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Gathering With The Angs

Another of my backdated event coz I didn't have something new to post up this week 😶 I was about to put these pics into my HDD but I think it's too memorable not to post it up lah...since my cousin and her family only visit the rest of us once a year. So here it is.

So my cousin, Viv resides in Singapore with her hubby and three kids in Singapore. She seldom visits coz her husband, Eugene travels a lot for his work and she couldn't handle her kids without him. So she plans annual trip to KL to see us and the rest of the Wong family.

Last year, she took a trip down with Eugene and her her kids, Ezekiel and Elijah. Baby Penelope was still in her tummy at the time and Zyon was also in mine lolol.

Oh if you are wondering which one is Viv, she's the second one from the right beside the little kid who is her son, Ezekiel.

From left: SR, Wen Feng (SR's brother), Elijah (Viv's 2nd son), Eugene, Viv, Ezekiel, Beulah, Jeremy, Ebbie, Becky, Me (with Zyon as a bump lol)…

Nana Tay's 母鸡之夜

LOL So lame my title. It is literally Hen's Night direct translation to Chinese.

Another of my backdated post. This happened last year before Nana got married (like duh!). I decided to just post it up to clear photos in my storage.

For her Hen's, we did like a whole day thingy. Since not everyone is free for the whole day, we took turns to turn up for the various events we planned for her. I personally attended all lah coz I'm cool like that wtf. Actually too free lah hahahahahaa.

Zyon: The Second Month

I had to post up something while I try to recover the rest of my blogposts' photos. I'm already extremely delayed in posting up his monthly update. Better buck up or else he might turn one and I'm still on the third month wtf.