Monday, May 28, 2007

thank god for that stupid ticket seller

last week, i wanted to book tickets to the pirates of caribbean 3: at world's end. u know lah i kan very kiasu. mati-mati also must watch the movie at the first week. paling bagus if can watch on the premier. don't know why. just call me weird. haha!

so i went to gsc's website and tried to book the ticket. but after trying to book all the times available and tak menjadi coz all fully-booked. if wanna buy have to go straight to the counter. i know its useless. the queue will be so long and by the time i get to the front of the line, the ticket seller will tell me : "sorry, the ticket is finished."

deepa called and tell me to watch it on 1st of june. reluctant but have to lah. wat else can be done neh? i memang cannot get the tix d one. so i agreed lor.

then i decided since i haven't watch spiderman 3 (see no matter how kiasu i am...i also got 'su' punya time..haha!), i should try booking spiderman's tickets.

thank god for his merciness i was able to book for spiderman 3's ticket on saturday at 12.15pm. i was sorta like jumping up for joy coz finally i could watch it after so many weeks. sms-ed sinren and he was just as happy coz he was waiting to watch it to.

erm~ i sorta lied to mum tht i watched it with sinren d so both of us came up with a plan to tell my mum tht we are going together with my friends to watch Next. haha!!! would u believe tht? who in my gang wanna watch Next tell me? got also...hmm~ i don't think got lah. haha!!! and of course mum believed lah. er~ sorry lah. i had to lie. please dun tell my mum can??? please....

ok, enough of lame-ness. so we went. well, at least i reached first lah. sinren sorta got a huge tummy ache and ran to the toilet as soon as he reached mp (the shopping center).

rushed to gsc and just as expected,the queue to the none reservations was really damn long. those who live in melaka would now how long it is...its frm gsc all the way till yun nam haircare center. can u believe it? i know lah its saturday. students are free but...these people no tuition or piano class or watever class one meh? my gosh!! no need study arh???

thank god the line to the reservated was short. short but still long lah, not as long as the other line.

the two girls in front of me damn irritating. talking the hell much. like unstoppable. from malaysia they can talk till iceland i bet. one of the girls got so terrible hair dye work. like so damn ah ok, enough of insulting people...back to my story.

the words in pink is me.
the words in blue is the ticket seller.

"hello, may i have your reference number please?"
"ok, er~ its 6XXXXX..." (i forgot the number lah...not i dun wanna tell the number...nt tht gt any use also lah)
"hold on please"
(after a few seconds)
"i'm sorry miss your reservation had expire"
"please be here 45 mins earlier before the showtime to redeem the tickets"
(before i could say the next thing...)
"but its ok. u can have the tickets to the pirates of the caribbean at 12.00pm coz i have extra. please do remember to get your tickets 45mins before showtime the next time"

do u know what's 'ke kiang'? haha! its erm~ sorta mean 'act clever'. the ticket seller would have ask me what movie have i booked rite? simply give me any ticket she suka nie. if i hated the pirates of caribbean i would have scolded her for being so 'ke kiang' rite? but thank god i wanted to watch the movie too.

haha! so secara tak tau apa berlaku, neney had to watch potc (pirates of the caribbean) with me. nt tht he hated the movie lah. he wanted to watch spiderman more lor...

neney, when i go back to kl we go watch at kl lah k? if still got lah... if not, i buy the original dvd for u lah k??? don't sad lah... muaks, muaks!!!!

ok lah...the point of this post is to tell u bout this event which i find kinda funny.

potc was really, really go watch it...don't matter u free or not. johnny depp is the hottest pirate alive!!!!

ok..thts all for now~


Sunday, May 27, 2007

F**k you!!!

i am pissed. i had been cheated.

i think those who had read my blog and also very close to me might know that i worked at the rain's coming concert as a lame ticket checker. never in my life i ran so much in a night and i had not said so much thank u in a day in my life before. it was really a bad experience. but i lazy wanna talk about it all over again lah. coz i'm already damn pissed now. telling the whole story again will piss me even more.

