Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last filler post of 2013: Past Weekend

Omg I've forgotten to save my post while typing. My iPad's battery died and I lost an entire post that I've almost finished. Damn mad now!!!

Anyways, I'll just type everything again la. :(((

Today is the last day of 2013. I had to post the last post of the year no matter what. I know I still have tones of posts pending but that will have to be done next year d. Tak sempat.

Btw I'm back in Melaka...since Saturday. For today's filler post I'll just talk about what happened last weekend la. 

I went to SR's workplace last Saturday before we returned to Melaka. He had to do OT and so we packed everything to his workplace then left KL from there.

It was nice to go to his workplace. I got to know his working environment and how he works and how he is when he works (as you can see from the pic above...it's not a good sight >.>).

His workplace is of course not opened to public. I'm actually not allowed there. But since it's a Saturday, less people are there... I was able to sneak in. I spent the time I was there (8:30am-1:30pm) playing Hay Day and on Pinterest. But because I had very little sleep the night before (I slept at 3am and woke up at 6:45am), I slept about half the time I was there.

We left KL at around 3pm and only reached Melaka at 6pm. The jam at Nilai to Seremban was no joke. Also SR went to take a nap at an R&R coz he also slept at 3am the night before.

Upon returning home, mum gave me this...
Present from my Secret Santa

We had a Secret Santa project every year at church during the Christmas Eve celebration. This year we brought forward the project coz many of us were not around  on Christmas Eve. But I was not around when they exchanged the gift. So I asked my mother to get my present for me.

And this is what my secret Santa got me...
A wireless mouse -.-

I don't mind getting a mouse la... Since my mouse is a bit faulty. At least take off the price tag la darling. Hahahahah

Anyways, my secret Santa was Ah Teck. Hahaha~ bloody fool. What stupid present is this? And I thought he was my best friend. Super sad lor.

Btw I'm also his secret Santa. Hahahah~ do you know what's another coincidence thing? I also forgotten to remove the price tag for his present. Hahaha~

At night we went to Portuguese Settlement to attend SR's supervisor's (Shareen) open house. It was actually an event to celebrate another supervisor's (Shareen's bf, Alvin)birthday.

No pics of the open house coz we were busy eating and talking. But after we went walking around to see the lights decorations.

Sunday morning we went to church as usual. The unusual thing was Shane was extra clingy and close to me.

He usually doesn't let people take pics of him but on Sunday he asked me to take a pic of him (the one on the left). The one on the right was taken by him. Hehe~

At night SR and I went to his exhousemate's wedding dinner at Gemas.

#fotd and #hotd for the wedding dinner

The journey to Gemas was about an hour plus. I must say it was the scariest hour of my life. The road was so winding. I nearly wanna puke my guts out. Plus the bloody GPS kept bringing us to kampung roads that are even more winding than the normal roads. 

By the time I reached there I was half dead.

But when we reached there... We were shocked to find out that we were actually slightly over dressed O.O

Everyone literally didn't dress up for the wedding dinner. Super laid back. Some uncles were even in shorts. O.O

But then again this is at a quite kampung place. I should have known not to wear something too grand. Just a normal dress will do. I'm so embarrassed that I worn a little more grand than the bride's mum. >.>

Another one of us

Congrats to Min Keat and Alicia :)

The road back is even more scarier. It was dark and winding. All I did along the way home was pray and sing Christian songs. Super scary can? I never wanna go to Gemas ever again.

Well that was the end my update about the last weekend.

It's actually 2014 now. I've blogged past a year lol.


If any man be in Christ he is a new creation; the old has gone by and the new has come ~2 Corinthians 5:17

May you all have a wonderful year ahead. Throw out the old and welcome everything new.

I hope you guys will continue to read dookiekookie and like it. I hope to blog in time in 2014 but we all know it's no possible la.

Alright la. I'll see you guys in the next post.

Happy 2014!!!


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Janie and Hin Zai's wedding

After staying here for a week I've learn to know when hubby's housemates are awake or back from work. Whenever the line is messed up and I couldn't go online smoothly...it's means they are awake/back from work. 

It's a bit frustrating la. Coz like when I'm watching a video/show on YouTube, then suddenly it refuses to load. Have to stop halfway. Super sien right? But I've my solutions la. Whenever nothing can load on my iPad or iPhone, I would just watch drama from QVOD player. Don't know why that's the only thing that could work since it also requires internet connection. Can watch super smooth summore. Damn shiok. Btw I'm watching Bel Ami at the moment. Anyone also watching that? Can't decide if I like it yet since I'm only on episode 2.

