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SR turned 32

For SR's birthday this year I thought of baking a cake but I got busy and forgot about it lolol. So in the end I decided to just order from the bakery.

I ordered a cake from Handmade Bakery (FB *here*) as a surprise for him. But I failed badly coz he drove me there to pick it up hahaha. The original plan was I would pick it up while he comes back from KL. But then he didn't work on that day 😑

I got the tofu cheesecake which is actually my favorite lol. Sinren actually like the chocolate cake at Handmake Bakery but we couldn't remember the name. So we ordered my favorite 😬

After singing Happy Birthday to SR, we asked him to cut his own cake coz his wife effing useless hahaha

The cake was expected damn good 😋
I think I'm gonna go try out other cakes from Handmade and see what cakes I should order for the next family birthday. I wonder what cake should I order for my own birthday next month hehe.

We went out for dinner to further celebrate SR's big day. So many pl…

Bangkok + Hua Hin Day 4: Shopping Mania Begins...

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From Day 4 onwards we basically went shopping all day errrr day until we went broke lolol.
We decided to walk from our hotel to Platinum Mall coz it's just 15 minutes away from our hotel.
Sights from our walk to Platinum... We walked by this store every day and kept saying we should try her food. But we didn't end up eating it at all. What does it taste like is a mystery to us.
H&M knockoff lolol
If you are a K drama fan, you have probably heard of Tom n Toms. SR also mentioned that he wanna try the coffee but kept forgetting. In the end, we didn't try it 😓
So excited to explore the shopping malls hehehe
Had to take a pic at the famous overhead bridge with the Bangkok jam in the background
Reached some high end mall...which name is forgotten lol... no point shopping there so we just took pics with the Christmas decors.

John wanted to check if he is really playing …