ok,ok...i keep going on and on bout me being pissed but didn't tell the whole story bout why am i pissed. i am pissed because... after four months...yes, exactly 4 months after the damn concert,(erm~ i dun mean the concert was bad lah. i loved the concert lah. rain is still the best in korea!!!!) i haven't get my lame rm50 pay. can u believe it?

rm50 only ok? not rm500. if its rm500, i will forgive them coz its a whole lot of sum. rm50. my dad one week give me extra allowance also more than that k?(more than rm50 but i still wan a raise in my allowance!!! for me its still too little.) if it can organize such a huge concert such as this concert (rain's coming concert), rm 50 also cannot give meh?

ok, i know rm50 is not such a big deal for u guys. but to me...ok, i don't think its a lot lah. coz actually i feel like i had already gain back the money by watching the concert. but i still want that rm 50 lah. for all the work i running up and down, kena scold like giler and like i got no dignity, apologizing like giler..etc. hello!!! i am a prinsezz k? ok, maybe not a real one but u know how i beg my parents to let me go work or not? u know how far i have to take lrt to reach that damn stadium not? the lrt fare no need to pay me lah? and then the food they gave taste like shit... pepsi was one of the co-sponsor. and during dinner, they ask us to share a can of pepsi among the few people in our group. wtf?!? they got hear b4 sars or not? pepsi so 'kiam siap' meh? cannot give us more cans of pepsi arh?

see how lame is this damn company? i dunno why rain's rep let them organize the concert. i heard rumours that even the interpreter who helped out during the whole tour in malaysia, also employed by this damn company, had not been paid too. can u see now? how stupid??? no money then don't lebih go and organize people's concert lah. buat malu saja!!!

sinren says he wanna go complain bout this stupid company, want them to pay all of us. i don't mind bout the pay really...i just want this company kena malu. i hope the whole of malaysia will boo at this lame company. i hope it will bankrupt and have to close down. so i definitely agree sin ren to go do it. but i hope he will go and blog about it. haha!!! making him to blog again. neney, blog yar... don't say lazy~~~~

sigh~ actually i need money now lah. my dad who promised to buy me a digital camera just say that he won't buy it. he say i don't need it. wtf?!? i am damn pissed with him to. he alwiz fail to do what he promise. he promised a dinner for me and mum today but say he can't coz he's too busy. and wtf was he busy bout? playing the damn golf. very important lah now? i feel like throwing his damn golf sticks. then the store room will have so much extra room. he alwiz say no money. but he got so much money to spend it one the golf course. wtf?!? hate him arh!!!!

i don't usually use vulgar words but when i am damn pissed and need to convey all my hate, i will use lots of them. please forgive me. i am a christian...but~ sigh~ my vulgar words macam fountain flowing out of my mouth. ish ish~ teruk betul. but thanks to neney, i seriously stopped this bad habit. er~ for as long that i'm happy lah. or else...hehe! i still scold bad words like no tomoro...haha!!!

k lah. i feel so much better after telling u guys. help to spread the news bout the rain's coming concert shit. damn hope they will close down...i mean the company. they close down the first to be celebrating would be me. hahahahahaah!!!!

i wanna watch spiderman 3 lah!!! somebody bring me lah!!! or buy me the dvd ker...haha!! oh yeah! will tell u bout the funniest movie ticket buying experience ever next. damn damn funny. never seen any so stupid ticket seller in my life. but thanks to her i get to watch pirates of caribbean 3. haha!!

k u all.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

really a lot of photos... so here's part 1

oh my gosh! do u know how long i took to edit these photos? and after gosh!!! wanna upload the photos pun susah. i don't mean to be promoting blogdrive but uploading photos in blogdrive is much easier lor. erm~ hopefully people from blogspot will read this and improve on the photos uploading thingy lah. can ask me lor. i can give good suggestions. really... i'm not all about complaining, i've got brains as well.

