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Oh happy hols...


I'm blogging from my faculty's lobby. Damn pathetic right? Have to search for places to go alone. Feels like a beggar. Hehehehe~ But then... the line here is way better than the one at MC. So I don't mind all the fuss.

Next exam will be on 6th of May but I have no heart to start revising yet. Today at 5pm there will be a presentation for Music Education class. Damn sien. But think of what is to come after the class also happy. Hehehehehe~ Li Shan, Mel, Esther and I will be having dinner together and then shop at Midvalley. *Yay yay*

Anyways, the hols is gonna come and once again... ITS PLANNING TIME!!! Woots!!!

I had already planned a few (like I am damn free and got nothing to do) and here are some of the stuff that I had planned...

1. Learn to make chocolate desserts
The last hols I wanted to learn to bake some stuff but don't know its my luck ker apa... my oven broke down. T___T And mama didn't go and repair it until now.

I read in Li Shan's blog abou…

Quick updates before I go crazy


I haven't been blogging lately coz the finals are here. Damn stressed now. But gotta de-stress right? So I blog lor...

Actually I could blog everyday but coz unfortunately our MC's prepaid internet expired. *boo* I was able to blog today coz I'm at somebody's house. Hehehehehe~

Lately its all about studying and preparing for stupid presentations. So most of the photos today are just basically photos of me studying and bermati-mati wanna camwhore. ahhahahaha~
Preparing for Music App's presentation at Mel's
I'm not in Mel's group but because we need access to internet we went over to house to borrow her internet. Paiseh hor... Summore her mum so nice. And gal, the rice wine rocks man!!! Ask if ya mum can make one for me and I'll pay la of course...

The stupid presentation had caused me to sleep less than 6 hours per day. Coz we (our group consist of me, Esther and Shiu Li) don't know how to do it. And the resources are not enough. Damn keli…

Your blogger is busy at the moment...come back later...

Ok that was a joke...

Please don't leave and read on coz more lameness strikes in my life. Hahahahahahah~

Actually I am currently still busy with stupid presentations that will end...don't know when. T___T Damn sad ok??? So restless but still have to keep holding on till the end coz the marks given for these presentations are damn high. *sings Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne* -__-lll

But...even though I am busy, I have some photos which I had not posted them up sooner. No time to talk grandma stories so I'm just gonna put the photos and caption them lah.

The cartoon looked exactly like her right?
I can eat lollypop, scratch my face and look under my arms with the mirror at the same time
Waiting for Esther to take a bath
Being a monkey, digging kutu on Li Shan's head
You will know what stupid lame thing both of us are doing while waiting for Esther
I hurt her coz I was too rough
Can you guess what I am doing alread…

*throws confetti*

It was not really damn good but I'm satisfied. Hopefully I will pass this time...nono... I mean I must pass this time!!!

Let me be happy and jump around for a couple hours.

Then I have to get back to studying.... T___T

Ok lah...


p/s: Gotta get my proposal signed and I will be a very happy woman.

Bling and Camwhore

Hello people...

Tomorrow is doom's day for me.

Practical exam is on tomorrow. And don't know who the hell hate me so much until must put my name first in the list. T____T

Am I ready? Well, I did practice real hard this sem. Perhaps it was because I live with two extremely hardworking roommates and not working just as hard as them makes me looking real bad. But whether am I ready or not is another story. Well, you guys might had heard me ranting about my performing fright right? So the only problem now is that lar... I try to think less of the exam. As in taking it like just normal playing nie. Hopefully it will work tomorrow. Please pray for me... Gotta practice harder summore. Still not quite satisfied with the playing.

Ok, on a not so stressed note. I wanna show u guys my phone...

I have finally bling up the whole thing. Well, not exactly the whole phone lah...But here's how it looks...
The front
Added the effect to make it look more blingy. And had to put the heart on t…