Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Grandpa Pang...

Today I received a sms frm my cousin (I think) asking me what is my granddad's name in chinese. Thinking that it was nothing I joked and said: "Who is this? Own grandpa's name also don't know arh???" Got no reply after that so I thought it was no serious matter.

Then I received a call from my mother telling me that my grandpa passed away this morning. The maid tried to wake him in the morning but he didn't woke up.

I broke into tears coz granddad always was a better grandparent to me (from my father's side). I felt bad for making a joke like that to my cousin. It was really disrespectful.

Grandpa Pang had always sayang me. He liked talking to me. I know coz he seldom smiles at other grandchildren when talking to them. But he smiles when he talks to me. Eventhough we had language barrier, coz I don't speak Teochew that well and he doesn't speak Chinese, I managed to know about his worries about his life and the fears he secretly face.

I remembered the last time he stayed over at my house. It was the last time he came over. He sat on the dining table and told me that a doctor told him that he will only live till 85. He said he had no regrets coz he had seen his children getting married, his children having children, his grandchildren getting married and his grandchildren having children. But he was sad that he could never see me getting married. I told him God will decide when he will leave this world and it was not to be determined by the doctor. I also told him that even so I will bring a "darling" for him to see before he leaves the world. He smiled at me as usual.

Last year when we went to see him, he told us he was going to die soon. He cried and it was the first time I saw him cry. Everybody thought that he was talking nonsense but I kept it in my heart coz I heard people saying old people know about when their death would be arriving.

This year, during Chinese New Year, he asked dad why he came to JB, was it a holiday. It was clear that nobody told him it was CNY and nobody told him "HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR". And it was clear that my 1st uncle and his families are assholes!!!

This is the last photo of him that I had. It was taken during CNY. And it was the only photo of him that I had with a smile. T____T

Only dad took photo with Grandpa. Usually at every event I would take photo with him and grandma eversince I had a camera phone. But I didn't know why I didn't take it with him during CNY. Missing it=last chance to ever doing it again... T____T

This is the first time ever I had ever lost a family member. Eventhough we didn't live together, I felt the lost. This feeling was not good. Flashes of grandpa kept appearing. The moments went he talked to me at the dining table appeared. The times I had disrespectful thoughts about him appeared. His smiles appeared. T____T
I only worried about grandma now. She has short term memory lost. Will she remember that grandpa had deceased? Its okay if she don't remembers the pain of losing him but if she has to repeat the pain again and again everytime she can't find grandpa, it'll be very painful. And I do hope my uncle and his family will treat her better coz without grandpa, she's all alone.
Tomorrow I'll be going back to JB. Seeing grandpa for the very last time before he leaves us forever.
Its not easy but I know he's at a better place looking down at all of us. I know that from whereever he is, he will bless me and smiles at me.
I love you, grandpa
Rest in peace...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

pat to-ing

Last Friday, Sinren and I went to Midvalley to pat-to. After Valentine's Day, I think I haven't been out with him personally for a date or whatsoever. Plus he still owe me a Valentine's gift, didn't he? Hahahahahahaha~

After tutorial and lunch with Esther and Shiu Li, I rushed home to get dolled up then left to take bus to Midvalley. Upon reaching there, Sinren told me he'll be waiting for me at GSC. He didn't tell me that we were planning to watch a movie or something. Coz I have my performance's practise at 5pm. I thought he was just there coincidentally or maybe he was buying my present from there.

Instead, when I reached there, he was queueing up to buy movie tickets. I wasn't angry with him for making the decision to go watch a movie because I did not, in the first place, tell him that I have to go for the practise. I wanted to spend more time with him mah... plus I already know the performance by heart so didn't go also ok one... :P

We went to watch this...

Damn nice ok? At first I thought it was going to be boring coz I watched the first was not that nice. I only watched it coz I love Channing Tatum *hotness* Summore I

don't know any of the actors in the movie. But it turned out like the best dance movie I had ever watched. Erm...dragging Bring it on to second. Hahahahahha~

I tell you... those who love dancing and didn't watch it, should regret for the rest of their life. Coz its damn nice can??? Especially the final dance battle.

For those who watched, I think Moose and Kiddo are my favourite in the movie. Damn cun-ted la their dance steps. Gosh! Now I felt like taking hip hop lessons la!! But got no money ler... how? how? how? how? I really wanna learn la... I always wanted to learn dancing but haven't got the chance. I wanted to learn dancing after form 6 but then when I went to work I had no free time to go learn it. So now I cannot dance... T_____T

Ok, putting the dance thingy aside...after the movie, Sinren brought me to get my present. Yay!!! Its already like a week passed Valentine's day and I haven't get my present. Everyone was like "Where's your V-day's present?", "Why didn't show us ur present?", "What you got for your Vday?". Aiyo~ I also wanna show off once in awhile one mah right?

