Monday, July 30, 2007


Since yesterday I have not been feeling very well.

When I woke up at 7.30am to get ready to go to church, I can feel that my head was going to burst. It was damn painful. And something was wrong with my tummy. But I didn't really bother bout it coz I was afraid if I make a big fuss out of it, I'm gonna be late and make Bee Guan (the church van's driver) wait is not that good lor.So I quickly got ready and went downstairs and waited for the van at the entrance of MC.

After waiting for like only 10 minutes, I felt very tired. My head was very very extremely painful and my legs were damn painful (I went to Carlifornia Fitness the day before... too much exercise in one day I guess). I couldn't sit down on the stone nearby coz it just rained and the stone was kinda wet. So I told myself: "Never mind lah. Awhile only. Few more minutes they will be here". And that gave me a bit of a strength to hold on and stood there.

But I don't know what was wrong with the van yesterday. It came very late that day. I couldn't take it any longer. I looked around and saw that there wasn't many people around. Wearing a black top and a bohemian skirt with green peep toe pumps, I squatted right in front of the MC's entrance. Talking bout daring say!!! Haha!!!

I squatted for like a couple of minutes and I felt a bit embarrassed lah. So I stood up. But I tell you arh... squatting there was realy comfortable. Haha!!! Don't know why.

Anyways, I just had a hard time waiting lah... not gonna spill everything bout how I waited and how grumpy I became. Then this post will be damn long and some people will start to complain that I am telling grandmother's story.

I went to church with a massive headache and didn't concentrate during the whole service. I am so sorry, God. I didn't mean it. I really tried to concentrate but I seriously couldn't. I wasn't sleepy and didn't fall asleep during the whole service. I just couldn't concentrate.

After church, I went back and slept. And woke up feeling much better. So I thought I was already fine lor. Manatau... when was about to have my dinner, I suddenly felt my tummy was turning upside down rite inside of me. The intestines were like dancing and twisting all together. I quickly rushed to the toilet and... u know lah what I do rite...haha!!!!

Being so stupid, after that 'large business' in the toilet, I went to eat KFC some more. Damn stupid rite? But the truth is when I was eating KFC, I was feeling fine. No pain, no nothing. So I thought I was perfectly fine lor. But after the dinner, the tummy started to fail me again. I quickly rush back to my room and started to do another 'business'.

After that 'business', I was feeling fine again. And I was able to joke and play with my fellow room mates. Then a couple of minutes later, it started again. It was on and off for a couple of times yesterday night. And I spent lots of time in the toilet that I felt that it was the most comfortable place in my room....huhu~~~

After a couple of rounds in the toilet, I started to feel not well anymore. I started to shiver and felt very very cold in my own skin. I started to wear a thick jacket and asked Esther whether she is feeling the coldness. And she said no and added that I was crazy. (see like this type of friends, you don't need enemies at all!!!!)

My room mates started to get scared when they realised that my rounds in the toilet were too regular and started to throw all types of medication at me. Esther gave me some Chinese medication and Jane took a whole plastic bag of clinic medicine and showing me which to take. Haha!!!!

I got really really sick. And started wearing layers of shirts and pants. I wanted to do some assignments but I couldn't and decided to go to sleep. Then I realised that I do not have any thick pajamas here. All shorts and sleeveless. And the only long pants I had was already sent to the laundry. So I just wore lots of pants and many layers of jackets and stuffed myself in my thick blanket. But guess what? I was still shivering.

But would you believe me if I told you that despite all this, I was still able to laugh and make jokes? Haha!!! I think my room mates were right bout me being crazy. Hahaha!!!

I couldn't go to sleep coz there were too much shivering going on. And I was still doing rounds on the toilet. Jane quickly gave me some salt...some energy salt. Coz she scared I lose all my food in my tummy during all the process in the toilet.

At last I felt asleep at don't know what time. The last thing I remembered was Jane putting on an extra blanket on me. Awwww~ so sweet of her.

I woke up at 5 something in the morning today. And ran to the toilet and did another round of 'business'. But this time I was sweating like crazy and couldn't stop wiping off sweats. I felt very very hot. And felt like sleeping with Jane on her bed (her bed was rite under the fan) but didn't coz I wouldn't wanna scare her.

This morning itself I had 3 'businesses' in the toilet. I know by then I need to see the doctor or else I would not stop it. So I called my cousin and asked whether she could bring me to a doctor. And she just said yes immediately.

I went to the doctor at Section 14. And the doctor said I had food poisoning. I was told not to have any dairy products. And the irony was I could have any types of gas drink. Weird rite??? I thought get food poisoning only need 100 plus only rite?