anyways, i can't upload all photos at once. take hell lots of time. so here's just a small part of the photos nie. sorry lah. really a lot of photos lah. will take a few posts to upload all the photos and tell bout the whole trip.

ok, enough of crapping. gotta start talking bout the trip. anyways, there were so many photos that i have to merge a couple of them together. and after uploading them, they look kinda small. so if u wanna look at the details on what i editted or what so ever, just click on the photos to enlarge.

on the morning of 26th april. (see its that long only i upload and blogging bout them) li shan got ready the earliest and took these ugly photos of me and esther. and yes, i alwiz look this ugly early in the morning. i have to admit it. hey! even super star got their ugly moments rite? nothing wrong with me being ugly rite? lolz~ actually esther don't look ugly in the photo lah. just can't see her face nie lah. haha!

and if u wanna ask, walls are all pink. and so is almost everything else. which reminds me something. see the headband on my head? i can't find it anywhere!! ah!!!!

anyways, we woke up real early. coz we were going to eat something kinda famous in melaka. can u guess it? well, we were going to a shop that is, which i thought, was the best in melaka. if we go there late, we might not be able to get a place to seat and thus, no food to eat. sad no?

people late d rite this mama still want me to help her burn a cd. cannot do it at night meh? weird rite?

another ugly photo of me. haha! i got dressing table one. but because i wanna watch tv so i came to the living room to do my makeup.

i guess esther got too hungry while waiting for me mum's cd to get burned and me doing my makeup. so hungry until eating cheese on its own. won't it be salty esther?

if u did realised, the two photos above before this one, both esther and i are facing one way rite? we are watching the tv. what r we watching u ask? well, in this photo above, not only u can see li shan's leg and the stuff i took back from uni, u can see what are we watching.

at that time, our agung just 'naik tahkta' at that time. so there was a special documentary on the tv about i mean His Majesty. and at the photo on the left, if u can see properly at the screen of the tv, its His Highness punya house or should i say His palace. then the photo on the right is...His son! the handsome prince charming.... totally not like the prince charming in shrek. cute rite? i haven't seen other princes lah but i decided to gelar him the cutest prince in my lifetime. haha!

the sweet little kid even said that he has the world's best parents. awww~ siapa tak sayang macam ni?

before leaving my house, these two camwhorers decided to take a photo without me!!! geram!!! and shit ass the photo turned out damn good. and it was without me!!! ass!!!

i forgot show u guys my neighbour's car. cun rite? its convertible neh... if only i am brave enough to ask the uncle to let me drive this cool car. tak yah drive per. fetch me also happy lah.

i would wear something 80s-inspired. huge sunglasses, polka dot dress, a scarf at my shoulders to let the wind blow it. haha! lame fantasy...but hey! wouldn't u think the same if u see a cun-ted car like that?

mum asked me to drive the car out from my porch. tak tau mengapa li shan must take a photo of me driving. she said that its something rare to see me drive wor... hello! drive also rare meh?

although i get to drive the car out of the porch but mum didn't allow me to drive alone. tak tau lah mengapa. i am 21, mum!!! i can drive!!! i know she wanna be lazy and dun wanna go work. lazy bum!!! but good also lah. we got a tourist guide. hehe!

some shops that li shan thought was...erm~ interesting. haha!

anyways, two keywords u gotta remember when visiting melaka:

1) Eating - u gotta eat everything u see. try it all. coz i can gurantee that melaka's food is ICHIBAN!!!

