Friday, December 26, 2014

Taipei, Taiwan 2014 Day 1: Getting There and Shihlin Night Market 士林夜市

Here comes the Taipei trip posts... Are you excited?!?

For those who had not read my blog since the beginning, this is actually my second trip to Taipei. I went there with my mum three years ago in 2011 (This time I went with SR and Jacy). It was also my first overseas trip then. I've actually blogged about my adventures there. But due to some probs with my photo hosting before this, I had to delete all of the posts. So now you can't find any trace of those Taiwan posts anywhere.

I'm glad I was able to be back in Taiwan or more specifically Taipei. Of all the places I've gone to (Singapore, Hong Kong and Krabi), Taipei is my favorite place overseas. It's something about the place and people. Just so wonderful. Even on my second visit, I still love it so much. I think I'll be back in Taiwan again. But not in Taipei again la. Have to visit other parts of Taiwan already.

This time I'm going to post up a lot of details in all my Taipei travel posts and do some comparison with my trip back in 2011. I hope it can be as informative as possible so that it will make up for the posts that I've deleted. SO YES THIS POST WILL BE VERY LONG... PLEASE LEAVE IF YOU HAVE NO PATIENCE FOR LENGTHY POSTS.

Okay let's start after all those babbling...

In 2011, I flew with AirAsia. I can't remember exactly how much was the air fare but what I remembered was it was about RM500+ including airport tax and other surcharges, meals and 25kg luggage. Flight was approximately 4 hours.

This time when I was looking for tickets, AirAsia was super expensive. If I'm not mistaken it was around RM1400+. So I looked into other options. I went with Cathay Pacific coz at that time it was the cheapest and also within all our budget. Our ticket was RM1177 which includes airport tax and other surcharges, meals and 30kg luggage. Flight was approximately 5 hours.

Everything was better in Cathay Pacific...which I'll talk about later on. The only downside about flying to Taiwan with Cathay Pacific is that we had to do a flight transfer. Instead of flying directly to Taiwan, we had to fly to Hong Kong and transfer to another flight to Taiwan. That is why the flight time was longer than Air Asia.

In 2011, my flight was at 10 ish. I was not experience with public transport at that time so I had my dad send me to LCCT (didn't have KLIA2 back then). This time I found a taxi guy who would send us directly to KLIA for only RM160. Super awesome la. Cheapest taxi/limo I've researched for.

Couldn't find our plane so I took a pic of a MAS airplane

Monday, December 15, 2014

Deepavali 2014

I don't know why I felt like I haven't been to my Indian friends' house for Deepavali visiting for a long time. Maybe coz my boss didn't take any break during Deepavali. So I had been working while people are happily celebrating Deepavali or visit people's house for Deepavali.

This year I had to work as well but suddenly everyone decided not to come last minute so I was able to visit my friends' house =) Anyways I didn't go to many houses la coz only two of my Indian friends had open house on the day of Deepavali.

What's up dawg?

Friday, December 12, 2014

KL October 2014: Buffet, Shopping, Gathering and Wedding Bells

I've been going to KL so often that I think I should not categorize KL as my travels. Unless if I go to somewhere special then could consider as traveling la.

KL is now my holiday home I guess. I will go over to hubby's place to stay during most of my breaks. Every time I go to KL I would be going to the same same places. I think I also got bored of those places. But I still go coz most of the shops in KL are not available in Melaka.

Honestly I've forgotten a lot about what I did during this time in KL. It was only two months ago but don't know why can't remember much about it. I guess I'll just post up highlights of what I did la.

I took an early bus to KL and met up with SR at TBS Bus Station. He took leave from work so that he could bring me to have lunch buffet at Jogoya.

All the yummies we had at Jogoya...
All sorts of cold dishes

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pieces By Pieces

I just realized that I have this very annoying habit of rubbing my own eyes. I mean if I'm not wearing any makeup then its okay. But when I'm wearing makeup or just eyeliner, I will end up looking like a fucking panda. This only happens when I'm only wearing eyeliner/mascara (a.k.a not full makeup on). Why am I saying this coz I just did it. Now I have to go clean off the eyeliner and probably re-apply.

Okay that was random lol.

Few months back I talked about some "Crafty Dreams" on my Dayre. You can read all about it *here*. Little did I know that my "crafty dream" has turned into a full blown hobby.

So here's the first jigsaw puzzle that I got from Jigsaw Puzzle World to fulfill my "crafty dream"...
If you read the linked post, you know that I initially wanted to get a 100-200 pieces jigsaw puzzle. You know to start small. I was worried I might not be able finish anything more. But SR said if we really wanna fulfill this dream, we have to go big. So yeah we got the 500 pieces one.

We also got ourselves a frame to frame the puzzle up ourselves. Forgotten to take a picture of the frame but you'll see it at the end of the post la.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Behind The Scenes: The Not So Glamour Side

Last month I did a collaboration post with ZALORA MALAYSIA...which is this post *here*.

When I was approached by Aini, the person in-charge, I was skeptical at first. Could this be some fraud thingy or what? Sorry Aini or anyone from ZALORA reading this. I mean there's a lot of cases nowadays. So its only natural that I feel this way. But after hearing more details from Aini, it sounds pretty real and even if it's not, I've got nothing to lose. So decided to try it.

I think this is my first time doing this type of post so it was a really new experience. Imma share with you guys what was it like behind the scenes.

Honestly what I felt overall can be summarize by two words: SUPER TIRED!!!! I was the stylist, makeup artist, photographer, photo editor and editor for the whole collaboration post/advertorial. That's why it was so tiring. I really salute all those bloggers who had to do advertorials so often. You guys da MVP!!! But then again if anyone wants me to help them to do an advertorial again, I won't mind geh~ Its tiring but damn fun la.

I met some problems la along the way. I'll talk about it one by one la in this post.

When I was planning the outfits for the post, I realized that I didn't have my makeup with me. I left my makeup in KL for SR to bring it back for me coz I was travelling alone back to Melaka from KL. By makeup, I mean those makeup that I use regularly. I couldn't wait for SR to be back coz the due date for submission was before SR comes back to Melaka. So I was like SHIT!!!

I tried to dig around from my other makeup and thank goodness I managed to get everything except for foundation, powder and blush.

What I used for my look for the photo taking session


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