Monday, February 24, 2014

A gathering very long ago

I don't know why I didn't blog this long time ago. This was so freaking long ago.

Anyways, before I start the post...I came to realize that all the Chinese in my gang are either engaged or married. So scary la wtf. We are all turning old. Our gang is officially an aunty gang wtf.

Ok now let's go into the post.

So last year Ann, Pei Li and I decided to go check out this new (new at that time la~) at Melaka Raya. It may sound easy for us in Melaka to hang out but actually don't. We only hang out if there's a special event or festivities. Its like no difference with the ones who are working in KL. I don't know why are we staying so near wtf.

The cafe that we went to was called Eggxtra

Ann and Pei Li

We spent the night chatting and also looking at books at the cafe. They had a corner with a bookshelf. We just took random books and take a look at them then proceed to laugh at stupid things in the books.

Don't know why during that time we were laughing like mad at these books. Now I see d...not funny also

Food time...

The food at Eggxtra is very disappointing. Nothing is nice la. Even the drinks.

Not need to ask. Won't be going back anytime soon.

Melaka has very limited place to hang out at night la. I hope more decent cafes would open. Halia Inc (another cafe) is okay but the food's quality is sometimes good sometimes bad. Need to hunt for more cafes

It is even more difficult for us to gather now that most of us are married. But I really hope we could at least go out together once a month la. Just for a short dinner or yamcha session. Plus Puff is now in Melaka and so is Vila. We should really hang out more and gossip about stuff that we used to back in high school. There's so many things to talk about.

Alright la. Just a short one today. I'll blog something else tomorrow hopefully.

Have a happy week everyone. I'm having a blast as of now.

See you guys in the next post.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Uni mates Reunion in KL: Day 2


So on the second day of our ex-housemates reunion gathering we went to Publika. You can read about first day *here*
It was my first time going to Publika so I was rather excited

We decided to grab brunch first before walking around. I've not been here so I let the rest decide what to eat. So they suggested to eat at Ben's Independent Grocer.

From their website (you can find out about them *here*), they said that Ben's Independent Grocer (or better known as BIG) is designed to look like a marketplace. Well you can see in the pic above it does look like a market/grocery shop. It was an awesome experience to shop there coz it really felt like an overseas marketplace that I've always seen on travel shows. I brought SR there a few days after our gathering (he was not there with us coz he was working) and he liked it there too.

They have a deli in BIG which is where we will be eating brunch

I took pics of only two drinks.

The one in the background is my oreo milk shake. Too watery. Tasted more like oreo milk.

The drink in the small pic is somebody's latte I think and the weird looking thingy, also in the small pic, is Chooi Yin's hotdog.

Food... mash potato with smoked ham (top left), roast whole chicken with side of button mushroom with barley (bottom left), can't remember what pie is that with some side I also tak ingat (top right) and last salmon quiche with the same button mushroom with barley (bottom right)

So coincidentally I was sitting with Shiu Li on both days of our gathering :)

With all the ladies

After brunch we started to exploring Publika. I'm all wide-eyed coz its too exciting for me.

I've heard people saying that its an artsy fartsy and quirky place. I kinda like quirky things so yeah very excited.

Its about time for them to leave (Chooi Yin and Esther had to head back to Perak) so we decided to take one last group photo together...

So sad to part with them. Don't know when's the next time we could all gather again. But I'm sure we could work it out la. Hehe~

Actually after lunch we had a gift exchanging thingy. We had this at UT (where we used to stay in KL) once and I remembered clearly I picked Shiu Li's present which was a necklace. Guess whose present did I pick?

I have two presents coz Shiu Li got each of us a Christmas gift. So paiseh... I didn't get anything for any of them. Don't worry girls. I won't forget this year.

Shiu Li got me some masks ^^

This is what I picked ^^

It is a scarf from Mango. I love it so much. It goes with so many of my outfits.

BTW this was bought by Chooi Yin.

I've got the gift bought by Chooi Yin. Chooi Yin got the gift bought by Shiu Li. Shiu Li got the gift bought by Esther and Esther got the gift bought by me.

I really don't know when we will meet again. We've actually set for another gathering but I don't know our organizer done with the planning edy or not. Probably not la coz she's "busy" for the moment :P

I'm so productive at blogging I'm so proud of myself. Hehe~

I don't know if I could have another post up by this week. There's no more pics that I've done editting for the moment. But I will try la.