2) Walking - yes, u will have to walk everywhere. and walking around can get u a very different experience and special places u can't reach driving. really... its a cun experience.

we start our 'eating' experience at this shop. yeap, the shop that we tak sabar-sabar wanna go. heard of melaka's hainanese chicken rice ball? its the best way to eat chicken rice lah. and trust me..this chop chung wah is the best!!! try it. its location is just after the albuqueque bridge. rite after the stadhuys. still dunno where? alah~ ask me lah. i draw u the map.

the food!!! from left... chicken rice balls, close up of the chicken rice balls and the fat chicken.

don't u think the chicken rice ball look exactly like fishballs? maybe they got the inspiration from the fishballs to make the chicken rice balls leh... don't u agree? but they defintiely taste different lah. one taste like er~ fish the other one pulak taste like er~ rice... -_-lll haha!

we have all these delicious food to eat all thanks to this guy up there. yes, he's the owner of the shop. he hardly socialise with the customers unlike the rest of the workers. erm~ kinda think of it... his workers don't socialise either lor. just take orders with their 'black faces' nie. like we owe them a thousand bucks. erm~ if they didn't have all of us as their customers, they would be possibly closed down. so please a bit and apreciate your customers.

anyways, back to the owner. he's really very busy lor. never see him turn from the food counter at all. so busy chopping chicken. so man arh...hahaha!

the before and after of our meals. yet another rampage. and this time is done by four very hungry female animals. haha!!! bersih-bersih we makan. the fat chicken pun habis disapu.

Other random photos taken at the chicken rice shop:
mama serving us. malu betul. we should be serving her.

mama memang suka buat banyak task sekali arh? can distribute chilli and chopsticks at the same time meh? power arh!!!

esther can be model lah. see this pose. killer ballz!!! totally got the poise. should go try the estee lauder model search lah. i support u!!! u sure can'u know who'. haha! u know i know lah.

although she got the poise and the body shape. (er~ not talking bout the tummy 'tho. haha!), she got a bit too er~ should we call that ladylike? why lah drink water also the finger must stick out?
the beautiful paparazzi at work...haha!

my beautiful mama and her daughter. happy nampak. talking bout what o?

ATTN: i hate my side view. don't ever take my side view!!! 45 degress senget is acceptable.

That's all of part one. Will post one part everyday lah. ok? but tomorrow i'm going to kl and then to bukit tinggi. all in one day. haha! so 'kap' huh? terpaksa lah. i was about to rot at home and thanks to me brutha, tze hong asked me to send him off to kl to study. (and i was like 'huh?') i don't have to rot and burn my kitchen...yeah!!! (bout the kitchen burning thing...coming soon~)
so, i guess on tuesday night nie i will post part two and so on lah.
that's all for now...

Monday, May 21, 2007

first day of melaka trip

i don't know if anyone waited for the melaka trip post to appear. haha! its finally gonna be posted. are u guys thrilled? tell me you are...please, please, please!!!!

neways, its not the whole post on the trip. just of the first day nie lah. bukannye a lot of photos lah. just a few. i boleh jadi post today coz i just finished editing the photos of the first day nia. the others still on the way. trust will be up.

actually its not the first day of the trip lah. its after all of us: lishan, esther and i finished our finals. then dad and mum came to fetch us back. its already night but then when we reached melaka, pa brought us to a place selling something that only melaka got...and this is the look of the stall selling the thing...the stall has no i guess. since its under a huge tree. so we call it the under the tree stall. lame rite? but its only the truth is under the a tree right?

can u tell what this stall sells? certainly its food lah. but what kinda food neh? look at the photo and guess lah.

er~ don't mind my thin shoulder and hair...stupid li shan dunno how to aim. must take me in the photo lah now???? haha!!!
ok, ok lah. i guess u guys sure won't guess what the stall sells one lah. coz u all know i will tell lor..rite? isk isk... this is what they sell:

look at the picture on the left first yah. this 'under the tree stall' sells 'hee kiaw'. 'hee kiaw' is actually fish cake in hokkien of melaka region. in chinese its called 'yu jiao'. i don't know what's its call in other languages lah. u will find many stalls in melaka selling this 'hee kiaw'.

now look at the left pic. thanks to li shan's close up photo of the 'hee kiaw',u can clearly see what there is in it. the things in it is mostly made by fish lah. so i guess that's why its name is associated with fish. there's not only fish cake in it rite? so why call 'hee kiaw' rite? why don't call 'hee yi' leh? (as in fish ball in hokkien) weird but unexplainable....

