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Makeup Collection: Concealer

00:40| Just put Zyon down to sleep. Fuhhh~ still not an easy task. Need to pray for more patience and pray that Zyon continues to have a better sleeping pattern.

There are two things on my mind right now that are causing me to be awake at this time. Usually I'll konk once I put Zyon down to sleep. But now I just couldn't.

1) Mum said that she needs to head out tomorrow for about half a day. I'll need to juggle working and taking care of Zyon on my own. Stress!!! I've been taking care of him on my own for a couple of hours for few times d when mum went out for her medical checkups. Couple of hours I think I could manage quite well d. Half day? I don't know if I could. But sooner or later I have to learn to do it lah. So now is a good time to learn. Again I need to pray for strength, patience and guidance.

2) I've been bothered by a dream that I had last night. I wanted to talk about it but I'm not sure if I should be so open right here on this pl…

Mini Haul| Beauty News

Vaccination and checkup over~
He cried this time during jab. Damn weird lah this boy. Sometimes cry, sometimes damn brave. Then he was pretty fussy and clingy. But as of now, no fever. Let's hope he'll be fine the whole day. Probably be difficult to take care of today 💪🏼

Btw I always post pics of him damn close coz he likes to look at himself through the front camera. So I'll take one photo of him each day while entertaining him for awhile hehe.

Small haul from Hermo
I won a RM5 voucher them during their 612 celebration. It was going to be expired last week. I quickly picked two things up and used up the voucher.

Like I said I only bought two items...which are both makeup. Got enough skincare the last time. So this time makeup pulak.

First up, from Eglips.
Got their Blur Powder Pact coz that's their most popular product. Apparently this really does blur out your pores like magic. I'm super excited to try it coz my pores are such a sore eye to me.

How it…