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Our 2nd anniversary

I think everyone saw the slideshow that I posted on Sinren and my anniversary rite? And I think you guys probably felt in love with the song? Yeah, me too. I totally felt in love with the song when I first hear it.

I was about to finish the slideshow then I was asked to choose a song for the background of the slideshow. The songs given to be chosen basically none of it I had heard before. Ermm~~~ actually got lah. Like "Welcome to the black parade" and "Turn it up". I wanted some helpless romantic song and these both don't fall into that category rite?

So I just simply click on each song and listen to it. My first choice was Enrique Iglesias' "Somebody's Me". I was thinking that this song was some fast track by him. Coz most recently I've only heard of his fast songs. But when I clicked on it and listened, I felt in love with this song.

Usually when I listen to a song, I would foremost listened very hard to the lyrics. Coz usually a song …

Audrey Jie Jie's wedding

Yes, finally a post filled with photos. And yes, its really FILLED with 'em.

Remember that I was whining like a baby when I told you guys I had nothing to wear to Audrey's wedding? Well... I found something to wear and its....

Its not something new lor. In fact, I wore it to Jeff's wedding and few years back I wore it to my high school's prom. Its darn old d but manatau when I dug it out of the cupboard and put it on, I still look kinda good in it.

This pulak in the car while waiting for my mum to lock the gate. The bunny face prinsezz has returned. So long didn't take photo like this d. Haha!!! Like stupid nie...

We had to go the hotel earlier coz my mum was in the choir. Audrey had her wedding ceremony at the hotel coz she invited many people and she was afraid that our church was not big enough to fit everyone.

Anyways, this is how the stage looks like:

And this is how the whole place looks like:
Sorry I only took the front coz actually the back is not that inter…