this 'under the tree stall' is very famous for the 'hee kiaw'. heard that it sells one of melaka's best. so u can come try it lah. er~ but i dunno the address to the stall. u can come ask me lah. i can show u the way. a look at the fish ball in the 'hee kiaw' tasty...
and esther loves it a lot...haha!!!
another tasty food sold here at the 'under the tree stall' is the oyster fried mee... i'm not a big fan of it lah. coz i don't really eat mee..but u can ask them to fry 'kuey tiao' as well. i usually just take the oysters nie.

u can choose either to put 'sweet sauce' in the fried mee or not 'sweet sauce'. i prefer it without. both is just as tasty lah.

after our meal....fuiyo!!! like kena rampage by wild animals nie...hahaha!!!

that nie lah. about the night we reached melaka. more on melaka trip coming up....when i finish editing the photos k?

so till then...see u guys in other posts~


p/s: don't ask me when prinz will blog. i seriously don't know when that lazy bum gonna move his delicate fingers. :P

Thursday, May 17, 2007

13 may 2007=mothers' day, parents' day celebration and pang family reunion back at jb

every living i think those dead ones (who used to be alive) also should know lah...that 13 may is mothers' day. haha!

last year's mothers' day, i bought mom a fake diamond necklace (which looked quite real lor...i mean the diamonds). she was very touched and would wear it every sunday. i asked her why she don't wanna wear it everyday. she said she wear too often neh will make the pendant's silver part fade the shini-ness and the fake diamond will look even more fake. she didn't say it but i know she liked it a lot. or else she wouldn't wear it also lah!!!

but this year i didn't get her anything. i do feel guilty k? i know, i know. i'm not working this year and no income is nt a reason to not get a mom a present. not like somebody who goes by the name JACK PANG who doesn't even care to get her wife a present on mothers' day. a dinner or a decent would do but still NO. sigh~ i will get mom a present...a very decent one on her birthday for sure. gotta save money from now on. and one day....i promise a real diamond for this women who gave me life....

apart from mothers' day, on the day, my church had a parents' day celebration. i don't really know what to call the damn celebration lah. its "shuang qin jie" in chinese. don't know what it is in english. those who know please tell me lah.

enoch n i was not in any performance like we used to. we felt a bit childish lah. ok, maybe i just feel so lah. maybe i forgot to tell u guys...the celebration is for sunday school. hello! i'm 21 (ok, i finally admit my real age...haha!) how can i still perform in that celebration? if for the morning worship let me do a solo ker? piano solo ker? violin solo ker? that never mind lah!!! we will never be caught on that kiddie stage again. er~ unless kena force lah.

didn't take much photos lah. just some normal photos while having fun ourselves at the back. oh yeah! i have a video of my girl (my god daughter lah!!!) singing. but i dunno how to upload it here. can anybody teach me? my 'kai lui' damn cute lah. see that english speaking baby singing in chinese will make u laugh out damn loud. damn cute lah that small thing.

neways, here's the photos:

enoch and i making faces at the back while the other people are busy performing on the stage. free people like us....biasa lah!!! haha~ wawa, sheene and i making faces during choir practice. ok, ok. this got nothing to do with the celebration no more. but i don't know why i put the photo here so terpaksa lah. haha!!!wawa say she doesn't mind her fringe half her face coz she got pimple on that side of her face. haha!!!
sheene and i...again i pose with my pouting mouth. that's like my favourite pose for the moment. haha! another one is the making my cheeks go fat one. er~ will show u all lah next time. will see it very often also lah. coz kan i alwiz do that pose rite?

anyways, wanna talk bout my sistah here...sheene lee. she's our church's personal hair consultant o. she's working in a salon...not very famous but ok lah. got chance find her do ur hair lah. not bad noe~ and she's SINGLE!!!! haha! promoting a bit.