Ok after much grandmother storying, I'm gonna start today's post. 

I actually started my stay in KL on the 21st. Coz I had to attend my ex-roomie's wedding. Had to come la...no matter how busy I am. She slept with me for two years neh (that sounded so wrong) plus she also came for my wedding. If I don't come ah, seriously 不够朋友.

Jane and Jin Hin actually started dating when we were staying at MC (Millenium Court...which was an apartment behind our uni. Now taken over by Mahsa College d). So I was like sort of there when they first started and now I'm a able to see the both of them tying the knot... So happy.

This is me on the way to KL from Melaka

We left Melaka at around 4. I told SR I'm just gonna sleep for awhile and then start putting on my makeup (we were going to the dinner directly from Melaka). But I couldn't fall asleep. At around 5 nie I slept off and woke up at 6 something. Sky was about to get dark and I haven't put on any makeup :/

But thanks to the street lights I managed to do it la. You can judge but the pics later on whether I did a good job or not.

So how? Not bad right my makeup? Doesn't look cacat or anything right? Yay! I've mastered the art of doing my makeup in the car with only streetlights.

Anyways, just look at these two pics and see how different SR look with and without smiling. So cute right when he smiles? Don't know why he thinks his smile is ugly.

Didn't take pics of the food coz malas la... Also there were people that we didn't know. But the food damn good la. Everything was very fresh. Highly recommend those who are getting married in KL to have your dinner at Superextratanker (don't know if I'm supposed to stick all the words together or space it out. The name is a bit confusing)  Restaurant.

This was taken during their procession

Damn pretty la Janie... Not that she wasn't pretty before :p Jin Hin also lost a lot of weight. Totally didn't expect it coz six months ago during my wedding he was still very chubby. SR needs to learn a thing or two from him about losing weight la.

This was during their second procession and Jane changed into another gown

They did a duet of 你最珍贵 (a popular Chinese songs that people sing during weddings). I'll update the video snippet of their duet when I get back to Melaka la coz I don't know how to post it using this app :p

Sorry only 15 secs coz I recorded using instagram

That's basically all about the wedding la. Coz I've only attended the dinner so there's nothing much I could talk about.

But I'm glad with this opportunity Ia coz I was able to meet a bunch of my ex uni mates. Or else I don't know when I can meet them again.

Mel was on the same table with me :)

She will be moving to Penang after this. Lagi susah wanna meet her. Maybe during her wedding nie can see her d.

Emma was also on the same table

I was actually quite shock to find out that she's doing a sales based job. She's like the very soft spoken type. Really didn't expect she would do something like sales. People really change overtime huh?

The girl beside Mel is someone from UM as well. Very familiar but don't know where I've seen her before. Sorry if I'm supposed to know you.

 Shareen and Boon Hui from the table beside us :)

Kai Sien, Suyin and Yiing Siing (from top to bottom)... All from another table

The whole bunch from UM music faculty

With these two pics we could see the difference between an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 5's camera.  :/ never mind la... My phone might suck but my dslr is awesome :p

 Pic with le bride and groom

Pic with my roomie and her spouse <3

We left right after the wedding coz both of us were really tired. Sinren drove all the way up without any rest. So we rushed back home to sleep.

On the way back to our place :)

Alright that was it. Just a short but definitely memorable one :)

Anyways I've actually delayed a few days to finish this post. Now I'm actually at SR's work place waiting for him to finish his half day work then we're heading back to Melaka.

I think later we need to get some really strong coffee coz the both of us didn't get enough sleep last night. We went to watch Police Story 2013 (which was crappy. Don't watch it) then got home at 2am to pack our stuff. Woke up at 7am and I'm feeling half dead now. I bet SR is feeling the same. Must make sure he is fit to drive later.

Ok la... I wanna go nap a bit.

See you guys when I get back to Melaka la I guess. 


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013: Christmas Eve in KL


Hello there...

Currently I'm trying to see if I could blog using le iPad (downloaded the app in my iPad). If I am successful, I could post up what I've been doing in KL for the past few days. No need to wait till I get back coz all photos are in my iPhone and iPad.

Btw how was you guys' Christmas holiday? It was erm... I'll talk about it soon la. For today I'll post up about the eve first.

