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Road Trip 2015: Cameron Highlands Day 1

Downloaded my pics from FB =)))) Thank God all the photos from Cameron Highlands are retrieved. Only pics from Langkap are gone totally =((( I guess I'll just have to go back to Langkap, stay at Esther's house again and relive those moments. I don't know if Esther's going to read this...NIAK!!! I'LL BE COMING TO YOUR HOUSE AGAIN lol.

So from Ipoh and Chooi Yin's wedding (posts over *here* and *here*), with Esther and hubby, James, we went to Cameron Highlands.

On the way up to Cameron Highlands I couldn't take any photos because I was having terrible motion sickness =/ I was trying so hard not to throw up and I was feeling pretty bad la. Or else I would have at least taken some selfies.

The first place that James and Esther brought us to is Cameron Lavender Garden. I was so car sick that I forgotten to take a pic of the entrance. Here's a pic of Lavender Garden I've goggled...
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Cameron Lavender Garden is situated at Tringkap. It is the latest addition in Cameron Highlands. So the facilities are still very new as compared to other attractions to in Cameron Highlands which I've visited to some 10 years ago.

Entry fee is RM6 for adults and RM4 for kids. I think it RM5 for adults before GST if I'm not wrong. Coz I remembered paying RM10 for both SR and I. But whatever it is the entry fees are stated on their official website *here* so I can't be wrong la.

When you walk into the garden...
A whole bed of lavender

It is not as impressive as those lavender gardens you might see on tv or on the internet. I didn't put much expectations since it's not a big garden. But it is nice to finally able to see real life lavenders coz I've never seen them ever in my life.

One thing 'tho is the amazing smell of lavenders when you walk into the garden. I'm not a big fan of lavender scent before but I think that lavender is now one of my favorite scents. I think coz the lavender scent that I've tried before this were all artificial so I didn't like it. But now that I've smelled the real scent, I'm totally in love.

There were other flowers as well...

Please excuse my crazy hair lol

My motion sickness was actually better when I was in Lavender Garden. Must be the lavenders la.

Wow I'm a bunny =.=

You can't actually walk into the lavenders area and take pics with them. They have barriers/fences around it. So can only take pics from afar. But that's enough for me la. Won't want to ruin the lavenders right?

Went to another area which was on a higher ground. The view from there was quite beautiful.

This view reminds me of the scene in Initial D (the movie). Of course it can't compare with that but it reminds me of the curvy roads and hills in the movie.

Fishies in a pond

There is a mini strawberry garden where you can pick strawberries. Can't remember the exact price for it. But it's overpriced la. Don't ever buy strawberries from these places. Always buy it from the market coz it's so much cheaper and they might just throw in some free gifts if you know how to haggle the price.

There was this shop selling anything and everything made from strawberries. There were dried strawberries, strawberry jam, strawberry sauce...etc. We decided to buy this strawberry froyo with strawberries at the bottom.

I can faintly remember the taste of the froyo...Thank God! It was sour and refreshing. Great coz I needed something like that to make me feel better from the motion sickness.

Strawberries from Cameron Highlands are sour as opposed to the sweet ones from other places. I've never tried sweet strawberries before. Am too cheap to go get those Korean strawberries even though I heard they are super sweet. Maybe I'll splurge one day just to taste how different they are from our homegrown strawberries.

After the strawberry garden, you'll come to a small daisy/gerbera garden.

It's very common for the attractions in Cameron Highlands to have so many things at one place...even if that place is small. So it's like one big garden for the main attraction. Then mini for everything else.

Okay let's just look at pics of daisies/gerberas I've taken...

Puff was so jealous when I sent the pics of the daisies/gerberas. They were her favorite flowers. I told her she doesn't need to be jealous coz all she need to do is ask Resh (her bf) and he will fly her there immediately. Now I'm jealous of her =P

Back to the lavender garden before we leave the place

So pretty...and I don't mean myself wtf

BTW in case you guys are wondering what I'm wearing, I'm wearing the same top from Chooi Yin's wedding but it was getting so cold at Cameron Highlands (apparently temperature slowly drop after the sun goes down, which when we arrived) that I had to wear SR's jacket. But I'm living the dangerous life (inside joke) by wearing shorts lol.

Got this mini bag of lavender potpourri from one of the stalls at Cameron Lavender Garden to remind me of the real lavender scent. It still smells the same until now (I went Cameron Highlands in January)! Best souvenir from my travels ever =)

After leaving Cameron Lavender Garden, we headed to our hotel.

The temperature is cool enough to switch off the air conditioner and just open the window to let the cold air in. The cold weather brought me back to Taiwan's winter again *cue Cat's Memories*

I tried recalling but I just can't remember the name of the hotel we stayed in Cameron Highlands. SR told me the name after I told him that I've forgotten about the name. That is why I always let him do the hotel booking coz he remembers these things. The hotel is called Planter's Hotel. Official website is *here*, But it's not worth remembering la coz we didn't really like the hotel. We appreciate that we got discount but seriously I don't think we wanna be back. Reason was the bed sheet and blanket had stain. I have no idea what stain those were but it was damn gross la. I have this habit of rubbing my face against the pillow or blanket before sleeping but because of all those stains I couldn't. Thank god I brought my own pillow so I was able to rub on something else #weirdhabitisweird =P Other than that some of the places were kinda dusty. Like never been cleaned before. My god! This is hotel leh. It's supposed to look spotless. Sigh... I wished I remembered the name so I could warn you guys about the hotel la. But too bad I can't remember.

We showered and freshened up before we left for dinner with Esther and James.

Typical dinner at Cameron Highlands...steamboat

I think coz it gets really cold at night (almost 15 degrees it seems), people like to eat something warm for dinner. Steamboat is the best choice la.

It's been awhile since I last seen such an antique steamboat which uses charcoal. I think I still have something similar at home. We don't use it anymore coz it had been replaced with the more advanced electric version.

Nothing to talk about the steamboat except for these two sauces. The owner of the steamboat restaurant made these two sauces. The brown one is a garlic oyster sauce and the red one is chili sauce. My favorite among the two is the garlic oyster one. You have to believe when I say it's nice coz again I hate garlic. So if I say I like it, it's extremely good.

Like I said I have nothing to say about the steamboat. I generally find steamboats very boring...unless they have the grill thing together. But it's a great way to chat with your friends while the food slowly cook in the steamboat la. SR spent some time talking about "uncle" stuff with James while Esther and I gossip, exchange teaching stories and our household matters lol.

After the dinner we went to a mall which was closing down for the day when we reached. Then we tried to go to the night market but it was closing down too =.= Thank god we managed to get some strawberries 'tho.

We went back to the hotel and chill for a bit before falling asleep after that tiring day.

I know this post does not have many pics (actually the whole Cameron Highlands has so little pics) and all the pics are taken with my iPhone (coz DSLR went out of battery after all those photo taking at Chooi Yin's wedding). Hubby and bestie said I don't have to kick up a fuss for losing these photos. But no matter how little or how bad the quality is, these photos are precious to me. If I lose it, it's like losing a part of my happy memory =( I don't have to explain but I thought I just let you know what I feel about all my pictures.

Enough of emotional talk wtf. I'll have to go now coz aunty tasks beckon le aunty to go work on it. But I'll post up something tomorrow or any other day of the week.

Have a great weekday =)


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