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Photo Dump 2018 #8

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One Week One Palette: Canmake Perfect Multi Eyes in Antique Terracotta

It's been awhile since I did a post on this series. December is really a crazy month this year.

The last time I've talked about a Canmake palette which I didn't really like. For this post, it's going to be another Canmake palette. Let's see if I prefer this than the one before.

This is Canmake's Perfect Multi Eyes in 03 Antique Terracotta
Like the previous palette, there is no shade names. So I labelled it with numbers
All shades are in matte finish
The palette is described as a palette with...
reddish terracotta brown... great for creating stylish eyes with depth
This I would have to agree coz all the looks I've created for the week made me look as tho I have deep set of eyes. Let's see if you guys agree with me as I show you guys the looks that I've done.

Day One

This is probably my favorite look for the week. I love it so much that I'm using it as my profile pic for almost all my social media hehe.

Shades used:

Day Two

Shades used:

Day Three

CNY Day One

LOL this is so embarassing. It's going to be Christmas but here I am blogging about CNY. I better quickly post up all CNY photos before the next CNY comes again hahaha.

I don't remember how many months Zyon is already but he looks so much like a baby then. He was even in his baby car seat. Nowadays he looks so mature (for his age) but when he sleeps, he looks a little like a baby... a super long baby haha.

He woke up pretty early coz I guess he was excited that we were all rushing around. Or is it coz we were too noisy getting ready? So on the way out he slept off again. How I wish this would happen now. I wish the times when he had two naps. At least I had more time to do my own things when he had two naps. Now I had to squeeze all my things to his one nap 😕

Ermagggedddd I look so fat during the last CNY 😱 I definitely lost a lot over the past few months. Hopefully next year's CNY I'll look better than I did this year.

On the first day, the first thing that …