Anyways, this is the thing he got me...
Its a silver band with diamante

Ok, ok... no need so sophisticated. Its a ring lah... Damn nice right? Its not professionally made lah. So that's why you can see the flaws quite easily. But I like it a lot. Coz its from him and chose it himself instead of me choosing it like I always had to do it.

Now that I got this ring, I can abandon the old one which I wore everyday and wear this one everyday. Isk~ teruk betul I. Got new thing forget old things right? Yoh... That one not bought by my neney mah... Can still wear la but this one is more meaningful mah...

Then after that we went to take sticker photo. The last time we took it was two years ago on his birthday. I had been bugging him to take it with me for don't know how long d...

We choose four designs out of six. I think the one we took this time was damn nice. I look so pretty summore. (This is the whole point that it is nice... HAhahahahahahaha~)

Here are the four designs they we chose:

This is my favourite!!!

So nice right? I took it with my camera so may look abit lousy lah... But its really damn nice k? BTWs, we're wearing the couple tee I bought for the two of us...

I like this one also. Can you see my bootilicious butt? Hahahahahahah~ Damn proud of it. Coz since I don't have the look, having that kinda butt is like a gift from heaven. Hahahahahahaa~

I don't really like this one coz I smile until my mouth senget. WTH??? Why la I always smile senget? My IC's photo also like tht. T_____T

I don't like this one at all... But we chose this coz it looked funny. We were supposed to stand damn straight and then make a serious face. Dunno what is wrong wit me I go make that ugly face. Hahahahahaha~ But still damn funny right?

I think I hate it so much that I didn't do a nice decorating work to the photo. -__-

I didn't go for practise after all. So to drag more time before he goes to church and I go for the whole group practise, we went to had dinner.

We walked around The Gardens and chose this place to dine...

We had not been having Japanese food since godma nearly make us puke at Sushi King. Hahahahaha~

We had Japanese food in The Gardens before but not in Sushi Zanmai. If not mistaken, that one is called Zen Sushi or something like that lah... Its situated at the Ground Floor. It was not bad but the green tea served had some sort of fishy smell. DAmn digusting can?

The green tea here is really nice. Unlike Sushi King's one which is tasteless and Zen Sushi's one which is too fishy.

We ordered ala carte and only took two sushi off the belt which are these two...

I preferred the one with the prawn. The prawn's real fresh and the added bonita flakes on the sushi made it tastier. Some how sweeter and has this special smell. Much much better than Sushi King.

Sinren preferred the tofu sushi. He likes tofu sushi like gila. Whatever sushi got that tofu on it nie he will whack. This tofu sushi alone he ate two plates.

We saw these packets of stuff on the table while waiting for our ala carte to come...
We didn't know what it was. Thinking it was some sauce or whatever powder to put in the sushi or the dishes. *laughs* Then we were looking for tissue to wipe our hands and mouth after dirtying. But couldn't find any. I ended up wiping on my skirt.

Finally when we open up the packet... was wet tissue.
Geesh!!! All the fuss looking for tissue. -_-lll
The wet tissue cost 20 cents. Cheaper than most restaurants lah... But I still think why do we need to pay for this when we could use cheap tissues.

Finally our food came!!!
Forgot the name of the dish. Sakura something. HAahahahhaaahah~

Everything is so fresh... There's the white/translucent thingy which is cuttlefish, the white with purple sides thingy is sotong, red thingy is salmon, red with white= prawn and not shown in the photo, underneath all this is a piece of tuna. Damn damn nice!!!

Ready to attack me food!!!
Then this is Sinren's dish...
Er...something tendon. Hahahahahaha~ Basically its tempura rice lah... Also damn nice lah. ER...actually he only gave me a piece of prawn tempura and finished the rest. :'( Why my bf like that? Don't know how to share nice food one... So selfish!!!!

OMG!!! It looked so delicious!!!

I ordered Miso Shiru/Miso Soup coz I really like drinking it. Plus its healthy and can help out in losing weigh. I know... I don't need to loose any weigh lah... But I also heard that the seaweed in the soup can help you keep bloated. Like that I can stay full for longer time so that no need to waste money to buy more food.
Better than Sushi King's

WEll, the whole conclusion is everything in Sushi Zanmai is better than Sushi King and for the moment is the best Japanese Food Joint that I had ever had.

Ok la... That's all for today...


Monday, February 25, 2008

New Skirt

The other day Mel gave each of us a FOS 20% voucher. So it gave us excuse to go shopping eventhough we're damn broke. By us, I meant Esther, me and Shiu Li. Hahahahahahah~

So after class, the three of us rushed over to Midvalley to get our clothes. Konon lah scared the voucher will expire... Just an excuse go Midvalley nie... Hahahahahaha~ Didn't go like will die. One week must go at least once mia. Heheheheheheh~

After much consideration of what I really need, I chose to buy this skirt...
...instead of a Harajuku Lover top that I had been eyeing for damn long. T____T

Apparently I realised I have lots of tee already so I opt for the skirt coz I'm lacking of skirts. But I will go back and get that tee. Heheheheheheh~ Coz the tee really very nice lah...