So now I end up here. Just woke up from my sleep and started blogging. I was given MC (not the place I live in....) so I need not show up for classes. Now I felt much better and started to feel hungry d.

Anyways, I just wanna say thank you to a couple of people who was dead worried when I was sick yesterday and today. First of all, of course, my two room mates who gave me so much medication that it stop the diarrhea for awhile. And then my mother who got so worried that she nearly wanna rush up to KL. My baby boy who was worried eventhough he had to finish his presentation's preparation. And lastly, my dear cousin, Karen who brought me to doctor and spent RM40 for nothing. So terharu... Oh yeah!!! And my dear friend, Bi Hui who cooked porridge for me.... Aiyo aiyo... really wanna cry d.

Ok lah... that's all for today. See you guys soon...


Thursday, July 26, 2007

TRANSFORMERS and some rude asshole at Carrefour

I finally went to watch Transformers yesterday. I had to. Coz my cousins are calling me 'no life' coz I haven't watch it. Damn lah!!! Not that I don't wanna watch lah!!! Can't get the tickets mah... Blame me lah???

Anyways... the movie was the bomb!!! I love it so so much. I will definitely buy the original dvd when its out. SURE ONE!!! Who wanna sponsor me??? If u do, I sure love you like giler one. But leh... I only one fella in my life lah. And I bet you know who you are rite???

I am in love with Optimus Prime and his sexy deep booming voice. Damn sexy can??? Who ever can buy me his action figure or his life size toy...or what ever toy that has Optimus Prime figure on it, I will marry that fella. Erm... only applies to guy lah. I not lesbian k????

My handsome second husband

*after the one who will buy me the action figure lah!!!

After watching the movie, Sinren and I went to Carrefour to do some groceries. Bought quite a lot of food lor. Aiyo... what to do??? We all tak boleh tak makan nyah...

After taking all our food, we went to pay lor. Tak sangka the not-more-than-10-items counter was quite filled with people lor. So we had to line up for quite sometime.

Soon I realized why the row was going so slowly. The stupid cashier... not say i want caci her lah. Her maths like not that good lah. I see her count the change also like damn long. HELLO!!! THE MACHINE D COUNT FOR YOU LEH!!! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS JUST TAKE THE MONEY AND GIVE PEOPLE NIE... would you believe that she still taking damn long to do that??? I think she doesn't know how to count money lah... Damn kesian sial... wonder her boss got cheat her gaji or not. If I am the boss, sure I cheat one. Coz she doesn't know how to count mah...

Anyways, it soon reached Sinren's turn to pay. She tak tau apa sal suddenly menghilang to don't know where. Leaving Sinren standing there like stupid. After that come back d, do work also damn slow. U know lah... my patience memang teruk one rite?

After counting Sinren's amount and all that shit, she suddenly disappear again. It was too much for me to take. I told myself: "If she dare piss me, sure I wallop her gao-gao (Wallop with words lah...)." And guess what??? After she return from her disappearing and re-appearing, she came to the counter and tell me this:

"Er... boleh pergi counter lain tak?" (Er... could you go to another counter?)

I was already damn fumed. But I wasn't gonna ready to burst and throw my anger at public yet. (Muka punya pasal). All I did was saying this in a very annoyed tone:

"Apa? Pergi counter lain?" (What? Go to another counter?)

Belum I can say something else, she left the damn counter again. Wahlao!!!! What type of shit attitude is this??? She wants me to go another counter she could at least use the word 'please' right? And call lah me 'cik' ker...'adik' ker... damn rude!!! Malaysia can't berkembang dengan maju rapidly is all because of this rude assholes!!!

So I had to move to the other counter which is filled with people also. The funny thing was the people behind of me... I tak tau deaf ker ape. They didn't leave the row. Weird rite? The lady...ok, no need so polite... the bitch ask me to move, they must move also rite? They just stone there and see me move to the next counter.

Then as I was impatiencely lining up at the next counter, the bitch-ass cashier came back. I'm like...ok, I was damn angry and one word came out of my mouth a bit too loud.


Damn!!! I was so angry. All the other people behind me before this all paid and left d. Dammit sial!!!

I finally paid for my stuff and marched out of Carrefour damn angry. I wanted so much to complain to the management but I didn't know her name and I don't know where to complain. Most of all... I was lazy lah. Sure have to go through a lot of procedurs one. And it won't gurantee that the damn ass will kena anything also. What's the point rite? SO I just gave up all together and let the anger bypass.

