts. A great remembrance gift for the jimuis of your wedding. So if any of you getting married soon, remember to get something for your jimuis. I think they will love it. I hope my jimuis like the corsage that I handmade for them <3

 For the first time I've seen her not looking like a zombie or Korean Bapok. LOL~

Quickly took some pics with the bride before more guests come...
Me looking awkward as usual with le bride

What am I wearing: Pale pink laced dress with pink bow belt from Anna House/pearl earrings...can't remember from where/pink hot air balloon earrings from the bride/pearl pendant from mum/pink heels (not shown) from Zerra Culture

Bride and Puffy

Took a few selfies with le perempuan kesayangan while the bride went to pee

Nana Tay is here ^^

Gang group pic wtf

This girl (now aunty =P) has the nickname fish in our gang coz she drinks a lot of water. After she drinks a lot, she wanna pee. Do you know how difficult it is for us to help her undress to go to the toilet? Tak faham faham.

What stare stare?

One more with The Fish

Ae Ree, Liz's bro and future sister-in-law ^^

All the jimuis...(from left to right) Puff, Kah Yee, moi and Nana. No need to name the bride wtf

Kah Yee is Puff and Liz's ex-colleague who became fast friends with us just after a few minutes. I think coz she's just as sampat as us that's why easy to become friends.

Rebel Nana decided to wear bright pink to stand out among us. Damn evil ah... Hahahaha~

 A lil origami rose made by Mindy as a wedding gift for sister <3

Lizzy was hungry while waiting for her groom so Mama Yiow got her some bread to eat. I told her this pic looks like a baby bird feeding. LOL~

The groom finally came...
Happy nye this groom -.-

The look on his face when we asking him a quiz about Liz

We didn't play any games due to the tight time schedule. So we planned a quiz session to test him to see if he knows Lizzy well enough.

Sorry no pics of the jimuis coz I was locked inside with them. Can't take from outside and the side view didn't have good lighting.

After he was done with us, he had to face...
...the father in law

If daddy wanted to talk to SR before he could come get me from the room, I think he would have shit in his pants. Hahahahah~ But then again daddy doesn't look as scary as Liz's dad la. We called him Chinese Mafia wtf.

Eating the egg thingy just like SR did during our wedding (read about it *here* if you haven't)

After that they had a prayer session which we were not allowed to take pics of.

Finally :)


These two idiots made damn loud smooching sound. Made us feel so awkward wtf.

Nic was supposed to help Liz wear her bridal shoe. But he couldn't get it done so the rest of us had to help her. -.-

We helped out during the tea ceremony so there were no pics. There were very little jimuis as you can see so all of us had to help out here and there.

The whole tea ceremony was so emotional. All of us cried. =( This is the first time I'm attending such an emotional tea ceremony.

Then we headed over to Nic's grandma's place for the second tea ceremony. Also quite busy so didn't have any pics.

Taken while Liz and Nic was paying their respects to the ancestor

I know I looked scary in this pic but there's a stupid story behind this so I had to post it

So I was taking a selfie and at the same time I was talking to Liz's brother, Cae Sern.

Me: Eh! Did you go and open the bridal car ah when they arrived?
CS: No la. I came late what..
Me: WTF How to earn money like that wasted la (while trying to take a selfie)
CS: Go and work la if wanna earn money

It didn't sound funny (sounds kinda stupid actually) now but it was so damn hilarious everybody burst out laughing including myself. Hence the fail selfie -.-

For revenge wtf

Sexy red boxers hahahahaha~

I'll continue about the wedding dinner soon. There's not many pics either so its easier to edit.

I am really proud with my productive week. Not only with the blog also in my work, housework and other stuff in real life. I'm trying to be more productive and organized in my time management. Hopefully it'll be better in time. I've wasted too much time on useless things for a long time.

I'm not sure if I could put up a new post for this week coz I'm usually busier during the weekends. But I'll see what I can do.

Alright la... I have to go prepare lunch then work later on.

I shall see you guys when I'm done with another post.

See ya ~~

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CNY 2014: CNY Eve

So this year, being a newlywed, I was expecting something different in my celebration for CNY. But it seems like it was still the same. LOL~ Ok maybe the fact that I've became broke buying CNY stuff and also giving out angpows is different la. Apart from that, it is just the same with any other CNY.

The night before mummy already started to get ready for our reunion lunch

Usually we have our reunion dinner but because this year I had to go over to my in laws' place for dinner. We switched ours to lunch.

