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Project Pan 2018 Update #2

It's been awhile since I last updated on my Project Pan. I was thinking to do it every month but sometimes I just ain't got the time. I'll try to update whenever I remember alright?

Introduction post is *here* while the one update is over *here* for those who are interested to find out what I'm doing.

On the last update, I'm at 14 products but this time round I'm gonna add a couple more into the project coz I've hit pan on a few other products. I think at this point I might actually accumulate 18 products to finish by 2018.

Now let's get into the update.

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect Makeup

This time's progress is unexpected going strong. Well, to be fair, it was two months worth of usage. So obviously there is more difference than before. But there was a time I was using this foundation almost every day. That explains why lah. I'm hopeful this will be gone by the end of the year.

As the weather gets a little hotter, I'll be using this l…

Photo Dump 2018 #2

As promised a new photo dump post 😬

For now I'm planning to do one at least once a month. If I'm hardworking and consistent enough in the future, I'll do it once a week.

This was quite long May. Couldn't put it in a throwback post coz I only have a couple of photos. So here it is.

I love Big Bad Wolf coz I get to buy lots of books with very affordable price. I always ended up with a whole basket of books each year I go. But I haven't got time to read them all. So I have so many unread books on my book cupboard right now.

This time I practiced self control and only got one book for myself.

Everyone who saw the book that I bought was like 😅 but yeah, I'm a big Avengers fan so I had to get this book to learn about them. By the time I finish this book I'll be a pro when the fourth movie is out.

Bought all these books for Zyon instead. Glad that I bought it coz he enjoys all these books a lot and "read" them (or asked me to read them to him…