But I didn't get angry very long lah. Coz Sinren was there with me. He 24/7 making me laugh.

Ok lah... Enough of my angry post. I also not so angry anymore. Why wanna get angry so long rite? It will eat up all my happy cells.

That's all for this time. But before I leave, here are some cun-ted Transformers pictures for you guys to save if you guys like them so much... like me. I downloaded it from the official website...

My handsome second husband

*so good looking lah his sexy booming voice...ahhhh~ *melts*

Another favourite character...Bumblebee

*If only my car is a Camaro and also a autobot....

Ugly pugly Megatron

*Dunno why he born so ugly...kesian betul...





The mighty Autobots

The asshole Decepticons

My man Shia LeBeou (don't know spell correct or not) and Megan Fox
K... That's all. Bubbye...

Friday, July 20, 2007

New stuff, dates with Ren Ren and some random photos

NEW STUFF #1: My new camera

Sadly, it was not the Sony Cybershot T20. Coz to get the pink one, that I so so love, which can only be bought from KL (that's apparently what I heard from the Sony fellas), is damn expenisive and is totally out of my budget. Even if I starve and eat less for the whole year pun tak cukup.

So, I had to buy an Olympus. Its the U (u know lah the 'miu' sign) 760 all weather. It is of course not as good as T20 lah. T20 is superb-ly anti-shake. I have to say this again... you shake like gila also still cun cun give you k? And the Mp for T20 is 8.2.

Here are the photos of my beloved camera (I prefer T20 but that doesn't I don't love my cute little Olympus 'miu miu' 760 k?):
Its in the pouch

The front

The back

What I like (probably the only thing I like about it) was... its megapixel level. It was 7.1 mp. Ok, not as high as T20...i know, i know. I totally compared everything already. But what to do? this one cheaper mah... U think I not 'sam tong' meh?

BTWs, I am going to get the T20 one day... or any other Sony's camera. Coz their designs really damn nice. And the anti-shake...fui~ fui~ power punya power.

Check out the difference lah!!!

Sorry... I look freakingly ugly here.

This camera comes with a built in editting system. Right inside the camera!!! Damn good right? You can add words. Change the photo into black and white, sephia or er... what's the other one arh? Can't remember lah.

Anyways, it can change the photo from looking like this:
into this

And a photo editting freak like me would love this feature so much. Coz can save time editting lor. Terus from cam can d.

Now you guys can get better quality photos at my blog. Damn happy rite? Coz last time some photos can't really make up what the hell was that. And some photos so unclear.

Have no fear...Olympus camera is here....Wahahhahahaah~

NEW STUFF #2: My new hairstyle

Kan always wanted the bob haircut? Yeah... I got it edy. Hehe~~~ And for the first time my hair looked nice with short hair. I really looked horrible last time. Hmmm~ I'll go find my old photos and show you guys. Damn ass ugly siot!!!

Anyways, the 'before' photos are the ones taken after the first time I cut it and 'after' are the ones taken recently after the second haircut. Tell me which one do you think looked better.
The front view:
I looked damn horrible without makeup. so I had to wear my sunnies to hide the flawes. Haha!!! Lame ain't it?

I looked horrible here too so I had to censor my face. HAha!!!!

My room mate Jane thinks I look better with the censored version. What do you think? Haha!!!

The Side View:

The back view:

NEW STUFF #3:My new Apartment!!!! (hahahahaha~)

For those who didn't know, I am no longer staying at UM's 2nd college. YAY!!! No more hell!!! But I'm currently staying at MC (Millenium Court).
Actually I wasn't at will to stay at MC. My dad sorta forced me to stay there. But thank God my dear friends (sweety Jane and manis Esther, I owe so much to you guys) were so sweet to come stay with me. Or else I would have to stay with some weird room mates that I tak kenal.

For those who wanna know how sucky the place is... Check out the photos lah..
Welcome to our room...

Err~ if you are wondering why is my room mate's face censored, its bcoz she doesn't wanna show her face. Haha! Those who already know who she is...tau lah kan Soong Pak Pak memang one weird thing one lah. Not say ugly, why wanna censored rite? Haha!

Our beds:
Pizza is not my new soft toy. It belongs to Esther. Haha! She was not home so I "kidnapped" Pizza and made it (is it a 'he' or 'she' arh?) sleep with me. Muahahhahahahaha~

Our Toilet:
Er~~~ the toilet bowl

The shower
Woops~ I just realised that I forgot to take the basin's photo. -_-lll

Our "wardrobe":
Does this look like a wardrobe to you??? More like locker rite? Tak malu betul... The management said that this is a wardrobe in the survey form they gave us upon check-in.