I posted this and my hubby said: "Don't tell me all you did was take pics and didn't help mummy ah". Hehe I did help la ok? =P

Some frying action wtf

Top: frying yam. Bottom: frying ngaku (arrowhead chips)

This year mummy decided to get some ngaku to fry. I kept asking her not to lol. Coz ngaku looked like onions and one thing that I despise eating in the world is onion. I thought it'll taste like onions that's why. Turns out it tasted like chips and oh so heavenly. Couldn't stop munching the moment mummy done frying. Next year I'll buy more ngakus!!!

It was actually mum's first attempt to fry these babies. So it was kind of a fail. Too salty. We didn't dare to serve it to any guests and ate it on our own. Some Teck and Jo...was so damn curious we put it in the kitchen and didn't serve it out. They insisted to eat it. In the end, they only ate once and never ask for more. Hahahahahah~

Some pork that mummy was trying to teach me to cook. Can't remember anything about it anymore (> . >). Only ingredient I remember is sugar wtf.

So on CNY eve itself. I was woken up by a phonecall. It was hubby telling me he is at the front gate. He and his housemate got back from KL during midnight/in wee hours in the morning. So he reached home at around 6 or 7.

We went back to sleep wtf and woke up again at around 9.

First task when we woke up

Then we were asked to decorate the house

I arranged this flowers in our living room nice or not?

Forgot to take more photos of our chinese new year decor =/ But it looks almost he same with the years back la. Just more Hello Kitties this year wtf. All thanks to McDs wtf.

I guess mum didn't trust any of us (SR and I) with cooking la. That's why she assigned us to do decorating. But SR did just as bad la. The banner he hung fell off on the first day of CNY. Apa nie?

Now the moment we've been waiting for came next... Reunion lunch...
Dad decided we should have Poon Choi (Big Feast Bowl) this year for reunion lunch. If we went out for this at the CNY season it'll cost a bomb. A simple one would cost around RM70+ I heard. So he did everything from scratch. He bought all the ingredients after studying what was needed (I guess him watching Food Channel, TLC and Food Network all day did do some good lol), the pot you see above and made this.

It was really good but we didn't manage to finish everything la. Mum and dad kept it for dinner that night.

Stir fry mixed veggies

Homemade meatball and veggie soup

If you are wondering what this is... there's a super duper funny to this

So mum was soaking some mi sua before frying them and asked dad to take it out of the water after 15 mins coz she needed to go shower before lunch. Manatau dad forgot about it and mum didn't tell both me and SR about it. So the mi sua became soggy and stuck together when mum fried it. So that is what it is up there in the pic. Hahahahaha~

2014 Family Photo ^^

What am I wearing: White off-shoulder top from Gold Apple, blue gym pants from hell knows where and bedroom slipper from Taiwan.

I was thinking to wear my new faux leather skirt but I was too lazy to change into it after setting up the table for lunch. Actually everyone had a nice top but ugly bottom. I was unluckily seen in the pic coz of my seat -.-


We helped out with cleaning for a bit then went upstairs to do some cleaning of our room. Didn't wash toilet for awhile d (> . >). After much cleaning both hubby and I slept off again wtf.

Got up and went over to my in laws' place for dinner.

But instead received a call to go to Jusco to get some stuff and fetch my brother in law from work.

Oooo~ nice effect for selfie. Thanks sun wtf

One without spec

Didn't take any photos at in laws' place coz was busy having dinner with the family. Two uncles from my mum in law's side came. Too shy to take pics la.

Then later we spent some time at the in laws' before going back home.

Came home to a drunk dad who is drunk sweeping the house lol. Such a funny sight. But he's always drunk on CNY eve so its a normal sight la.

We went up to get ready to sleep but daddy asked us to come down. We thought he was going to make us do stupid things (remember he's drunk?). But actually he just wants to give us angpows.

He hugged SR so tight its so funny. Hahahahahaha~ I think SR got scarred for life la. Never going close to the father in law ever.

So that was my CNY eve. It really isn't that much difference from last time so I was glad. I was so worried at first. Thinking back I was so silly la.

I've been so productive lately I'm so proud of myself =D

I'll be posting up another post soon I hope. That'll depend how many pics there is. If I couldn't post up fast, I'll do another of those filler post la k?

Alright off to housework again.

See you guys in the next post...



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