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April - July '18 Empties

I haven't update an empties for god knows how long 😒 This post is going to be super duper long coz I've accumulated so many products over the few months.

Let's jump right into it...
First up, this cleanser
I've not changed my cleanser for many years coz I was afraid that changing my cleanser would cause breakouts. But this one is very similar to the one that I've been using. No breakouts or tightness after using it. It's a mild gel cleanser with no fragrance added. Even though it's called Good Morning gel cleanser, it can be used morning and night. No idea to why they put "good morning" in the name lah tbh.

I'm planning to repurchase this when I finish the cleanser that I'm currently using and I think it's going to be my go to cleanser from now on. Best thing is Cosrx is cruelty free so I don't have to look for a cleanser to replace this one.

Next we have this one from Daiso which is a holy grain of many. Nothing much to say abou…

Throwback Thursday: Friends Gathering

Last week's throwback thursday was on a gathering with my cousins while this week Imma talk about the multiple gatherings that I had with my friends.

Please excuse how haggard I look. I remembered being super tired that day but promised to meet up with my friends so went out.

Super miss Racha Cafe, the cafe we met up at. It's a Thai cafe that SR and I frequent that the workers even recognized us and Zyon. They are closed at the moment coz of staff shortage. Damn sad lah. Can never find a better Thai restaurant than this.

Zyon used to be able to sleep anywhere we brought him. Just throw him into his car seat and after awhile he'll sleep off. So we could hang out till late. But now he will either hang out with us till late or if we really want him to sleep early, we'll leave him at home.

Falling asleep
Finally slept
Thanks to Trina for these pics. Super cute especially the one of Zyon with SR. SR loves it so much that he considered printing it out and put it on his work…

Christmas Celebrations 2017

The other day I did a Throwback Thursday post on the Christmas Carol event (link *here*) in 2017. Today Imma post up all the pics taken during our Christmas celebrations.

Let's begin with Christmas Eve...

As usual Christmas Eve is the day I rushed to wrap all the Christmas presents for my jimuis. But last year I was smart enough to buy these gift bags from Daiso to save me from all the wrapping muahaha.

Jacy and I were in-charged of the reception area that night. When there were no people, we took multiple selfies to entertain ourselves.

Then Fu Yong Rou came around to join us for a selfie
Then Seow Wei came along and we had to use the Line camera to add some cuteness into our life hahaha

Line camera with ma jimuis 💕
There was a photobooth behind our registration counter. We made good use of the good lighting at the booth by taking a few photos there.

Joyce and I got lame while waiting for the Christmas Eve celebration to start

Best pic of us so far 😂
Then my darling was…