Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh happy hols...


I'm blogging from my faculty's lobby. Damn pathetic right? Have to search for places to go alone. Feels like a beggar. Hehehehe~ But then... the line here is way better than the one at MC. So I don't mind all the fuss.

Next exam will be on 6th of May but I have no heart to start revising yet. Today at 5pm there will be a presentation for Music Education class. Damn sien. But think of what is to come after the class also happy. Hehehehehe~ Li Shan, Mel, Esther and I will be having dinner together and then shop at Midvalley. *Yay yay*

Anyways, the hols is gonna come and once again... ITS PLANNING TIME!!! Woots!!!

I had already planned a few (like I am damn free and got nothing to do) and here are some of the stuff that I had planned...

1. Learn to make chocolate desserts
THe last hols I wanted to learn to bake some stuff but don't know its my luck ker apa... my oven broke down. T___T And mama didn't go and repair it until now.

I read in Li Shan's blog about her making chocolate *link* (don't bother reading her blog if you can't read a word of chinese characters) and it seems easier to make chocolate compared to cakes and those bakery stuff. Some more no need to use oven. So I'm damn inspired to try it out. Summore March's issue of Popteen is filled with chocolate making recipes. *Woots!* So I shall try it out and blog about it k?

2. Get a more even complexion
Actually I want a tan like PartyQueen. So damn nice right? (Er... sorry, Sonia... Is it ok to link you to my blog. So sorry didn't ask for permission...) But then I don't know how to get it so evenly. My skin tone is kinda not even and damn ugly lor. Somebody please teach me how to do it... T___T

Gone are the days when John calls me "Ying Du REn" (Indian) and I wept like a baby. Never heard before dark skin tone is damn sexy meh? As in "Xiao Hei REn"??? (Erm... I don't know how to translate this but its something to do with a small blackie being sexy) Some more my bf don't mind me being dark. So I can go as dark as possible. Erm... but not until like African sorta black lah... More like the colour of bronze.

3. Go on a holiday with my uni friends
Planning to go on an adventure trip to Perak. Going to Gua Tempurung and all those various guas (caves) there. Some more got so many hot springs there. And waterfalls... Some more can go Cameron Highlands coz Esther has relatives there. Oooo~ Can't wait!!!

Hope to go Penang as well but can't go too many places lah. No income so can't go so many places. Summore Penang is a heaven of shopping and eating. T____T

4. Practice piano and violin like gila
God...please give me the strength and determination to do this...coz I failed all the time.

5. Start on my thesis
No title... I wonder how to start doing it. T___T

6. Spring clean my house
In hometown la of course. Actually not the whole house la. Just the places with my stuff all around la. Coz my things are everywhere. And very unorganized. Gotta spend some time organizing everything and most importantly beautify my house.

7. Move into University Tower
New place and new room mates for the new semester. YAy!!! Actually not all new lah... I'll be sharing a room with JAne (my ex-roomie in MC) and Chooi Yin. A bit excited and also a bit scared coz I'm afraid that my weirdness will scare Chooi Yin.

Before moving in, I must plan how I wanna decorate and vamp up my little corner. Plan dy then go IKEA to see if I can get anything there. CAn't wait, can't wait!!!

8. Party with Li Shan and my gang
Will be staying over Li Shan's house during the break for a week. Will be clubbing and singing K and party like gila. Hehehehehe~

And I miss my gang like gila. Haven't seen them for like so long. The only person I had seen so far is Parveen last night on webcam. T___T DAmn miss my bitches!!! Bitches!!! Get ur asses ready for serious partying and laughing. Hahahahahaha~

9. Put on a little more weight
I don't wanna shrink in my S size clothes. HAhahaha~ That's what Puff said lah... I think more weight will be more healthy looking for me. Coz when I get stressed I go thinner. Later end up looking like skeleton then die lor...

10. Get another hair makeover
I'm gonna get red highlights this time!!! Sure damn cun one!!!

Well, that's about it for this time. Hopefully will get all the things done unlike the last hols. USh!!! The plans aren't really academic compared to last time but... I think I deserve some fun. HAhahahaha~

Ok ah... Gotta go. Damn hungry...go search for food.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quick updates before I go crazy


I haven't been blogging lately coz the finals are here. Damn stressed now. But gotta de-stress right? So I blog lor...

Actually I could blog everyday but coz unfortunately our MC's prepaid internet expired. *boo* I was able to blog today coz I'm at somebody's house. Hehehehehe~

Lately its all about studying and preparing for stupid presentations. So most of the photos today are just basically photos of me studying and bermati-mati wanna camwhore. ahhahahaha~
Preparing for Music App's presentation at Mel's

I'm not in Mel's group but because we need access to internet we went over to house to borrow her internet. Paiseh hor... Summore her mum so nice. And gal, the rice wine rocks man!!! Ask if ya mum can make one for me and I'll pay la of course...

