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Since yesterday I have not been feeling very well.
When I woke up at 7.30am to get ready to go to church, I can feel that my head was going to burst. It was damn painful. And something was wrong with my tummy. But I didn't really bother bout it coz I was afraid if I make a big fuss out of it, I'm gonna be late and make Bee Guan (the church van's driver) wait is not that good lor.So I quickly got ready and went downstairs and waited for the van at the entrance of MC.
After waiting for like only 10 minutes, I felt very tired. My head was very very extremely painful and my legs were damn painful (I went to California Fitness the day before... too much exercise in one day I guess). I couldn't sit down on the stone nearby coz it just rained and the stone was kinda wet. So I told myself: "Never mind lah. Awhile only. Few more minutes they will be here". And that gave me a bit of a strength to hold on and stood there.
But I don't know what was wrong with the v…

TRANSFORMERS and some rude asshole at Carrefour

I finally went to watch Transformers yesterday. I had to. Coz my cousins are calling me 'no life' coz I haven't watch it. Damn lah!!! Not that I don't wanna watch lah!!! Can't get the tickets mah... Blame me lah???

Anyways... the movie was the bomb!!! I love it so so much. I will definitely buy the original dvd when its out. SURE ONE!!! Who wanna sponsor me??? If u do, I sure love you like giler one. But leh... I only one fella in my life lah. And I bet you know who you are rite???

I am in love with Optimus Prime and his sexy deep booming voice. Damn sexy can??? Who ever can buy me his action figure or his life size toy...or what ever toy that has Optimus Prime figure on it, I will marry that fella. Erm... only applies to guy lah. I not lesbian k????

My handsome second husband
*after the one who will buy me the action figure lah!!!

After watching the movie, Sinren and I went to Carrefour to do some groceries. Bought quite a lot of food lor. Aiyo... what to do??? We …

New stuff, dates with Ren Ren and some random photos

NEW STUFF #1: My new camera
Sadly, it was not the Sony Cybershot T20. Coz to get the pink one, that I so so love, which can only be bought from KL (that's apparently what I heard from the Sony fellas), is damn expensive and is totally out of my budget. Even if I starve and eat less for the whole year pun tak cukup.
So, I had to buy an Olympus. Its the U (u know lah the 'miu' sign) 760 all weather. It is of course not as good as T20 lah. T20 is superb-ly anti-shake. I have to say this again... you shake like gila also still cun cun give you k? And the Mp for T20 is 8.2.
Here are the photos of my beloved camera (I prefer T20 but that doesn't mean I don't love my cute little Olympus 'miu miu' 760 k?): Its in the pouch
The front

The back
What I like (probably the only thing I like about it) was... its megapixel level. It was 7.1 mp. Ok, not as high as T20...i know, i know. I totally compared everything already. But what to do? this one cheaper mah... U think I no…