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Is this the start of the holidays?

Well, technically my break starts on tomorrow. But because we (the second years) still have 2 presentations on our waiting list, we can't be let off yet. Damn Zzzz...

Anyways, I haven't started on any of my presentations yet. One of it is another composition for Composition class. Zzzz... Its supposed to be a composition on poems. Like so artistic huh? Maybe En Ayub knows that we are not capable of making up lyrics that's why he made us use poems. Haha~

The other one is also a composition for a short snippet of a movie. Something like a soundtrack. Around 20 to 30 seconds. Damn it!!! I felt so stressed just thinking about it. Maybe I should start working on them tomorrow.

Then there's the analysis for theory and proposal. T___T This is shit man!!!! Tell me can I get all this done before 16th of May??? Damn worried la wei!!!

Ok, putting those stressful things aside, I am now in Li Shan's house. Blogging on her lappie. Had been here since Monday. Quite fun la. Her si…

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List out the top 5 presents you wish for
1. Anything from LV...from the Monogram Vernis Line ker... Monogram Mini Lin Croisette... or Mahina.
2. Anything from Gucci
3. Volkswagon Bettle
4. A wardrobe filled with dresses
5. A shoe rack filled with shoes

Praise the tagger who tagged the taggee
Well, I'm not really close to her so what I write here is what I think and what I read from her blog
1. Very beautiful...looks like a doll. Really la... I mean I'm not lesbian or whatever lah... But when I first saw her, I think that she looks like a doll. Damn pretty.
2. Has great fashion sense.
3. Damn long and beautiful hair. I hoped to have damn long hair but failed to grow them out. T___T So jealous of her hair.
4. Hardworking
5. Has very nice smile

Most memorable things he/she has give/done for you
Forgiving me for copycatting her and suggest me what to do and was ready to help

The most memorable words he/she said to you
It was what she said to me for the thing above. Can't remember…


Last night I experienced the worst jam in Melaka ever. I had never experienced jam in Melaka ever unless its a road block at Melaka Raya to check if you are driving under the influence. =___=

My baby girl all grown up...
I still love her even if she's such a brat. *smooch smooch* Her eyes so sepet lah... Hahaha~ My eyebags pulak looked as if can put another pair of eyes in it. Wahahahaha~

Last night, Jacy, Alex, Paulie and I planned to go for karaoke. All of them except me of course, has damn nice voice ok? Damn jealous.

The stupid government had to announce that they will increase the petrol's price that day itself. Causing all the kiasu Malaysians to go fill their tank with petrol out of the sudden. So on the way to karaoke, Jacy, Alex and I was caught in jam coz on the way to the karaoke there were too many petrol kiosk.

The cars were barely moving. We could even get down from the car and looked at what was happened. Actually, we didn't know what happened coz we forg…


I hate the line here. Somebody tell me how to survive with lousy connection???

And I hate Performance Studies coz its damn difficult to understand. The only thing that I can understand better is Social Drama. I told my ex-piano teacher about Performance Studies and all she told me was: "Woah! I don't understand this myself too" T___T

I don't wanna fail and retake. T___T

Somebody help me la...

Stupid Line!!!

Damn Zzzz... My house's internet like stupid. The line damn slow. Slow until I can't even view my own blog. You tell me how to live like that? Don't read my own blog ok lah right? I love to blog-hop mah... Can't read other blogs damn sad ok T___T.

Sigh~ Never mind la... Gotta live with it. After I graduate the first thing I'm gonna is make daddy sign up for streamyx. Or else I don't know how am I going to blog or read other blogs.

Tomorrow I'm going back to KL and will be bunking bed with Li Shan till the 15th. Heheheh~ A bit excited coz I had not gone to other people's house to stay for so long. Maybe just sleepover got la. Then can go "gai gai" after exam. Woots!!! Damn happy.