next, on the same day also, i went back to jb. coz my aunties wanna celebrate my grandad's birthday. er~ i forgot how old is he. and i dunno when exactly is his birthday. hehe. *smile with guilt* i go back also actually kena force lah. seems like i can only do things after kena force. lolz~ teruk betul gua nie...

neways, it was a pang family reunion for us. coz we, the pang family hardly meet up except during chinese new year. itu pun...not everybody is there. this time everybody showed up 'cept for keren who is busy with her UTAR open day (she's a lecturer there...anyone kenal?) and fufu who is in national service.

i thought it would be boring coz i didn't know everyone is back. manatau everybody's back including derrick's future wife. haha! that shanghai babe is real one hot thing man!!! derrick, that 'bui kia', can also get such a hot wife....tak sangka, tak sangke...haha! don't angry yer~

had lotsa fun...i tak sempat take the food's photo coz...everyone was like hungry hyenas. see food nie grab nie. teruk sial!!! sampai leave maybe bones got lah. haha!

here is a joke my cousin, didi told:

when allison is talking bout my boobs (u noe lah how small it is), jo-an was keji-ing that hers (allison's boobs) are not big either.

jo-an: aiyo allison. yours got A cup or not?

(allison turned to me) allison: yours got A cup or not?

me: sure got lah!!!!

(allison turned back to jo-an): sure got lah!!!

didi: allison, urs where got A?

(allison looked at her boobs)

didi: i think urs is O cup lah.

(everybody laughed although they don't get what didi is saying)

derrick: what is O cup?

didi: when the guys see they go 'oh no!!! its tiny!!!'

hahaha! can u believe this guy? didi sat there like damn cool the whole night but suddenly 'shoot' that joke. haha! not bad didi...

ok lah. photos of the event:
see the totally white hair hunky? that's my 86 year old grandpa. handsome rite? beside third aunty and her husband (sitting down). and the one standing behind them, looking a bit fat is derrick. fat rite? haha!
ah gong's birthday cake. tasty o~ but i ate only a bit. shared it with allison. aiyah~ we have to let the younger ones eat more mah~ i no more the youngest lor or else can still get priority. haha!

i really didn't take much photos of the event except for those above. but one little thing made me took so many photos. and this is her.....

say hello to fat baby....CHEAN SAM YI.

she's my cousin's daughter. cute rite? but a bit fat. and see her cute spiky hair-do. its natural neh. talking bout fashionable say!!! haha!!! cute cute cute...

so so cute....don't u wanna pinch her face??? the one beside also damn cute rite? but no cheeks for u to pinch lah.

mum, samyi n i. hello, baby!!! why never see the camera????
here's my signature pose again. pouting + gemuk kan my cheeks. haha! samyi looked so confuse. don't know why...haha!!!! look at the spiky hair. damn cun!!!

that's all lah. came back from jb nie sleep like pig till next day. thank god sempat to wake up to go srjk bb to teach singing. hahaha!

before i sign's my sexy lips....

can u see got pimple at the side there? one dot leh....can see? damn irritating. i look so ugly with that huge pimple there. ahahahaha!!!!

k lah. really gtg...


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

top 5???

1. 5 things found in my bag
  • wallet
  • handphone
  • eyeliner
  • vaseline
  • house keys/car keys
2. 5 things found in your wallet
  • a little money
  • photos of me and my neney dear
  • atm cards
  • ic
  • driving license

3. 5 favourite things in your room
  • my comfy bed
  • my soft toys
  • my makeup
  • my 'xiao hong' pillow
  • my diary
4. 5 things you've always wanted to do
  • stay with enoch without being 'pandang serong'
  • join malaysian joke k? jane will train me. haha!
  • er~ i can't think of wat else leh...

5. 5 things you're currently into
  • desperate housewives
  • miami ink
  • ugly betty
  • bloodyred-coloured stuff
  • cooking

6. 5 persons that you tagged
if u r reading this then u r tagged. lazy wanna point out who lah. now i understand why those ppl say 'whoever' in this column. but mr enoch liow!!! U MUST DO IT!!!!

skinning me alive...

i got tagged actually i took this from ee von lah. since she says she tags everyone who wants to be tagged mah, was tagged by her lah. haha!

