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Wednesday Blues

Dolling up to go out to get some stuff. Best way to fight Wednesday Blues is to put on a pretty face.

On my face: 
•CandyDoll loose powder #1 
•the Balm time Balm concealer in medium/dark 
•Artistry Sheer Cheek Color in Soft Peach

On the brows: 
•DollyWink eyebrow powder in #03 
•L'Oreal Brow Designer Pro in #01

On eyes: 
•Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original 
•K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 1 Day Tattoo 

Baby Talk

I've come to the age where babies talk are the norm in my life now. My gang's whatsapp chat had been filled with babies talk since we have three mummies and one mummy-to-be. My church gang also the same. Those that I'm close to are either pregnant or are already a mummy. Here's the few things that I've learnt from these mummies recently... Please correct me if I'm wrong coz I'm typing this down as future reference.

This is a car seat
Car seats are of course seats in the car for yr baby. My friend Umie says its important to buy a car seat that could accommodate your baby till he/she is 3-4yo. It's best to have a newborn insert for d car seat. But not all comes with one so have to take note la. Apparently Sparco (pictured) is one of the best brands. Other brands Umie recommends are Maxi Cost and Halford. We bought this one pictured for Liz's Logan. Super sturdy. If I was to buy, I think I would buy this.

I deleted my previous post coz I got facts wrong. …

Self-pampering Routine

Reflective forehead has once again surfaced coz I'll be doing some self-pampering session right now. Lemme share with you guys what do I usually do a self-pampering night. My self-pampering session are usually once a week...sometimes if I'm hardworking enough, twice a week. First thing i do is cleansing my face.

Oops before I cleanse my face I'll put on some awesome 90s jam first. Bye bye bye ftw!!!
I use the pobling sonic cleanser to clean my face every day...morning and night. What I do is squeeze a pea size amount of facial cleanser on it. Switch it on and move around in circles all over my face for 1 minute. Then wash off.

The one on the right is my cleanser from Artistry. Had been using for few years now. After I cleanse my face, I will scrub my face with the product on the left which is Cure Aqua Gel. It is a peeling gel which is kinder for your skin if compared with those scrubs with beads. I do both cleansing and scrubbing coz cleansing will help the pores to open up …

Of Baboon House and stupid arguments

I've not been posting much since last week. Shall talk about it more later on...if I had the time. But for now lemme tell u guys what I did today. After church and choir practice, since SR didn't have to go back to KL early, we went to have tea at Baboon House...recommended and highly raved by Jacy Cheah. I had always hear her talking about how nice the place is and how good the food is but never been there myself.

The place was awesome. It is a cafe in a peranakan house. I find peranakan houses super fascinating so anything inside a peranakan house is awesome for me. Couldn't take pic of the place coz it's restricted coz it doubles as an art gallery as well. You guys gotta go there to see it for yourselves. But I tell you it's really awesome. But here's a glimpse of the food...
I think they specialize in burgers? There's like mostly burgers in their menu. I was there for their burgers also la... In this pic above it's my Aloha Lamb Cheeseburger. Their Al…