But then again, starting from tomorrow, I will not see my dear Sinren for a couple of weeks. Perhaps until June only can see him. T___T Damn sad. Why? Why? Why? But sometimes like some people said longer didn't see and will miss each other more and then when meet e…

Waiting for it to close

Hello people...

I am back in Melaka. But nope its not break yet and neither it is study break. I still have one more paper on the 6th and two more presentations to come. But I just missed home and decided to come back. And also I have no place to stay for the weekend coz I had already moved out of MC.

Anyways, dad drove up from Melaka and helped me to move some things back to Melaka. Then, after lunch he brought both Sinren and I back to Melaka. So sweet of him rite???

Reached Melaka after I don't know how long coz I slept off. Woke up nie reached Melaka and stopped in front of dad's shop. I thought dad will bring Sinren home and then drop me at home ker apa. But he drove us both to the shop coz he said ma will fetch us back.

Manatau don't know why Mama was too sick to drive and asked me to drive. I couldn't coz I left my driving license with Li shan. (Will talk about this later) So I asked Sinren to drive us all back to my house and then we will go church together at …

I can't believe it!!!

Anyways, please do take the survey on the sidebar so that I can know how's my blog to you guys. One year blogging here d. Need to know what my readers think and try to improve.

Thanks ya!!!

Blogging from Mel's


Currently in Mel's house doing group study but...erm~ its obvious that I am not doing any studying at all. Hehehehe~

Miss symmetry strikes again!!!
One eye monster came too
Yes... I am damn lame. I don't have very long attention span so I do silly things like this to entertain myself before hitting the books again.

Anyways, enough of lameness (it seems like every post also got lame photos...haha~). Today we (Esther, Li Shan and I) went to Dataran Hamodal at Seksyen 13 for their warehouse sales. Damn excited can??? Coz I had not ever been to a warehouse sale. Damn sua-ku rite?

Actually we wanted to go for the Adidas and other sports apparel's warehouse sale but then there's not much things to buy. Actually got la but we damn poor so couldn't find anything to buy. Mel bought two tops from Puma and her family bought shoes or something.

So we went to the Guardian's warehouse sale section. I tell you... like pasar like that the people there. Macam tak pernah te…

Oh happy hols...


I'm blogging from my faculty's lobby. Damn pathetic right? Have to search for places to go alone. Feels like a beggar. Hehehehe~ But then... the line here is way better than the one at MC. So I don't mind all the fuss.

Next exam will be on 6th of May but I have no heart to start revising yet. Today at 5pm there will be a presentation for Music Education class. Damn sien. But think of what is to come after the class also happy. Hehehehehe~ Li Shan, Mel, Esther and I will be having dinner together and then shop at Midvalley. *Yay yay*

Anyways, the hols is gonna come and once again... ITS PLANNING TIME!!! Woots!!!

I had already planned a few (like I am damn free and got nothing to do) and here are some of the stuff that I had planned...

1. Learn to make chocolate desserts
The last hols I wanted to learn to bake some stuff but don't know its my luck ker apa... my oven broke down. T___T And mama didn't go and repair it until now.

I read in Li Shan's blog abou…

Quick updates before I go crazy


I haven't been blogging lately coz the finals are here. Damn stressed now. But gotta de-stress right? So I blog lor...

Actually I could blog everyday but coz unfortunately our MC's prepaid internet expired. *boo* I was able to blog today coz I'm at somebody's house. Hehehehehe~

Lately its all about studying and preparing for stupid presentations. So most of the photos today are just basically photos of me studying and bermati-mati wanna camwhore. ahhahahaha~
Preparing for Music App's presentation at Mel's
I'm not in Mel's group but because we need access to internet we went over to house to borrow her internet. Paiseh hor... Summore her mum so nice. And gal, the rice wine rocks man!!! Ask if ya mum can make one for me and I'll pay la of course...

The stupid presentation had caused me to sleep less than 6 hours per day. Coz we (our group consist of me, Esther and Shiu Li) don't know how to do it. And the resources are not enough. Damn keli…