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Grandpa Pang...

Today I received a sms frm my cousin (I think) asking me what is my granddad's name in chinese. Thinking that it was nothing I joked and said: "Who is this? Own grandpa's name also don't know arh???" Got no reply after that so I thought it was no serious matter.

Then I received a call from my mother telling me that my grandpa passed away this morning. The maid tried to wake him in the morning but he didn't woke up.

I broke into tears coz granddad always was a better grandparent to me (from my father's side). I felt bad for making a joke like that to my cousin. It was really disrespectful.

Grandpa Pang had always sayang me. He liked talking to me. I know coz he seldom smiles at other grandchildren when talking to them. But he smiles when he talks to me. Even though we had language barrier, coz I don't speak Teochew that well and he doesn't speak Chinese, I managed to know about his worries about his life and the fears he secretly face.

I remembered…

pat to-ing

Last Friday, Sinren and I went to Midvalley to pat-to. After Valentine's Day, I think I haven't been out with him personally for a date or whatsoever. Plus he still owe me a Valentine's gift, didn't he? Hahahahahahaha~

After tutorial and lunch with Esther and Shiu Li, I rushed home to get dolled up then left to take bus to Midvalley. Upon reaching there, Sinren told me that he'll be waiting for me at GSC. He didn't tell me that we were planning to watch a movie or something. Coz I have my performance's practice at 5pm. I thought he was just there coincidentally or maybe he was buying my present from there.

Instead, when I reached there, he was queuing up to buy movie tickets. I wasn't angry with him for making the decision to go watch a movie because I did not, in the first place, tell him that I have to go for the practice. I wanted to spend more time with him mah... plus I already know the performance by heart so didn't go also ok one... :P

We wen…

New Skirt

The other day Mel gave each of us a FOS 20% voucher. So it gave us excuse to go shopping even though we're damn broke. By us, I meant Esther, me and Shiu Li. Hahahahahahah~

So after class, the three of us rushed over to Midvalley to get our clothes. Konon lah scared the voucher will expire... Just an excuse go Midvalley nie... Hahahahahaha~ Didn't go like will die. One week must go at least once mia. Heheheheheheh~

After much consideration of what I really need, I chose to buy this skirt...
...instead of a Harajuku Lover top that I had been eyeing for damn long. T____T

Apparently I realized I have lots of tee already so I opt for the skirt coz I'm lacking of skirts. But I will go back and get that tee. Heheheheheheh~ Coz the tee really very nice lah...

Anyways, the skirt is from some brand called...
What kinda brand is blah blah blah? anyone heard of it??? Hahahahaha~ I mean all the other brands in FOS I have heard of. But blah blah blah??? Damn kelakar lah the brand's…

My dear water lily...

This was how big it looks on the second night after Valentine's Day. The aroma spread around the whole room and I thought Esther bought new perfume or something.
Sigh~ but it's all gone now except for the memory of it.
Like Prof. Anis said the feeling of joy of getting the lily was ephemeral but then the memory of it will stay on till... WHEN SINREN GETS ME ANOTHER ONE!!! Hahahahahahahahahah~

Anyways, I bought a vase in memory of the water lily.
I know lah... Damn weird right? Why buy a vase after the flower died? Aiyo~ buy d then got hope that Sinren will get me flowers summore rite?


Plus the vase is cheap...only RM3!!! And its not a cheapo brand of MTM or Hot Market. Its from IKEA mind you!!!

Er...tell me again why did I blog about this??? Oh yeah... its because I am using the best of the RM40 I am paying every month. Hehehehehehe~ Don't call me evil coz life's like with it!!!

That's all for today...


Swedish Food and Dream Car

I had never had Swedish Food ever in my life. I think that's coz there's no Swedish Restaurant in Malaysia. Ermm...rite?

To be honest, I had not tried any REAL international cuisine apart from Japanese and Korean. So can anybody suggest where can I get nice French, Italian (apart from Italianese), Dutch...blah blah blah...whatever cuisine so that I could try it all? Well, of course price is one big factor for me because I just declared that I'm broke recently. So if there's any CHEAP and fabulous food that I could try, please leave me a tag or email me at I'm up to trying anything at all.

Anyways, those who are looking for good food blogs, I would recommend this one LIM MEI YEN coz there's where I usually get my ideas where to eat food.

The other day I had my experience of trying Swedish food. Well, not exactly Swedish food lah. One Saturday, Esther and I was planning what to eat for lunch.

Esther: You wanna eat something special …


I am in the midst of practicing a performance for the upcoming music showcase at my uni.

When I asked my godma whether she has a washing board coz I need it for the props. She said this:

"What is washing board? The wood that has stairs like top? If yes, then I don't have dear. We are in washing machine era dear."

Now we know where I get all my humor and sarcasm from.


Need a new hairdo

My fringe has once again needed to be straighten again...

Here's the evidence of the curls that are coming out.

So curly lah wei. Tak tahan. So ugly can???
So now Mr Liow Sinren, do you know why I have to clip my fringe up? Coz the fringe looks so ugly!!!
I had been straightening my fringe since form 6. I mean I could let my fringe grow out and then I don't have to straighten it every 4-6 months right? But I couldn't coz my forehead is so bulgy and it needs the fringe to cover it. You guys should know how ugly I look with my fringe clip up now. But I have no choice coz I cannot tahan the ugliness of the curly hair coming out.
Don't know when will I go back to Melaka. Then only I can straighten my fringe. Hehe~ Actually I can straighten my hair in KL but then... I have to use my own money then. Teehehee~ I'm so calculative... Hehehehehehhe~ -_^
The not amused pose again...
Of course not amused lah... fringe ugly summore how to amuse wor???

The bestest besties in the whole wide world

These are all my besties...
From left to right: Lizzie, Nana, Li, Anu, Puff, Ann, Deepa and Buvie (the last one of course no introduction needed right??? -_^)

These people had been in my life for years. Some even friends since primary school. Without them... I don't think I can survive secondary school. REALLY!!!! Its that serious...

Anyways, yesterday we had a conference call. I was busy doing something (I forgot what lah) suddenly I received Buvie's call. I said: "Wassup?" and suddenly a whole lot of voice popped saying hi back. Its impossible that everyone went back to Melaka as its a weekday mah right? Summore one in UPM, one at ss2, one at sec 14 lagi two more pulak in Melaka. So how can all be together right?

Thanks to technology, we can have that chat together even though it was really difficult coz all were trying to shout into the conversation, namely deepa and ann. Hahaahahhaha~ I had to let them talk and only wait till they realized"Eh, where dookie ar…


Can't wait to bling up the whole thing. Wonder how will it look like???
Wait for it...

Pre v-day and v-day celebration


I've decided to post all the pre v-day preparation's photos and the photos of the celebration itself on the same post. So the photos gonna be a lot again. Heheheheheheh~ I know some of you like to see photos one right? So it must be a thrill for you guys. Hahahahhaahhahaahah~

Anyways, we had already compromised on the gifts we were going to each other. So it was not a big surprise for us.

I asked him what should I get him for this valentine and he said whatever also can. Then we realized that we didn't get any couple tee after the Giordano shirt that I bought for his birthday didn't have XS. So we decided that I get ourselves the couple tee. And him pulak... he suggested to give me something by himself. Erm... won't disclose that item till he truly bought it for me. (YES!!! HE HAVEN'T BOUGHT IT YET!!!!)

Anyways, on Monday, I went over to Midvalley and The Gardens to search for the gift. Although the gift is not a secret, the designs on how the couple tee…