Thursday, July 31, 2014

Singapore Trip 2013 Day 2 Part 2: USS' Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City and New York

For the second half of our Universal Studios trip (first half is over *here*), we just wander around. So we didn't actually go to one park area after another. We sorta jump around everywhere.

First we went to Sci-Fi City coz Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle was the ultimate reason we were here.

Guess what we saw when we first stepped into Sci-Fi City?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Filter 2014 #1- Jo & Shane's birthday and Going back to IJC

Hello hello~~~~

I haven't been blogging. Anybody missed me? Well if you miss me too much, you can always check out my Dayre *here* coz I'm very active there. Blogging live updates everyday. So if you don't find any updated posts here, just hop on over there.

I didn't know that I haven't been posting up any filter posts for this year. Well I had... but I didn't name it "FILTER" la...

So today's post is about two events which had past for quite some time now. One in April and the other one in June.

Shane and Jo's birthdays are on 28th and 29th April respectively. So John invited a few of us over to his house to celebrate both birthdays.

SR and I bought Shane for his birthday. I told him that he must take a selfie with me if he wants his present. So he did. Will just look at that smile???? He's gonna melt so many girls' heart with that smile man...

Every year since his birth we had bought him the same gift. We always bought him clothes. Well except for one year we bought him some toys. And every year we bought the baju a bit too big. He always took like one year later to wear the clothes we buy him. Damn kao fail la we all. Hahaha~

No present for Jo coz he's an ass and doesn't need any presents. Hahahaha~

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Anniversary Trip to Port Dickson Day 2

I realized the blogpost that I've posted up before this one *here* is a bit rushed. John kept asking me what time I'll be over at the hospital to help take care of his wife. He didn't eat breakfast so he was damn hungry d. So I quickly end the post and sped down (by sped I mean driving at 80km/h =P) Manatau Mr. A (our car if you don't know yet) is low on petrol -.-'''

Anyways *here* is the post about my newborn god daughter, Isabelle in case you guys wanna read about it. And also *here* is the post about my dearest friend, Li Yee's birthday celebration. So shiok ah having some birthdate as your daughter. I also wanna do that la hehehe

Anyways, the first day of our port dickson trip is over *here* if you missed out that one. Let me just warn you this is another of relaxing trip so there's nothing much. But do read if you are free.

On to second day...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lydia and Kong's wedding: Wedding Reception

Its July!!! So damn happy coz my goddaughter will be here!!! (I think she'll be here before I post this) Woohoo~~~ Also Simmy, the bestie is coming back. I'm going to Port Dickson (again!) on this weekends. And four months till Taiwan. Sounds so exciting that I'm excited for myself wtf.

Before all those happening I'll finish up this post from Decemeber (-.-''') which I think is the last wedding post from 2013.

So in case you guys missed out the first and second part of the it is all linked for you *part 1* *part 2*

Didn't like my curls that night. I felt like I look a bit too mature *ahem* old *ahem*. I would like them better it was just a little wave or just curls at the bottom. But I don't know how to achieve that or ask for that kind of curls.


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