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Project Pan 2018 Update #1

Time for the first update of my Project Pan 2018. If you've missed my introduction, *here* it is.

Last month (actually from the beginning of the year lah) I've picked 13 products for this year's Project Pan. I didn't finish any products this month 😔 but I've decided to add one more product in. Added a new product coz this product just hit pan recently. You guys will read about it below lah.

As for my goal to use up RM200 of products in my collection...guess what? I've actually hit it 😅 I was quite surprised myself. Suddenly in February and March I've finished so many makeup products. But none of them are from my Project Pan lol. So from now I've bring up the value of products to finish this year. The total would be RM500.

I've been very good at not buying any new makeup products since February. But I did recently make a purchase to celebrate hitting that RM200 mark wtf. I'll do a haul post when the products arrive in the mail. I also have a v…

Zyon: 5th- 11th month

I know I've promised that I won't be combining Zyon's monthly milestones updates ever again after the third-fourth month. But I guess I'm weak 😞 Haha no lah. I've underestimated how tiring motherhood can be. Whoever said the newborn stage of a baby is THE HARDEST STAGE is a liar. Zyon is no longer a newborn but I feel he is harder to handle than when he's a newborn.

When Zyon was in newborn stage and always sleeping, I wished he would wake up and play with me. But when he started sleeping less and clings on to me like koala, I get so damn stressed. I could literally do nothing when Zyon's awake coz he craves for all my (and my mother's) attention. Then when he is asleep, both mum and I would rushed to get our chores and work done before he wakes up. But the darn thing is he hardly sleeps an hour anymore. So we seriously RUSH everything.

The only time I'll be able to blog is after he sleeps...which is around 10pm. I am already exhausted to the max …