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Wedding + Sekinchan

I wasn't sure if I should post this up coz it happened more than a year ago but I look pretty in most of the photos. Soooo I decided to just post up as a filler post while I prepare another post hehe 😁

September 2017 Empties

In and out of the app for less than 10 minutes hahahah.
Update on my fixed eyeshadow
Eyeshadow is completely dried. Looks damn ugly but it's okay lah. As long as it's useable I'm good.
The Surgical spirit's scent is still there but not strong lah. You'll have to put your nose damn near only can smell it. For now the scent still doesn't bother me. Don't know how it'll be when I start using it.

On the right is a finger swatch while the left one is a brush swatch.  
Used it on my eyes today as inner corners and brow bone highlight. It works perfectly fine 😁 Same glittery white shadow that I love. There is no signs of the surgical spirit scent when I applied it. I asked my mum to smell my face after I applied my makeup and she said there's no scent as well.

I guess this experiment is a success. Now I can try to repress other powder products...especially the ones in my Project Pan. I'll do a full tutorial post when I have the time.

Update on …