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Hello 2017!!! (Two months late =.=)

I'm not gonna lie. I looked back to my last year's post *here* to see what the title was and then shamelessly copied the exact title. Please forgive the 9 months plus pregnant lady. Creative juices all given to Baby Z. Yes, that's the baby's name now. Can you guess what gender is the lil fella?

I know I'm two months late (or is it three?) to do this but better late than never no? (I feel like I say this all the time hehe 😁) It is that time of the year to review my 2016 resolutions and also reveal my 2017 ones. Honestly I am quite proud of myself for how well I did in last year's resolution. I didn't really tick off a lot of the resolutions but I made so much progress as compared to the years before where I barely did anything to make it work. I'm gonna give myself a big pat on the shoulder for being awesome last year 😊

Let's start of by talking about things I've done first...

OMG look at how thin I was pre-pregnancy!!!
I've finally taken m…