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Moving, POTC and Zang Toi...


It's me again... You guys probably think I'm nuts coz I kept complaining that I have lots to do but I'm still sitting here blogging. Well, I need time off from all those work right? Or else I think I might lose my mind. Well, at least I cut down on viwawa today. Hehehehehe~

I have some sorta good news. I'll be moving away from MC next semester. *yayness!!!* I can move away from "India" now. Wheeeeee~ (For those who didn't already know, the place I live in now, better known as MC, is filled with Indians.)

Anyways, I will be moving to University Tower (UT), which is just across MC and maybe a kilometer away. But that kilometer away makes lots of difference. UT was much, much, much better compared to MC. How good it is? I will tell you later in other post lah... Coz this post is not to talk about that.

What to write in this post, actually I also don't know. That shows in the lack of creativity in the title. Hahahaahhah~

I don't know how…

Meet up with Vivian

Apart from being busy doing all the given assignments and blogging everyday, I picked up a new habit... well, its not a bad habit but its not a good habit either coz its highly addictive.

Lately, I had been viwawa-ing. I read about Viwawa first from Xiaxue's blog then I read about it again in Janice's blog. I thought it was some Mahjong website coz both of them said about playing Mahjong there. Well, I don't know shit about Mahjong so didn't care to check it out. But then thanks to Mel, who told me she had been viwawa-ing, asked me to check out the site and...good lah!!! now I'm addicted to it. Now I'm just taking a break off Sushidon and blogging here. Hahahahahaha~

Anyways, Vivian had been back to Singapore for don't know how long d but I haven't even posted up the photos of our meet-up. Hehehehheheheh~ *Sorry arh, cousin... too busy lah...*
Well, actually I met up with her twice when she comes to KL. But on the first meet-up, I was sorta shy coz I ha…