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Taz Story Hand Drip Coffee Workshop

Recently I've signed up for a hand drip coffee workshop with my best friend, Trina. It was a momentary decision so we didn't really know what we got ourselves into. Didn't even find out anything about the person who would be giving the workshop or anything about his company. We just paid and totally forget about it until like few weeks prior lol. Thank god we didn't schedule anything on that week lah.

So last Saturday, both of us went for the workshop like two budak bodohs (silly people)...
So the workshop was held at Bake For Fun (details about venue and other workshops that they hold *here*) and was hosted by TAZ Story. We were slightly late (actually we were the latest 😒) to the workshop coz we were waiting for our club sandwich lol. So paiseh (embarrassing) ok? The speaker had actually started speaking when we walked in.

We knew the workshop was going to be in Mandarin but we didn't expect to receive notes which are 100% in Chinese as well. I mean it was ok f…

Throwback Thursday: Thanu's Wedding

I'm pretty sure this happened a year ago. I remembered having nothing to wear coz I've just recently gave birth and done with confinement. So it should be around May. I found the pic lying around in my phone and computer so I thought I'll do a throwback on it.

First part of the photos are from their wedding ceremony at the Indian temple...
So gorgeous my perempuan kesayangan 😜

Please excuse my hair's state coz I haven't got it fixed at that time. Just done my confinement at that time.

Kesh is so damn gorgeous. She looks like a real life Bollywood star 😍 She's so gorgeous that the camera decide to focus on her and blurred me out hahaha.

Not saying that Puff is not pretty lah. But I've not seen Kesh for so long that I think I should praise her more wtf.

Precious pic of the gorgeous couple coz the rest of the time I was blocked by someone 😠
Stupid camera decided that I was not necessary to focused again 😓
From here on it'll be pics from the recept…

Golden Girls Project Pan: Update 1

One month has gone by so quickly!!! Time for the first update (Introduction over *here*). To be honest, I know there will not be a lot of progress. But sometimes I surprise myself every time I do an update. So let's see how I do.

Gold eyeshadow in Lakme 9to5 Eye Quartet in Tanjore Rush (Golden Girl- something gold)
During the introduction

This month
I'm not sure if it's visible but I've made quite a good dent in the eyeshadow. Not pan yet tho. I've been using it almost every day for the whole month. I wanted to see if it's possible to pan it in a month but I guess not. Let's see how long it'll take to really hit a pan from now on.

Hello Kitty Organic Series Hand Cream in Garden Rose Scent (Rose- something rose themed/sweet/silly)

I was wondering how was I going to measure my progress since there is not way I could see how much is left. Then I thought about weighing the hand cream.

I decided to weigh it every month when I update
I didn't weigh it the …