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Road Trip 2015: Ipoh

When Chooi Yin, my ex-roommate, told me she was getting married in January and invited me to her wedding, I was pretty excited. Coz that means that I'll be able to travel to Ipoh again. I've been to Ipoh in 2013 to visit her (and Esther) but I felt like I didn't explore it enough (Read about all my previous trips *here*. Look under Ipoh). So this time I am glad to be back to explore it again.

I actually traveled up from Melaka to KL a day before going up to Ipoh on my own by bus. SR came and met up with me to take me back to his place to stay overnight. If you ask me what bus company I would recommend to travel from Melaka to KL, I would definitely say KKKL. The bus is mostly in good condition ie: new buses. Seats are comfortable. Drivers are mostly careful and drive at a acceptable pace. I said "mostly" coz I've encounter some experience that were opposites la. But most of my experience had been good. I've been taking KKKL for all my trips to KL since uni years. So it's the best imo.

On Friday morning, we got ready to kick start our road trip to Ipoh...

We went for breakfast at Mayang Oasis

There's this side lot shop food court which we really like to go. It has really cheap and tasty food. There are lots of stalls so there are many varieties. Both SR and I had not tried all the stalls yet even though we went there quite often. Probably coz we always order the same same food every time we visit =P

I had the Yee Mee Soup (top) while SR had their Wantan Mee (bottom). Looks pretty heavy for breakfast but our journey was about three hours. Needed enough fuel to pull through that long journey.

Unnecessary selfies

 The road trip trio: me, Tuki and SR

When you see these mountains, it can only mean one thing. Ipoh is getting closer =)

I love the view of the side of the highway on the way up to Ipoh or generally anywhere in Perak. There are lots of mountains on the way up. It is different from the view of the highway when I travel from Melaka to JB or Melaka to KL...which are usually filled with trees.

We have finally reached after 3 hours drive!!!

We actually planned to reach earlier than anyone else coz we wanna go explore Ipoh on our own. Hubby and I are more into food so basically we decided to go look for makan places nie. All those touristy place...we'll keep it for other times.

We decided to go look for something to eat before checking in into the homestay (that Chooi Yin booked for us) since it's way past lunch time. The last time we ate was around 10am.

We actually did some researching the night before where we want to go to eat. SR print screened all the places to eat and their addresses he found on google. This so that it will be convenient for us to look for where to go to eat and how to get there.

We decided to go to Ipoh's famous Big Tree Foot Roadside Hawker or better known as 大树脚/Dai Shu Keok which literally mean Big Tree Foot in cantonese.

It is quite easy to miss coz it is just like any other roadside hawker. We almost couldn't find it even with Waze. But since I've been here before and also there was a big crowd, we were able to find it.

Big Tree Foot is famous for their Yong Tau Fu which is called 酿料/Niong Liu in cantonese

SR knows me too well coz he got me so many taukee hehehe~

There is also other stalls but not as famous as the Yong Tau Fu stall. SR ordered some roasted pork rice. Normal nie la. Nothing special.

There is also a stall which sells beverages and desserts

We ordered a 杂果冰/Zhak Gor Bing and a 炖蛋/Dun Dan

No close up of the Zhak Gor Bing coz I've forgotten. It is called Mixed Fruit Ice. They have a few different types of fruits mixed in with sugar water and ice. Very refreshing. Definitely something you should order in this crazy hot weather.

The Dun Dan or egg pudding with caramel was meh. I think I tried it once when I was at Big Tree Foot the first time. I think I didn't like it as well. Don't know why I ordered it again. =.=

Overall I think there was nothing special about Big Tree Foot la since you can get Yong Tau Hu anywhere. But I love Yong Tau Hu...especially the fried version. The Big Tree Foot's fried Niong Liu is fried to perfection. So I think I don't mind coming here again. Plus the beverages here are so good.

We packed this to go

It is a packet of red bean ice. When I first came here, I thought it was Milo Ice. Turns out it was red bean drink with ice. It was super good la. Just as refreshing as the Zhak Gor Bing but a different type of refreshed feeling. I don't know if you get what I mean but yeah... lol

Below is the address of Big Tree Foot Roadside Hawker if you guys wanna try out any of the food or beverages here...
Big Tree Foot Roadside Hawker
652, Jalan King,
Pasir Pinji, 31650, Perak

After filling our tummies, we decided to go check in into the homestay.

The homestay that Chooi Yin booked for us was Rockstar Vacation House. We actually stayed with Rockstar during my road trip with my unimates. It was a pleasant stay coz it really felt like our home away from home.

I didn't take much pics of the homestay but here are some pics from our room...
All the rooms have two single beds

Chooi Yin booked the whole house for us...which had like 6 rooms. Six of us occupied only four rooms so four rooms were left empty.

The beds were super comfortable. SR and I put both beds together so that we can snuggle up together ^^ There were also power plug close by where we could conveniently charge our phones while we sleep.

This corner is on the right of the bed. I sleep on the bed right beside it (yeap the one beside the hot pink luggage)

This corner became our utility corner. We just threw everything on the table. It gets messier as the day passes lol.

