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Zyon: 15-18 months

I've been waiting for Zyon to turn 1.5 years old so I could post this up but when he reached that, I nearly forgotten to post it wtf. Quickly post this up before he turns 19 months 😁

For previous posts, you already know I'm gonna link them here for you guys to read it 😁😁 first month | second month | third- forth month | fifth- eleventh month | twelfth- fourteenth month

Again, everything is not in chronological order. I just post up whatever that I found in my computer or phone. Let's just sit back and read on about how Zyon has changed over the last three months till now.

We've been bringing Zyon out to various playground/play area. He's been experiencing lots of new stuff at all these places. For example...
He got into his first ball pit
He didn't like it at first but later on he kind of got used to it and was able to play comfortably. I think he's still not a fan of it. He just went in to play when I asked him to. He won't do it on his own when no…

Muo 2D1N

I've mentioned that I went to Muar with my jimui, Jacy and mum for a short getaway two weeks ago. 新鲜热辣辣 quickly gonna blog about it.

When I mentioned to my friend, Sheena, that I'll be going to Muar for a two days one night trip, she immediately recommended two accommodation options. I went on FB to check out both places and finally decided on Muo Resort. You guys can check out their FB page *here* and you'll know why I decided on it. I think it's a very cool resort in the middle of no where that is great for friends gathering and also family getaway.

I've totally forgotten to take pics of the resort's surrounding. You can check out their FB for all the pics tho. But here are some room tour videos that I've took...

After checking in, we chilled for a bit coz we were waiting for our Muar tour guide to come over and bring us for dinner.

Jacy chilled with her new found friend lolol
I really love this orang utan soft toy from IKEA man. I'm gonna get it the…