The stupid presentation had caused me to sleep less than 6 hours per day. Coz we (our group consist of me, Esther and Shiu Li) don't know how to do it. And the resources are not enough. Damn kelian you know...

But its over d la... Not so stressed

The drink that kept me awake the whole time

I am know I am such a loser coz I had never had anything from Starbucks. Erm... ok la I had the green tea thingy that Sinren bought me during V day. The other we went to Starbucks to go online (yes, we had to go till there to go online T___T) and I decided to give Java Chip a try coz I heard lots of people talking about it. And DAMMIT!!! Its damn nice ok????

Thank you at whoever at Starbucks who created this drink. Love it... And it keeps me awake... What's not to like????

Sometimes I had to do the preparation until my eyes couldn't open. REally... I didn't pretend to sepetkan my eyes in the photo above. That is how I looked for these past few days.

But craziness still kick in and I still play with my webcam sometimes...
Prinsezz Sepet Eyes

This is the only time my eyes open the biggest. ahahahahah~

I realised one thing one night during my preparation...
I could tie my hair d. Yayness!!!

But a bit cacat lah... Hahahahahaha~ Can't for it to be long again...

All this hectic life in uni had caused me not seeing my baby for like hell knows how long. Damn sad ok? And we even fought over really stupid thing. Anu once told me that she thinks that long distance is good coz the longer you don't see each other you will miss each other more and when you guys meet it will be real special. Sorry gal... That don't work for me. Coz when Sinren and I don't meet up, we will fight like gila and I will start to do stupid decisions...

Kissed and made up

Anyways, that day after we finished our practical exam, Esther, Li shan and I head to Midvalley and had a little lunch at Kenny Rogers' to "celebrate" our hardship in preparing for the exam. Here are all the photos... not much coz I didn't bring my camera and the hp's media memory was running low. -_-lll
Lala Pang

Moo-fins...stupid joke!!!

Li Shan always looked like this in candid photos... Like Eshter said..."MOU CHONG YI!!!" (No creativity!!!)

The Queen of Candid

Non candid shots that looked like ass:

Maybe she should just stick to candid photos. Hahahahahaha~

A little more story about our little midvalley here>>>>>>> <(o^(oo)^o)>

On last Saturday, Li Shan's mama had a small Western food dinner at home and asked us over.

The food looked damn good right? It tasted just as good and we finished everything. Hhahahahaha~

Lately, thanks to Li Shan, I'm into this thing called online shopping. HEhehehehe~ Ok lah... I like going for online window shopping before this but thanks to Li Shan, I started to order things from them.

This is what I ordered...
Photo courtesy from: Little Princess World

This website belongs to Esther's friend and the clothes are damn cool and I love lots of them. If only I have money to buy them all. HAhaa~ But then again the things sold are quite cheap compared to other places I checked out. So do check out the link k???

I will review the quality of the things sold once I receive my item. Not sure how it will be but I am damn excited.

Ok lah... Gotta go. Don't know when I can blog again.

See you guys soon...


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Your blogger is busy at the moment...come back later...

Ok that was a joke...

Please don't leave and read on coz more lameness strikes in my life. Hahahahahahah~

Actually I am currently still busy with stupid presentations that will end...don't know when. T___T Damn sad ok??? So restless but still have to keep holding on till the end coz the marks given for these presentations are damn high. *sings Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne* -__-lll

But...eventhough I am busy, I have so photos which I had not posted them up sooner. No time to take grandma stories so I'm just gonna put the photos and caption them lah.

The cartoon looked exactly like her right?

I can eat lollypop, scratch my face and look under my arms with the mirror at the same time

Waiting for Esther to take a bath

Being a monkey, digging kutu on Li Shan's head

You will know what stupid lame thing both of us are doing while waiting for Esther

I hurt her coz I was too rough

Can you guess what I am doing already?

Now you will know what we are doing...
Dorcas Pang Ah Lian

Kwan Ah Fei

Don't ask me why I've got a purple hair extension. People do crazy sometimes and in my case I do crazy things about half my lifetime.

As you can see in our group, Li Shan and I always take sampat photos

I look fat right???!!!??

Li Shan trying to do the seductive eyes while I try to be the sexy pregnant mama

I don't know what happened to me but all the photos of me at that night sucks. Hahahahah~

Here are the videos of the recital...erm~ actually its only one piece la. I cut it into 2. And its the only video I got of the whole recital. I only watched Raymond's recital coz I was late and only recorded this one coz I slept after that. HAhahahahaha~
The quality's like shit 'tho. Coz I was falling asleep. HAhahahahah~

It was my redo that day

While waiting, I camwhored

My lousy performance:

Yes, I know I suck. Told you I am not performer material!!!
With my seniors who are gonna graduate this semester

With a small part of lengluis of my fac
Well, that's all the photos that I took recently. Got summore la but no time to edit. Will post them up once I edit them.

