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thank god for that stupid ticket seller

last week, i wanted to book tickets to the pirates of caribbean 3: at world's end. u know lah i kan very kiasu. mati-mati also must watch the movie at the first week. paling bagus if can watch on the premier. don't know why. just call me weird. haha!

so i went to gsc's website and tried to book the ticket. but after trying to book all the times available and tak menjadi coz all fully-booked. if wanna buy have to go straight to the counter. i know its useless. the queue will be so long and by the time i get to the front of the line, the ticket seller will tell me : "sorry, the ticket is finished."

deepa called and tell me to watch it on 1st of june. reluctant but have to lah. wat else can be done neh? i memang cannot get the tix d one. so i agreed lor.

then i decided since i haven't watch spiderman 3(see no matter how kiasu i am...i also got 'su' punya time..haha!), i should try booking spiderman's tickets.

thank god for His merciness i was able to…

F**k you!!!

i am pissed. i had been cheated.

i think those who had read my blog and also very close to me might know that i worked at the rain's coming concert as a lame ticket checker. never in my life i ran so much in a night and i had not said so much thank u in a day in my life before. it was really a bad experience. but i lazy wanna talk about it all over again lah. coz i'm already damn pissed now. telling the whole story again will piss me even more.

ok,ok...i keep going on and on bout me being pissed but didn't tell the whole story bout why am i pissed. i am pissed because... after four months...yes, exactly 4 months after the damn concert,(erm~ i dun mean the concert was bad lah. i loved the concert lah. rain is still the best in korea!!!!) i haven't get my lame rm50 pay. can u believe it?

rm50 only ok? not rm500. if its rm500, i will forgive them coz its a whole lot of sum. rm50. my dad one week give me extra allowance also more than that k?(more than rm50 but i still wan…

really a lot of photos... so here's part 1

oh my gosh! do u know how long i took to edit these photos? and after gosh!!! wanna upload the photos pun susah. i don't mean to be promoting blogdrive but uploading photos in blogdrive is much easier lor. erm~ hopefully people from blogspot will read this and improve on the photos uploading thingy lah. can ask me lor. i can give good suggestions. really... i'm not all about complaining, i've got brains as well.

anyways, i can't upload all photos at once. take hell lots of time. so here's just a small part of the photos nie. sorry lah. really a lot of photos lah. will take a few posts to upload all the photos and tell bout the whole trip.

ok, enough of crapping. gotta start talking bout the trip. anyways, there were so many photos that i have to merge a couple of them together. and after uploading them, they look kinda small. so if u wanna look at the details on what i edited or what so ever, just click on the photos to enlarge.

on the morning of 26th …

first day of melaka trip

i don't know if anyone waited for the melaka trip post to appear. haha! its finally gonna be posted. are u guys thrilled? tell me you are...please, please,please!!!!

neways, its not the whole post on the trip. just of the first day nie lah. bukannye a lot of photos lah. just a few. i boleh jadi post today coz i just finished editing the photos of the first day nia. the others still on the way. trust will be up.

actually its not the first day of the trip lah. its after all of us: lishan, esther and i finished our finals. then dad and mum came to fetch us back. its already night but then when we reached melaka, pa brought us to a place selling something that only melaka got...and this is the look of the stall selling the thing...the stall has no i guess. since its under a huge tree. so we call it the under the tree stall. lame rite? but its only the truth is under the a tree right?

can u tell what this stall sells? certainly its food lah. but what kinda f…

13 may 2007=mothers' day, parents' day celebration and pang family reunion back at jb

every living i think those dead ones (who used to be alive) also should know lah...that 13 may is mothers' day. haha!

last year's mothers' day, i bought mom a fake diamond necklace (which looked quite real lor...i mean the diamonds). she was very touched and would wear it every sunday. i asked her why she don't wanna wear it everyday. she said she wear too often neh will make the pendant's silver part fade the shini-ness and the fake diamond will look even more fake. she didn't say it but i know she liked it a lot. or else she wouldn't wear it also lah!!!

but this year i didn't get her anything. i do feel guilty k? i know, i know. i'm not working this year and no income is nt a reason to not get a mom a present. not like somebody who goes by the name JACK PANG who doesn't even care to get her wife a present on mothers' day. a dinner or a decent would do but still NO. sigh~ i will get mom a present...a very decent one on her…

top 5???

1. 5 things found in my bag
wallethandphoneeyelinervaselinehouse keys/car keys2. 5 things found in your wallet
a little moneyphotos of me and my neney dearatm cardsicdriving license
3. 5 favourite things in your room
my comfy bedmy soft toysmy makeupmy 'xiao hong' pillowmy diary4. 5 things you've always wanted to do
stay with enoch without being 'pandang serong'join malaysian joke k? jane will train me. haha!er~ i can't think of wat else leh...
5. 5 things you're currently into
desperate housewivesmiami inkugly bettybloodyred-coloured stuffcooking
6. 5 persons that you tagged
if u r reading this then u r tagged. lazy wanna point out who lah. now i understand why those ppl say 'whoever' in this column. but mr enoch liow!!! U MUST DO IT!!!!

skinning me alive...

i got tagged actually i took this from ee von lah. since she says she tags everyone who wants to be tagged mah, was tagged by her lah. haha!

Layer One: On The Outside
Name: Dorcas Pang Tsyi Shin
Birth Date: 11 December 1986
Current Status: Married? how i wish!!! but no...
Eye Colour: i think its black lah.
Hair Colour: don't ever ask me that question
Righty or Lefty: Right

Layer Two: On The Inside
Your Heritage: Teochew Chinese
Your Fears: Bugs!!!! eek! i hate and fear them~
DrowningYour Weakness: ???
Your Perfect Pizza: Hawaiian chicken? anything filled with lotsa cheese will do.

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up: What day is it today?
Your Bedtime: not the same time everyday but mostly at 1am
Your Most Missed Memory: school days

Layer Four: Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: coke
Burger King or McDonald's: mcdonald's!!! i'm loving it!!!
Single or Group Dates: single
Adidas or Nike: nike
Tea or Nestea: tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: …

trop noskcid pirt...???

if u guys were wondering what the heck the title meant, u guys aren't stupid. i purposely did it to attract attention. haha! anyways, its supposed to be port dickson trip. got the idea from couz isa. sorry couzie for stealing your idea. haha! have u figure it out? don't hurt ya brain...slowly,slowly.
i have been cracking my poor brains on how to blog about the port dickson trip. thus, the lack of posts. i don't know what to talk about it. basicly it was not a pleasing trip. both enoch and i regretted that we went. huh! if it wasn't for...hehe! nothing lah! don't wanna complain since its all over.

i couldn't edit the photos form port dickson coz my lappie (erm~ thts wat i call my laptop. i called it that since i bought it k? not stealing anyone's idea of naming their belongings.) only my lappie has photoshop. i don't know what happened to my photo editing pogramme in my computer. i was very good at using it but the programme just disappeared. *boo* -_-ll…