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How I Found Out That I'm Pregnant With Jigglypuff

[Sorry I published this so late. Pregnant ladies are unpredictable *ahem* excuses *ahem*]

So I've posted this on my FB...

Also I briefly talked about Jigglypuff (that's what SR and I had decided to name the little one for now hehe)'s this post *here* on my Dayre.

Update on Resolutions 2016: from March up until now

Sorry I've not updated on my resolutions for so damn long. I've had the draft for March-April but never published (>. >) Don't know what's wrong with me. Then I got very busy in the months after. When I was free...which is now, my laptop broke down (you might have know about it if you read my Dayre *here*). Anyways in case you've missed the January-February one *here* is the link. If you want to read all about my resolutions, click *here*.

Let's jump right into it. I'm expecting it to be a very long post since it's from March =/. So I'll try to talk less unrelated stuff *fingers crossed* You know how I can digress sometimes =P Sorry it will be without photos this time round coz I have not fully learned how to use my computer yet (> . >) I promise the next post will be filled with photos once I've learned how.


So it's August now...I'm sorry to tell you guys that I have not finished re…

Taipei, Taiwan 2014 Day 5: Shopping Day

I have not posted about the Taipei trip for sooooo long. Can't believe it was like two years back edy (> . >) I think I'll have to finish up all the posts ASAP la coz SR and I are planning to go back to Taiwan again soon. Not confirmed yet but we are definitely heading there either this year or the next.

This time round we are planning to head to Taichung 台中 as well. Seven days in two states...very huge states I must say... I don't know if it's doable using the free and easy style. For Taipei, it is easy coz the public transportation is rather convenient. As for Taichung, it will be slightly difficult to commute around. I need to do more research before deciding la.

Anyways, if any of you guys missed out my previous posts on this Taipei trip. You guys can click *here* and search under Taipei. All posts from Day 1 to Day 4 will be there.

Honestly I have forgotten almost everything from the trip but I'll try my best to put down whatever that I remember. So here…