Anyways, today I learnt that my friend at church is going to audition for Yin Qi's chamber music orchestra for trombone. I don't know if you guys read but I wanted to join YinQi's orchestra last year but my dad doesn't allow. *read about it* One of his reason for me not to join was that I don't know where is YinQi's office and nobody can bring me there. Bi Hui, my church friend asked me if I wanna go for the audition. I immediately said yes. Of course must say yes right??? Its what I wanted to do and now I've got the chance. Summore my friend can come and bring me to the office every week. DAd won't say no and no more stupid reasons to say no.
The director is currently overseas so she can't audition us for the moment. Thank God coz at least I've got time to prepare a piece properly and get ready for the audition. Hopefully I can get into the orchestra.
Well, wish me luck for my presentation tomorrow and my other exams... So stressful I can die!!!
Ok lah... See you guys soon...when I'm not so stressful.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

*throws confetti*


It was not really damn good but I'm satisfied. Hopefully I will pass this time...nono... I mean I must pass this time!!!

Let me be happy and jump around for a couple hours.

Then I have to get back to studying.... T___T

Ok lah...


p/s: Gotta get my proposal signed and I will be a very happy woman.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bling and Camwhore

Hello people...

Tomorrow is doom's day for me.

Practical exam is on tomorrow. And don't know who the hell hate me so much until must put my name first in the list. T____T

Am I ready? Well, I did practice real hard this sem. PErhaps it was because I live with two extremely hardworking roommates and not working just as hard as them makes me looking real bad. But whether am I ready or not is another story. Well, you guys might had hear me ranting about my performing fright right? So the only problem now is that lar... I try to think less of the exam. As in taking it like just normal playing nie. Hopefully it will work tomorrow. Please pray for me... Gotta practice harder summore. STill not quite satisfied with the playing.

Ok, on a not so stressed note. I wanna show u guys my phone...

I have finally bling up the whole thing. Well, not exactly the whole phone lah...But here's how it looks...
The front

Added the effect to make it look more blingy. And had to put the heart on the screen coz the screen looks a bit ugly. HAha~

Not so nice rite? Looks like some blings had lost but its not lor. Don't know why do until like that... have to get more blings to do some touch up.

The Close Up

Decided to add the "bling" effect to all the photos. HAhahaha~

The BAck

The back looks better coz I had spend months doing it.
The front and back together

I don't know bout you guys but seeing my bling bling handphone it makes me happy. Don't know why lah... See nie will feel so happy and proud of myself for no particular reason.

Some more its so chio rite? I have people coming up to me asking where I did my phone and some asked me whether I can do for them. *proud* maybe I should start a business designing blings for people. CEh~ macam dah professional. HAhahaahahah~



I started to think how to make people see my blings more obviously. SO this is what I did...
This is how to sms so that people can see my bling bling phone

I was really sms-ing at that time. And the exact words too... (I think!)

People tell me that my eyes are sometimes quite cock-eyed. I didn't wanna believe but seeing this photo proves it a bit. T___T

Then it was how to hold the phone while receiving/making a call so that people can see the blings:
This one failed coz can't really see the blings

Ahhhh~ Like this baru can see mah...

You all must be wondering why early in the morning I can camwhore one right? HEhehehehe~ To be honest, every Sunday is a camwhoring morning. Coz I've got nothing to do while waiting for the church van to come fetch me. So I can do stupid stuff.

Up next was how look talking on the phone...
This is how I look when somebody tells me a secret and I go "Oooooo~"

This is when somebody tells me something disgusting about somebody else and I go "Yer...."

This is how I look when I'm on the phone with Sinren <3

Please stop saying that I sound like a chipmunk when I talk to him on the phone. I DO NOT!!!

PLease ignore the huge ass pimple under my nose!!! Tu lah padah nye orang tak cuci muka!!!

On the same day, I had to go to help out in the Trinity Awards. So I was in formal and full makeup. Usually on Sundays, I hardly wear makeup unless I wakes up early or something special is on. Or I am just plain had the feeling to put on makeup.

I look like an OL

Ikan buntal

LAst photos in the toilet before leaving the room


I love Esther's blusher. I'm using it in all the photos above. I don't know if you guys can see it but the color is damn nice. I left mine in Melaka coz I dropped it accidentally and it broke into pieces. So it can't be brought round travelling right?

MAybe I should go get the one Esther is using. GIves me a very healthy and natural flush on the face. Oh yeah... its from FAce Shop btws...

Ok la...Me gtg continue practising piano.

Yala... I am blogging while practising piano. Scold me lah...

Wish me best of luck and pray for me...

Good Luck to all my coursemates!!!



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