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Surprise Baby Shower

I always thought about how I wanted to have a baby shower before I got pregnant. Even when I got pregnant, I had briefly planned my baby shower as well. But then when I hit my third trimester, I decided not to have one. Reason was coz I was tired most of the time. I didn't wanna spend my energy on planning anything except preparing for Baby Z's arrival. So I decided to cancel my plan for the baby shower and just do some sort of celebration after my little one is born nie. (That didn't happen as well lol) But my friends, Puff and Nana weren't having it. They decided to throw me a simple surprise baby shower hidden as a normal dinner night.

OMG this is how I look like before I gave birth wtf


October last year, SR brought me out for a short babymoon. I was still in my first trimester so we couldn't go far. Our babymoon was at none other than our frequent visited place, Port Dickson lol.