I'll see you guys when I post up something then.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Lydia and Kong's Wedding: Morning Session

Another wedding post... there's so much wedding post I don't know which one to post up first. I have seriously reached the age where everyone is getting married. Not gonna lie I'm starting to get tired of going to weddings and posting up about weddings. I say that now but when I'm invited for a wedding, I'm excited all over again. Hehe~

Anyways, on December last year, one of my ji muis, Lydia at church got married and she asked me to be one of the jimuis. 

Can't remember exactly what time I woke up but its damn early la. Quickly dolled up and rushed to her place (coz I was kinda late already)

I've actually only drawn in my eyebrows, line my eyes and applied a bit concealer. The rest is the power of filters :P

Poor hubby woke up as early as I am and drove me to Lydia's house. Thanks ah neney <3

Reached the bride's house and quickly ask the bride to take pics with us (her group of jimuis from church). The groom is actually there already when SR and I arrived. We were not extremely late la in our defense. The groom came early.

Back: Shan Shan and her daughter, Ker Yin. Front (from left to right): Jacy, Lydia and I

Me and le lovely bride

The groom came up and played the gate crashing games with the rest of the jimuis that we weren't really familiar with (they are Lydia's colleagues from work). They asked us to stay inside with Lydia so we did la.

 This was the only pic I took of the gate crashing game. Too many people outside so can't even get a clear shot.

Back to the room and chatted with the bride

Er... I think I was posting up pics on FB at the pic above. LOL~

This bride got tired of waiting and started to squat and sit on the floor. Seems very familiar right? Coz I also got bored and squatted on the floor on my wedding. LOL~

Then it was our turn to kenakan the groom. He had to give us angpows before we would open the door for him to see Lydia.

Look! An angpow came in through the door!!!

Wah! RM100 for four of us in the room. Not bad la... But still we asked for more. Hehehe~

Then after much negotiation we let him in...

Chin Kong, the groom is reading the vow that the other jimuis had written for him to Lydia


Look at me and Jacy lol~ The most excited ones

After all that they had a short photography session for all those who were at Lydia's house. They were supposed to be doing the tea ceremony first but some relatives had not arrived yet. So photography session it is.

All the jimuis

All the hengdais and jimuis ^^

When they were having tea ceremony, I didn't have anything to do. The Ng family's little kids came over (coz they are related to Lydia) so I had a little fun taking selfies with them.

Bernice is currently obsessed with Frozen. She kept singing songs from Frozen and made fun of me coz I didn't watch it =/

I think she chose this snow effect coz of Frozen la...

She asked me to pose ugly...God, I really do look ugly hahahaha~

Shane decided to join us ^^

So handsome that day my godson. She just got his haircut <3

Shane was caught mid-sneezing. Haha so cute!!!

I cannot stand looking at this photo Hahahahaha~ Jayden is very fickle minded when it comes to taking pics. He walks away whenever he wants to when he decides he didn't want to be in a pic. He was actually trying to run away when Shane grabbed onto him and Bernice made/forced him to smile. Hahahahaha~ Seriously damn funny la.

My favorite pic coz Shane looked so cute!!! I asked everyone to act like a pig. Bernice refused to but just look at Shane!!! So darn cute la. He was actually snorting as he was posing. My baby is so so so damn cute!!!

Before we left for the groom's place (they rented a homestay here in Melaka as the groom's place coz Chin Kong is actually from Muar), all of us from church took one last pic with the bride and groom.

Arrived at the groom's place with the bridal car ^^

Lydia's cameraman asked all the jimuis to go into the room and take solo photos with Lydia and Chin Kong. Whee~ So nice... can take more photos :)

They had another tea ceremony at the groom's place and then lunch for all guests. While waiting for the lunch to begin...

HAhahahahahahaha~ There's a reason why I don't sleep in public... I know these people are going to take revenge for sure.

Lunch before we leave

Lydia gave each of the jimuis one corsage. So pretty right?

SR and I left earlier (not really early la coz most people left when we decided to leave) coz I had to rush to saloon. I had to get my fringe trimmed. As you can see it looked like shit in all the pics in this post. I seriously cannot live without my bangs.

I'll post up on the wedding ceremony and reception soon after I've done editing.

I'm not sure what I am going to post up next. Probably something from Christmas.

Alright I'll see you guys in the next post which is hopefully some day in this week.

See ya~



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