Layer One: On The Outside
Name: Dorcas Pang Tsyi Shin
Birth Date: 11 December 1986
Current Status: Married? how i wish!!! but no...
Eye Colour: i think its black lah.
Hair Colour: don't ever ask me that question
Righty or Lefty: Right

Layer Two: On The Inside
Your Heritage: Teochew Chinese
Your Fears: Bugs!!!! eek! i hate and fear them~
DrowningYour Weakness: ???
Your Perfect Pizza: Hawaiian chicken? anything filled with lotsa cheese will do.

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up: What day is it today?
Your Bedtime: not the same time everyday but mostly at 1am
Your Most Missed Memory: school days

Layer Four: Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: coke
Burger King or McDonald's: mcdonald's!!! i'm loving it!!!
Single or Group Dates: single
Adidas or Nike: nike
Tea or Nestea: tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: if for ice cream, would be vanilla. if on its own,chocolate
Cappucino or Coffee: none

Layer Five: Do You
Smoke: nope...against it
Curse: yeah...but except fo in front of my parents
Take A Shower: er~yes?
Have A Crush: nope
Think You've Been In Love: yeah!!! rite now...
Go To School: i'm in uni, not school. haha!
Want To Get Married: yeah~
Believe In Yourself: hardly lah...
Think You're a Health Freak: nope...if i am then i won't eat raw stuff lah!!!

Layer Six: In The Past Month
Drank alcohol: nope!!! i wan!!! somebody plan a clubbing outing!!!
Gone to the mall: yeap!!!
Been on stage: nope
Eaten sushi: yes
Dyed your hair: nope

Layer Seven: Have You Ever
Played A Stripping Game: nope
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: yes~

Layer Eight: Age
You're HopingTo Be Married: hopefully 25

Layer Nine: In A Guy
Best Eye Colour: whatever colour...i don't care
Best Hair Colour: don't care either.
Short Hair or Long Hair: short is better lor

Layer Ten: What Were You Doing
1 Min Ago: reading blogs
1 Hour Ago: watching tv
4.5 Hours ago: watching tv, cook then eat
1 Month Ago: exams going on
1 Year Ago: sleeping a lot after resigning

Layer Eleven: Finish The Sentence
I Love: can read it at the profile part lah.
I Feel: painful all over
I Hate: read it at the profile there
I Hide: my tattoo from a lot of people
I Miss: PARVEEN JERAM!!! its for real babe...i miss u a lot!!!
I Need: a job!!!

Layer Twelve: Tag Five People
1. enoch liow sin ren
2. isa, isa
3. ah bao!!!!
4. steffanie
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Friday, May 11, 2007

trop noskcid pirt...???

wondering what tht was? haha!!! nothing much lah. i couldn't thing of a nice title so the sentence: "port dickson trip" gua terbalikkan and tu lah yang keluar. steal the idea from couz isa...haha! sorry ya couzie~~~

i have been cracking my poor brains on how to blog bout the port dickson trip. thus, the lack of post.haha! i don't know what to talk about it. basicly, it was not a pleasing trip lor. both enoch n i regretted that we went. huh! if it wasn't...hehe! nothing lah. don't wanna complain bout it since its all over.

if u guys were wondering what the heck the title meant, u guys aren't stupid. i purposely did it to attract attention. haha! anyways, its supposed to be port dickson trip. got the idea from couz isa. sorry couzie for stealing your idea. haha! have u figure it out? don't hurt ya brain...slowly,slowly.

i have been cracking my poor brains on how to blog about the port dickson trip. thus, the lack of posts. i don't know what to talk about it. basicly it was not a pleasing trip. both enoch and i regretted that we went. huh! if it wasn't for...hehe! nothing lah! don't wanna complain since its all over.

