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Project Pan 2018 Update #2

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Photo Dump 2018 #2

As promised a new photo dump post 😬

For now I'm planning to do one at least once a month. If I'm hardworking and consistent enough in the future, I'll do it once a week.

This was quite long May. Couldn't put it in a throwback post coz I only have a couple of photos. So here it is.

I love Big Bad Wolf coz I get to buy lots of books with very affordable price. I always ended up with a whole basket of books each year I go. But I haven't got time to read them all. So I have so many unread books on my book cupboard right now.

This time I practiced self control and only got one book for myself.

Everyone who saw the book that I bought was like 😅 but yeah, I'm a big Avengers fan so I had to get this book to learn about them. By the time I finish this book I'll be a pro when the fourth movie is out.

Bought all these books for Zyon instead. Glad that I bought it coz he enjoys all these books a lot and "read" them (or asked me to read them to him…