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One week one palette: Colourpop Unfinished Business

Second week of one week one palette 😊

The second week's palette is Colourpop's Unfinished Business
This palette doesn't come in a case. Instead it comes in individual pressed powder shadows. But since it is marketed as a palette, I kept it together with my other small palettes (palettes with 10 or less shades) in a magnetic case.

The palette has six shades...
(from left to right) Two Birds, Fortune Cookie, Koi, Lucky You, Facet and Roundhouse
Two Birds- metallic vibrant warm gold
Fortune Cookie- matte vibrant hot red
Koi- matte soft warm orange
Lucky You- matte warm pink
Facet- matte deep red brown
Roundhouse- matte cool black brown

On the website, Unfinished Business is described as...
...fall shadows...from warm tones to a dramatic kick of red
Since there are six shades, I was sure I could use each shade for at least once for the week. But turns out I didn't use it for full six days coz I went few days without makeup coz I kept getting migraine (hello migraine season). B…

Collective Drugstore Haul + Review

I've been wanting to post up this haul for damn long d but kept delaying 😅 Now that I've used most of the stuff in the haul, I've decided to do a short review of each product that I've used as well. Most of the stuff are from the drugstore and the others that are not are pretty affordable as well.

I always wanted to get THE Butter Bronzer which was highly raved by people on YouTube. I wanted to get it from iHerb but I couldn't hit free shipping. But then Physicians Formula decided to bring in this HG product into Malaysia and my heart rejoice 🎉🎉🎉

Love the imprint on the powder
I've always hear that the bronzer has a very lovely tropical scent. The bloody scent gave me a headache. It smells like a very strong artificial coconut scent imo. I don't think that's very pleasant or tropical tbh.

I know there are two shades out but in Malaysia, we only have one
I was thinking this shade would be too dark since it's a deep shade. But it turned out it…