i couldn't edit the photos form port dickson coz my lappie (erm~ thts wat i call my laptop. i called it that since i bought it k? not stealing anyone's idea of naming their belongings.) only my lappie has photoshop. i don't know what happened to my photo editing pogramme in my computer. i was very good at using it but the programme just disappeared. *boo* -_-lll

but i guess i could still post the photos-untouched with a couple of caption to sort of tell u guys a little about the damn boring trip to port dickson.

erm~ that's david kor kor. we sat in his car through out the whole trip: from melaka to pd, to jun hao's house, to PD presbyterian church, to PD beach, to lunch, and from PD all the way back to melaka. he's a real nice guy. help out whenever he could. never said a single 'no' when asked for a favor. and he's not bad looking oh~ haha! too bad he's already taken. eat ya heart out girls!!with all this good things i said bout u david kor kor...i demand for a special lunch or something...haha!!!

Sheene ni sitting at the back passenger seat. mama made us sit together. not that i don't like to sit with sheene. i love sitting with my sistah. we even slept together at night during the trip. we were like hugging and all...haha joking lah. but we did sleep together lah. haha! its just that i have not talked intimately with prinz for quite awhile. i just wanna spend time talking with him. why can't mama understand??? aiyah~ these adults all no life one lah!!! :(

the food delicious food served at jun hao's house:

jun hao was the one who invited us- the youth fellowship ppl of GPMelaka, over to pd presbyterian church. he's the leader of his church's youth fellowship. i knew him since last year when we went for a YW Camp at terengganu. he LOVED calling me by my christian name in chinese. i know my name's real nice but in chinese it sounded a kolot!!!

the pretty prinsezz drinking 7-up. haha! i wanted to drink jolly shandy mia. but none was left. there was a can of carlsberg. the temptation was so damn strong. but ney wouldn't allow me to drink :X

jun hao's doggie, max. kinda dumb. call until my throat kering also won't come. maybe its because i don't have the kinda voice that attracts dogs. unlike some people who totally brags about it... *very great lah now???*
the beautiful view of the port dickson beach and shore line. not as beautiful as redang's but boleh tahan lah. at least it looked better than melaka's beaches. haha!

have u seen people who ran around on the beach and playing with sea with an umbrella in their hand? haha! here we see ah khan kor kor and fay doing the big act. but fay's face not seen properly lah. daring betul orh~ and ah khan who is wearing all white with that striking all-yellow umbrella really attract lotsa attention.hahahaha!

look at the beautiful ground who acts as backdrop and the two hunky beach boys.haha! ok, cut off that hunky part. i don't mean to insult lah. but my impression of hunky beach boys are guys that are damn muscular, wearing nothing but a tiny swimming trunk and awesome tan. but no. these guys are not muscular, wearing a purple tee with jeans and a blue shirt with slacks and fair like snow white. what the heck?!?

a tiny shell thingy...i'm not sure if its a crab or something else...gud this wonderful piece of art. its amazing ain't it? i tried digging the sand but i can't get the same way tht the 'thing' had did. animals never fail to amaze me and this lifts my heart to give praise to my Lord as i see all the amazing things his creation were able to do.

d loves e forever and ever...muaks! muaks! i wanted to decorate it with coloured shells but couldn't find more than five shells at the beach. can u spell LAME? haha!

haha! yeap...i'm DORCASS

prinz eating fried bee hoon...and the beginning of a silly arguement.

love tecko coz he spent the whole night bbq-ing for us while we eat an chat *guilts* here's a tiny-weeny little peck for u, tecko. muakiez!!!

spot my chicken wing? its the extra long one. hah! i added a sausage to my chicken wing causing tecko to scream at the top of his lungs at me. lolz~

i don't know why i always lookd like i am hiding behind enoch's head. haha! in this pic, one of my eyes totally gone. i made him smile so widely in this pic. *don't u look adorable, little neney...angugu* haha!
sleeping at church again!!! >_<>


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