I love the hair dryer they provided. Not many homestays even hotels provide hair dryers. Okay maybe they did but not as good as this one. The last time I stayed at Rockstar I loved the hair dryer so so much that I almost stole it wtf. It is the those type they use in saloons. Super strong. I think I should go get one for myself la.

In front of the bed you can see my hubby wtf. There are TVs in every room. But only the TV in the living room has Astro. Not really important la since we are not there to watch TV kan?

This door leads to toilet. Couldn't show you guys inside coz le hubby went into take a shower d. It was pretty basic la. Has everything a toilet should have. Best of all is that it has hot water...which is something some homestay that I've been to didn't have.

I think I've not shown enough of Rockstar to tell you guys how awesome it is. It had improved so much since I last went to stay in 2009. Not that it wasn't awesome already back then. I am super impressed how such a young owner (Chooi Yin knows the owner and had introduced us to him back in 2009) could build his business up so well in just six years.

Anyways if you guys are interested in knowing more about Rockstar Vacation House, *here* is their website. The house that we stayed in is Type AB btw. Address and details about the house we stayed in are all stated in the websites linked.

We settled everything and managed to meet up with Cat and Samuel who came right after us. Wanted to wait for the rest of them to reach but I remembered that I had to leave to get my nails did.

SR and I went to Ipoh DeGarden to get my nails done (didn't have time to do it back in Melaka) which was recommended by Chooi Yin. She said there are a lot of nail saloons available.

There were really many nail saloons. I can't remember which nail saloon I went to and I didn't record it down anywhere at all -.-''' But if you are in Ipoh and want to get your nails done, do head down to Ipoh DeGarden. Here's the adresss for you:
Ipoh DeGarden Shopping Complex
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,
31400, Ipoh, Perak

Random thingy I saw at Ipoh DeGarden

High class English over here. Master Sifu, please enlighten me what is "Yor"?

Anyways, here's my before and after of my nails in case anyone is curious...
This was from November 2014 before I left for Taiwan (> . >)

I love the design!!! Especially the one on the second and fourth finger. The manicurist painstakingly drew each one. If you see closely, the designs are all differently on each finger.

A design like this would cost around RM100+ since it is gel but I got it done at lower than RM100. I was like in shock when they told me the price. But then again they are not using OPI gel color or any of those brands that I know of.

Speaking of nails I should probably go get my gel nails clean off (I still got the nails above now =P). GST is going to affect nail saloons as well. Need to remove it and do future nail painting on my own d la. Don't wanna spend money on unnecessary things anymore =(

I was short on time to get ready after getting my nails done =/ We had to attend Chooi Yin's wedding dinner that night. I didn't have time to shower and wash my hair. So I had to put on my makeup immediately, got dressed and rushed to the wedding dinner venue ASAP.

Was not late at the wedding dinner after all =)

Wanted to do a separate post for the wedding dinner but I realized there wasn't much photos. So might as well just include here la.


Chooi Yin had a photobooth area at her wedding dinner. Managed to take just one photo at the photobooth with my girls: Esther and Shiu Li, coz the queue was kinda long. If there wasn't so many people, I would have taken more hehe.

This pic was printed out by the photobooth company. So that's why there is watermark at the bottom of the pic.

Also took a photo with all my unimates who attended Chooi Yin's wedding dinner

From left to right: Keh Tat, the groom (duh!); Chooi Yin; Shiu Li; Cat; le fatty moi; Esther and Samuel.

By now my hair is super hideous (T^T) Feel like cutting off all my oily bangs man!!! But then again it'll look even more ugly la.

We left the wedding dinner venue right after the dinner ended. We were supposed to meet up with Chooi Yin at her house to help out with some last minute preparations for the gate crashing games on the next day. But since Chooi Yin was still busy at the restaurant, we went back to wash up and change.

Decided to take more photos when we got back to the homestay lol

Please excuse my hair. Had to tie it all up coz it was too hot and also hair became so damn oily.

We went over to Chooi Yin's house to help out until 1am. No pics coz apparently the bride says that she looks ugly so no photos lol.

I'll post up a separate post about Chooi Yin's wedding day which happened on the next day. I was helping out the gate crashing thingy so most photos are taken by SR. I haven't edited them so I have no idea how many pics are there. I guess it'll take awhile to be posted up la.

At the end of the year we will be traveling to Ipoh again for Shiu Li's wedding. Since it's still eight months away, we've haven't plan anything yet. If we did, you'll think that we are crazy la right? But it's great we could go Ipoh and makan again. So many things we haven't tried yet. Better plan our itinerary properly so that we can fit more makan adventures into our schedule. Coz we don't know when we will return to Ipoh again.

We still haven't finalize with where we wanna go for our Road Trip 2.0. SR had not plan his leave yet coz he's busy with his work lately. Poor many things to be done but so little time. But we'll update as soon as we've confirmed our destination.

Alright I have to go now. Tomorrow's another day at the kindie. Need to go sleep to build energy to handle all the monkeys.

I'll see you guys in the next post.


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