This is the first time I'm celebrating Christmas away from home. I was excited but at the same time damn sad not being able to spend it with the crazy bunch. If only I could have all of them here or Sineen back in Melaka with me during Christmas. But well, we can't have everything perfect la right?

So le hubby finished work at 7pm on 24th. When he reached home, it was about 8. Then get ready and all that... We could only reach wherever we plan to go at around 9 or 10. Plus it might be quite jam. So we decided to go to Paradigm Mall which was just few minutes away from our place. The makan area open until quite late and after dinner we could chill out at the open area for a bit.

Hello! :)

Hello from him too :)

Omg it's so rare that he smiles. You guys could consider buying lottery la...

We were dining at...
Yeap... Chili's

It was our first time dining at Chili's.

Heard many of our friends say that the food at Chili's is awesome but never got to try it when I was studying in KL. Four years after I've left, I finally got a chance.

More pics of us before the food comes...

Omg have I told you guys 美颜相机 📷 is the best photography app ever?

Look so pretty without much effort needed. Even without makeup also damn nice. But then i had makeup on la actually...just light makeup nie.

This fella is forever candy crushing -.- 

I think his date for the night is his iPad and not his wife -.-

Foodie time...
This is what we had

Top row (left to right): ice lemon tea large...which was massive but still we had one refill (it was bottomless= cheapo's favorite deal lol), Sinren's chicken crispers

Bottom row: mash potato with black pepper gravy, my trio fajitas

What our friends said were true. Everything was yummy. SR's chicken was super crispy and when dipped in the mustard sauce, it was just heavenly. The gravy on the mash potato may not look black but had a super strong black pepper taste. But thank god it wasn't too spicy that I couldn't take it. My trio fajitas came with beef, chicken and prawns (also with tortillas and the spreads). Super good. I barely shared with SR coz it was too good to be shared with my spouse wtf.

We wanted to have desserts at first but after eating, we changed our minds. Too stuffed d.

Instead of hanging out, we decided to go check GSC (cinema) if we could catch a movie. But unfortunately the movies that we wanted to see were full or only left with first row. So we ended up heading home.

Went to Speedmart (something similar to 7-11) and got a bottle of Tiger beer

We did a little countdown of our own while listening to Christmas songs on YouTube.

I had a little voice conversation with my church friends back in Melaka (using wechat) and they were all counting down at Mori. That's where I always countdown with them if I'm at Melaka. Damn sad la couldn't countdown with them this year. Next year I'll celebrate back at home la. Dump SR here alone :p 

Anyways, we talked and listened to songs until around 3am then decided to go to sleep d.

This was taken after we've done count downing by ourselves

Well that was my Christmas Eve. Different from the years before (you could search the achieve for how I've celebrated last time). A more quiet and less crazy way. I like it but would still prefer the craziness I have with my church gang.

It's 3:34am right now and I've not slept yet coz I've slept too much during the afternoon >.> Tu lah... Too bored punye pasal.

But I think I should hit the sack la. Or else tomorrow don't know what time I will wake up... But it's not like I've got anything to do apart from laundry -.- #theboringlifeofanaunty

Ok la... Seems like I've successfully blogged using the app. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to blog about these past few days before I return to Melaka. Yay found things to do d for tomorrow and the day after.

Ok la... I really have to sleep now. See you guys in the next post.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Of wedding band...

Hello there...

Its been a real long time. Don't worry I am not abandoning this blog. I just haven't got the time to arrange, edit and upload my photos. This week on I'll be free dy so I'll have more time for blogging. Really sorry for all the slacking. I hope you guys are glad that I'm back just as much as I am happy to back to blogging.

Next week I'll be going to KL to stay with le husband for a week. But... don't worry. I'll be bringing my laptop along with me. SR will be working and he asked me to look for things to do while he is working. So I thought I'll just bring the laptop up to KL and post up all overdue posts.

Today I'm just gonna post a random filler post.

So I've been in this wedding band, Blue Wave Band for a year now. I've talked about it when I first started last year *here* You can read about it.

This year I've slightly more gigs than I had last year. Last year I had only one gig and this year I had four. Not really a lot but I was glad there was improvement. In addition to that, I've been also getting some personal gigs (outside of Blue Wave). About three people called to inquire but only one jadi. The rest tak jadi but at least word is getting out  Hopefully next year I will get more gigs...whether on my own or with the band.

