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My On The Go Makeup Routine

Sooooo... this is what my usual daily makeup looks like. 
Sorry for the duckface. I don't know what was going through my mind when I took this 😅
I mean...This WAS what my usual daily makeup looks like. I had the full foundation, concealer, setting powder, bronzer, blush, highlight, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows and lippie on.

Project Pan Update #3

Nearly forgotten about updating Project Pan this month. Let me just talk about it while I watch Zyon down his milk.

1. The Balm Don't You Want Me Blush
Last month
This month
I've been using the blush fairly a lot recently. I think I've used it for the whole week. It's either I use it for the whole week or I don't use it at all. Sigh~ trouble with too many blushes #firstworldproblems 😅

Happy to see progress in it but not sure it'll be consistent. Just gonna try my best to use it whenever I can lah.

2. Elianto Eyeshadow in Resin Brown
Last month
This month
The pan is steadily getting larger and larger. Shiok!!! Even though I don't believe I can finish this in three months but I think I can at least finish half?

3. Benefit Browzings in Medium
Last month
This month
Previously there were not much progress for this. But nowwww look at that dip!!! The brow gel (left) is more than 1/4 gone. The powder (right) tho might take some time. But it's progressing…

Zyon: The Third and Fourth

I had to combine both months together coz I was getting too slow at updating 😒. I hope I won't be needing to combine months ever again. Really sorry 😐 Also I didn't take a pic of him during his 3rd month. Hence no 3rd month photo like the one above. Sighhhh... really need to put reminder.

Sisterhood Potrait Photoshoot

My church friends and I had been talking about taking 槐ćŠč照 (sisterhood portrait) for quite some time. Actually I wanted to do this during my wedding but I didn't allocate the budget earlier for this. So the plan was canceled. Then later on we saw this promotion done by an acquaintance (who owns a photo studio) for sisterhood portrait. We immediately went over to the studio to check out details of the sisterhood portrait package.

Even though we took the package with them, I do not recommend to take up the package (they still have the package without promotion right now) coz I had some bad experience with them. I won't be talking about my bad experience in specific details or the name of the studio coz the owner is an acquaintance. Let's just keep this as a wonderful memory of me taking photos with a bunch of my best friends 💓

So when we went over to check out the package, we also tried the gowns available. We want to make sure that there are gowns that could fit us and our…