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After three months of hiatus, I'm finally back. Well, I was never really gone coz I was still blogging on my Dayre *here*.

So I'm just here today to tell you guys that I am back. Lappie is alive again and faster than ever. As for the internet connection, I'm not sure if it improved coz I haven't upgraded it yet. I haven't start uploading any pics yet so that's why. We'll find out when I start uploading la. Anyways, whether the internet connection is better or not, imma start blogging more often here.

I've also started vlogging and uploading it on my YouTube channel. Here's a snake peek of the vlog...
This is the latest one btw. While I'm typing on this post, I'm editing another which I think will be up today.
If you guys wanna watch moving version of my life, please subscribe to my channel, dookikiekookie. I ideally upload a vlog up every week. When it's not ideal, I take a few weeks to upload one hahaha.

Alright la. That's…