I've learned a lot about performing in this year. I've finally got over my stage fright...erm~ I think I did la. I've learned how to be spontaneous and able to make changes on the spot if something suddenly happens. The only thing that I wished I could improve in the year to come would be improving my memory. I can't play by memory to save my life. Also I hope I can do improvisations on the spot. I've seen other musicians in my band who are very good at improvising. I can only play what was on the score. Can't make things up with my head. Sigh~ Still a lot of space to improve.

Enough of wordy stuff. Now for some pics from all my performances (with Blue Wave band) this year.

The first performance was in September. The wedding was held at Tropicana Grand Ballroom (they changed the name of the ballroom but I couldn't remember the new name). The groom and bride must have a special love for Beauty and The Beast coz they specifically chose Beauty and The Beast as their procession music. They also used Be Our Guest for their dinner presentation music.


Especially love the lippie/tint I borrowed from Jacy. Don't know what's the name but it is from L'oreal.

A pic of me before applying the L'oreal lippie/tint. So different right?

Was contemplating to get it but I have too many tints. Better get it when I run out la.

I have this super serious face everytime I perform. Everyone kept asking me why I looked pissed while performing. T^T I'm not pissed. I don't know why I look like that when I concentrate. My boss kept asking me to smile but all my performing pics look like that  :(((((

BTW this dress is one of my favorite dresses in my wardrobe. The dress is from a boutique which closed down recently -.-

The second gig was in Bukit Gambir, Johor. This is the first gig that I've done outside Melaka. Good thing is I get higher pay :P Bad thing is I've never been to Bukit Gambir and neither has SR. So we were like just depending on the GPS to get there. Kinda scary. But we made it there on time. Thank God.

Anyways, this gig was a wedding luncheon. It was a good thing as well coz I don't think we will be able to get there at night. The roads were like kampung roads with no lights. Super easy to get lost.

On the way to Bukit Gambir  and this was my fotd. Sorry I couldn't list down the things I've used coz its been too long.

Halfway on the way I came to realize that I didn't shape my brows and draw it in -.-

A lot pics of me to make up for all the lost over the weeks. LOL~

SR had been going to all my gigs with me coz he had nothing to do during the weekends. If he doesn't follow me, he'll probably just sleep the day away. Might as well do somehting meaningful like be my driver :P

Got there and was done with rehearsal

I told SR this was my 女神 (goddess) pose. He showed me this -.- and gave me a thumbs up. Hahahahaha~

I was wearing a purple maxi dress from ISOIS Dataran Pahlawan...which is the same one I wore on Siew Ling's wedding

There's the pissed faced again :/

The third one was in November and at LTP Malim (in Melaka).

Decided to wear a cheongsam coz I felt Chinese wtf. Cheongsam is from ISOIS Dataran Pahlawan

FOTD for that day

Look!!! Its my driver driving again :P

My boss took a not bad shot arh... hehe~

The most recent gig I had (It was in November btw) was at Tropicana Grand Ballroom again. I didn't have to perform during the wedding but at the reception area for 45 minutes. The bride and groom wanted to have some background music at the reception area it seems. Kinda weird request but I still did it la.

I was paired with Wayne that day. Like I said last year, he was damn geng la. Can do improvisation so well.

BTW I was wearing a black maxi dress from this boutique which had closed down >.>

Also please ignored the caption and the date on the pic. It was a default caption from the photo editing app I used. Don't know why the date is 16/12. Damn weird.

 I should really learn to smile while performing coz in all my pics I looked pissed lol

The last gig was actually my friend, Pei Yee's brother's wedding. So ngam got to meet my high school mate during work. So happy :)

Well, that was all for this year. You guys must be wondering why my work only started at the end of the year right? During January to March, there was no gigs. Usually people doesn't get married at the beginning of the year I guess (but why are two of my besties getting married in January next year???). Then I was on break preparing for my wedding in April to May. Then there's the Chinese Hungry Ghost Month...so nobody got married then. Have to wait till the Ghost Month ended (which is in September) then only got jobs for me.

Hopefully I'll get more gigs next year. I've already got one booked in March :) Looking forward to more.

I really hope I can improve and be better at performing. Then people will feel like it was worth what they had paid for.

Ok la. I've to go sleep dy. Very tired today. Next time I'll tell you guys more about other gigs I've done on my own and another band that I'll be working with next year.

In the next post I'm going to post about our honeymoon. Pics editing are done. ^^

See you guys then.



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