Our study table:
She's gonna kill me for sure!!!

Yes, we three are the most compatible computer freaks roommate ever. Forever facing the computer eventhough we are not doing IT or anything to do with computers.

Huhu~ Jane's face censored again...hahaha!!!!

The book shelves:

See the difference of the organized shelf (Esther's and Mine) and the totally messed up one (Jane's)?
Tak sangke rite? See her like not the messy type rite? Damn u are wrong!!!!

The night view:
The night view also not bad lor~

Actually its not that bad to stay at MC. I also kinda biasa d after a few weeks. Anyways, here are some other photos of my latest pad (Actually to show off the photos my new camera took nie...hahaha!):

Then I wanna talk about some dates I went out with Sinren after a few weeks never see him. Come back KL nie we go out 'pat toh'. Hehe!!!!

On 8th July:
We went Secret Recipes near his house and spend the whole day together coz we had not been together alone for quite sometime. Miss him hugging me and all... *winks* hehehehe~

Not much photos 'tho. One photo of me and the rest is the food and drinks we had.

And not to forget...I BROUGHT MY CAMERA ON THIS DAY!!!! hehe~

For him

For her

On 14 July:
We planned to go watch Transformers coz we lamers belum watch lagi.

I had a dress for a long time. But didn't wear it coz it was kinda tight. Since I had lost some weight, I decided to give it a try. And also because Sinren always asked me why I only wear skirts but not dresses.

But matter how thin I had become, one damn place will always be tight and thats

Check out these photos and you'll see my lower part of the body so freakingly huge. I HATE IT!!!!

After changing clothes, Sinren belum datang and mum and dad was out jogging. So, out of boredom, I did what I love to do. And because I have a camera now, I can do it even more often!!!

Yes, I camwhored....
No Flash=Beautiful!!!


Acting cute photos:
That acting cute face again!!!

Yes, I'm alwiz proud of my ketiak after it was shaved

Doing a 'peace' sign on my face makes my face looks shorter

More acting cute photos:

Could you believe that the tickets to Transformer is still sold out??? Can't get the tickets at both the cinemas at Melaka. Damn frust!!!

So we ended up going to Pearl Cafe for some supper. Tak pernah go there before this. So decided to try the food there.

He asked me to take his photo for his assignment. Don't know what heck assignment must put photo one.

He looked like damn steam in the photo lah. Cannot put on his assignment. Wait people think that he always look steam one. HAHA!!!

And those sexy so kissable. Me like!!!

Below is just a random photo I took of him:
The fattie that I love so much...

Sinren says that he got no time to blog. SO, he asked me to post this photo of the new shoes that he just bought. And announce to all the loyal readers... I GOT A PAIR NEW NIKE SHOES!!!

While waiting for our ordered food to come, we took some photos together.

We hardly take photos together. Don't know why... Damn weird rite?

This photo made me laugh till I had tears in my eyes. Sinren look so damn funny lah. Haha!!!

Please don't kill me baby... I know how much you hate this photo. But I like it lah... Hahaha~~~
This one is better than the first one but Ren Ren looked a bit sissy lah.

The best photo together for the night, I guess...

Funny face again...but still lose to the first photo lah

I realized that when I take photo with Sinren my face alwiz behind him. So in this photo I decided to "stand out".

What do ya think? Should I hide behind him or he hide behind me or just at the same level???

I still think I look better hiding behind.

I think he got a bit sien taking so much photos... that's why he looked so sien.

I looked quite pretty hor although my face nt so clear lah. HAHA!!! Damn behbin!!!

I know why I look pretty d lah. Coz MY FACE NOT CLEAR MAH~~~~ ahahahahahha~~~~

Tunggu the hell lama d, the food and drinks finally came...

For him

For her

The drinks and the food at Pearl were just sekadar ok nie lah. Next time must try the Noodle Shop just a few shops away. Tak pernah go there also.

One day I will finish trying all the cafes along Melaka Raya. Not that I get price lah...but won't hurt right? Most probably become fatter and more broke only mah... haha!

That's all bout the dates we went out during the last two weekends.

Here are some random photos that don't know where to post: (Tak tau here or friendster)

Entah siapa ajar dia camwhoring...

Showing off his shoes again

Shitass!!! Check out how dirty was my shoe!!! Gotta wash it d lah~~~

A gift I bought for him during our anniversary

Damn nice rite? I wanna do one for myself also lah. So unfair I don't have!!!

The kid I often bully at church
Hmmm~ that's all for today.


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