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Yun Ying and Yiing Siing's birthday celebration

Fui~ Uploading photos for this post is damn tiring. I had been doing it the whole day ok? There's like 100+ photos man... Damn tiring.

Just gonna show photos and captions.

On the way to Mel mel's houseI like this photo coz I think I looked gorgeous

Wahahahaaha~ shameless me...

Li Shan, a don't know why looking so sepet me and YY, who doesn't know that we were having a birthday celebration for her

Yiing Siing and her thought that we were having an after exam gathering.

Mel's house
This is how I look when I sleep

And of course this is a fake... One of the many faces i do to entertain people. @_@

Mel's dog

99 Steaks and Chops

Blogged about the food there before *click* . The other time I forgot the name of the shop but now I remember d. Wahahahahaha~ And its situated at TTDI, behind KFC.

Those who went:

The birthday girls


She just dyed her hair

Yer... make me wanna dye my hair also. Can't wait to go highlight my hair!!!

Sorry I looked awful. Coz I didn't plan to attend the birthday celebration coz I'm not comfortable with some of the people. But for the sake of my YY, I went. And I was totally not dressed for the event. Summore one big pimple grew on my chin. T____T

I will especially make a point when I look great on any of the photos coz its gonna be rare.

The food and drinks:

Only Li Shan and Yiing Siing ordered hot and the rest ordered cold.

Yun Ying, Kai Sien and I ordered this

Yiing Siing's

I forgot how to spell spaghetti and i lazy wanna look up in dictionary. Somebody tell me whether I spelt it correctly or not.
Sze Ying's

Sam, Su Yin and Li Shan ordered this


It was not cooked at the edges at first. But it was still as tasty. Can't blame them la. There was so many orders coming in suddenly.

What I love bout 99 Steaks and Chops is that they are so cheap, comes in big size and is damn tasty.
I don't know who ordered this

People with their food:

Li Shan kacauing my solo shot

The two birthday girls didn't know that we were celebrating their birthdays even till we finished the dinner. When they finished and the waiter brought the cake, then only they found out.

Look how happy they were

Especially Yiing siing. Smile until can't even see her eyes.
The Cake

Didn't upload the "Happy Birthday" video coz line too slow.

Totally joking

They both only had one wish for the moment... passing the hearing.

blowing candles

YY blew twice coz she was 22. Hahahahah~
Instead of asking them to pick candles with their teeth, they have to put cream on their faces

Samuel made them put the flower in their mouthes

Group pic
I look decent in this photo, don't I?
Wiping off the cream

What happened to the cake after the "makeup" session

Cutting the cake

We got them Parker pens with their names engraved on it

This is Yun Ying's

Didn't take Yiing Siing's one. Coz er... didn't take from her la..

The cake was double flavored. Half was pandan, the other was yam. I preferred the yam one coz the pandan was quite tasteless.

The three photos are almost the same but Su yin's expression for each is damn funny.

Look at how dramatic Sze Ying looked eating her cake

Somebody's lame idea to toast with the cake

It was so lame I had a weird look on my face

So lame some more must take so many photos of it

Hehe... Li Shan calls me Miss D in her blog

Me likey this photo coz I look damn good

Nono, I like this photo the best coz I looked freaking good

Maybe its because I'm surrounded by my good mates. :)
My host for two weeks: Love you girl

Counting money to pay the bill

After the dinner, we went to Cineleisure to waste the night away. How productive is that??? LOL
Lining up to enter the lift

My stupid idea -_-lll

Lift shot

Toilet shot

I look like some sort of "ah sam" right?


There's this shop they spent an hour in it. Not that the shop damn big but they just kept digging for cheap stuff to buy. Erm... the "they" included me.

They bought earrings

All tried sunglasses but none bought

Except me

A step closer of being Paris Hilton. Wahahahah~
Bought a bag too

Forgot to take the photo. Will post it when I took one of it.
Things that I bought

I bought:
-a sunglasses
-a bag/pouch
-a new shade of nail polish
Got too bored

Li Shan went to get a drink while waiting for them. She had Banana Rhumba which was damn good. Pure banana taste.

YY joining in the boredom group

Finally when they got out, Sam, Kai Sien, Sze Ying and Yiing Siing decided to go and catch a movie. The rest of us tagged along to take photos outside the cineplex. Coz I heard that the decorations outside of the cineplex are quite nice to take photos.
Like this one

I took a photo of me with the car. Looking like the car banged me. But it came out blur. That's the prob with my camera. Don't work well under bad lighting.

I really missed being a blonde seeing Li Shan's hair. T___T

Blur but I think I looked nice


Standing beside her really made my self-esteem go rock bottom. So I had to cover my disastrous pimple. Thank god I looked good.

I wanted to take photo with each and everyone alone. But no one understood me coz when I was taking a photo with Samuel, all rushed over.
Saw this Prince Caspian's backdrop with a fake throne at a corner and started to mess around with it.

Too many photos of other people. So I deleted some of them. No points for those who guessed whose got deleted.

Looked like people from some sort of Wax Museum

Ah!!! I looked horrible!!!

*insert ugliest flower on earth's name here* among the roses

Then we went to play with the Wall-e's backdrop pulak

Didn't take with the Kungfu Panda coz I was MIA somewhere else

When the rest of them went into the cinema, we decided to leave already. Coz it was already very late.

But it didn't stop us from stopping at the Eastern Park to take some photos. Erm... I forgot the name of that place. Is it called Eastern Park??? Hmmm~
I kacau-ing in other people's shot


Both photos had half of Li Shan. But the one with her whole self, I looked like fuck. Hahahaha~

Some tin soldier on The Street

As we were passing by the stage at The Curve, we saw some rehearsals going on. Mel said it was some Charity concert that will be held on Friday. And guess who we saw???

We waited to hear her sing but she didn't. Instead some kids did some ballet and the String Quartet played Canon in D.

I even recorded the kids' ballet rehearsals just to finish up the camera's battery. But didn't upload coz... you guys probably already know the reason.

On the way home

Didn't take Melisa's photo coz she probably died of shock with the flash suddenly blinking bside her. Some more she strongly forbid candid photos. Hahahah~ For once I listened to her. But dear, same thing I'm gonna say. Everyone looks good in candid. Even you... Coz its the most natural look. *That was another Dorcas' Theory...brought to you by...Dorcas Pang* (This is how my boyfriend would say when I say something very theorectically. Wahahahahahah~)
That was it. All the photos. Fui~ took one whole day to upload photos and two days to blog about it. Pengsan.
Now you know why I don't put dates on my posts. Coz I don't know when I can publish them. And when I publish them, it won't be on time like it was stated. @_@
Reminder: Never take too many photos of an event. And never take too much photos of other people. Especially those that you don't adore so much.
Anyways, even though I didn't really wanna stay with some of the people in the crowd, I had some fun hanging out with the people I love. Thanks Mel for planning it. It was really great. Let's go out more often. Without those other people??? -_<

Ok lah.. Gotta go. Will blog tomorrow... Tata
I wanted to bring the whole pot home. But they stopped me coz they don't wanna have a friend in jail being accused of flowerpot-stealing. ^_^