Anyways, the skirt is from some brand called...
What kinda brand is blah blah blah? anyone heard of it??? Hahahahaha~ I mean all the other brands in FOS I have heard of. But blah blah blah??? Damn kelakar lah the brand's name...

But it was quite nice lah... Very comfortable to wear... Hmmm~ overall, nice lah... Hahahahahahahaha~

Here you see my dear roommate trying it on in our room for me:
Hahahahahahahahahaha~ we often try each other clothes lah basically. So its ok one...

I know, i know... where is the photo with me wearing it right? Hehehehehehe~ Didn't take any... But I think those who see me everyday would have seen me wearing it right? Next time nie lah I'll show you guys the photo of me wearing k?

Anyways, I was just wondering... now that I couldn't find any skins that has comment boxes. So I was thinking to switch back to the custom made skins by Blogger. But I have trouble editting the sidebars for the skins by bloggers. So I hope that my readers would give me suggestions... Should I continue using the skin that I am using now without comment box or should I use Blogger's skin with comment box. Please leave your opinion in the tagbox or you could email me at Your comments are really needed. So please....thank you so so much...
Well, another pointless post but at least I showed you guys my newly bought stuff right? Unlike some other times when I just talked about it and never show it.
Tomorrow will blog bout more interesting stuff lah... I'm even more bored of my own blog than the rest of you.
See you guys in next post...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My dear water lily...

This was how big it looks on the second night after Valentine's Day. The aroma spread around the whole room and I thought Esther bought new perfume or something.
Sigh~ but its al gone now except for the memory of it.

Like Prof. Anis said the feeling of joy of getting the lily was ephemeral but then the memory of it will stay on till... WHEN SINREN GETS ME ANOTHER ONE!!! Hahahahahahahahahah~

Anyways, I bought a vase in memory of the water lily.
I know lah... Damn weird right? Why buy a vase after the flower died? Aiyo~ buy d then got hope that Sinren will get me flowers summore rite?


Plus the vase is cheap...only RM3!!! And its not a cheapo brand of MTM or Hot Market. Its from IKEA mind you!!!

Er...tell me again why did I blog about this??? Oh yeah... its because I am using the best of the RM40 I am paying every month. Hehehehehehe~ Don't call me evil coz life's like with it!!!

That's all for today...


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Swedish Food and Dream Car

I had never had Swedish Food ever in my life. I think that's coz there's no Swedish Restaurant in Malaysia. Ermm...rite?

To be honest, I had not tried any REAL international cuisine apart from Japanese and Korean. So can anybody suggest where can I get nice French, Italian (apart from Italianese), Dutch...blah blah blah...whatever cuisine so that I could try it all? Well, of course price is one big factor for me because I just declared that I'm broke recently. So if there's any CHEAP and fabulous food that I could try, please leave me a tag or email me at I'm up to trying anything at all.

Anyways, those who are looking for good food blogs, I would recommend this one LIM MEI YEN coz there's where I usually get my ideas where to eat food.

The other day I had my experience of trying Swedish food. Well, not exactly Swedish food lah. One Saturday, Esther and I was planning what to eat for lunch.

Esther: You wanna eat something special or not?

Me: Can... what you have in mind?

Esther: How bout French food?

Me: Wah~ expensive arh?

Esther: No lah...

Me: Ok lor... Where arh?

Esther: IKEA.

Me: Why IKEA selling French food?

Esther: Why cannot?

Me: Can lah... But IKEA is Sweden company what...

Esther: Oh, oh...its Swedish not French.

My roommate is officially a blur sotong like Li Shan. Hahahahahahahaha~

So we went to IKEA.

I had never been to IKEA's cafe and tried any of the food. Erm... except for the RM1 currypuff with an egg in it downstairs. That's obviously not swedish rite? So I was sorta all blur upon reaching the cafe.

The cafe, for those who had not been there, its something like the high school's cafeteria you see in movies. You take a tray put a cup (either for coffee or soft drinks), the utensils you need then the food that you choose to eat. After all that, pay at the cashier. DAmmit!!! I am so "suah ku". I was like all awed by the whole cafe. I was like that O_O. Hahahahahhaah~

My Dish

I forgot the Swedish name for this. Damn sophisticated lah the name. Hahahahahahaha~

The salmon was damn nice. Esther gave me the 'Eeyer~' look when I gave a small tiny piece to try. Well, what does she know about raw salmon. She doesn't even like Japanese food. Hehe~ Jk, jk... anyways, the salmon has this sweetness that comes from within. Don't know how to explain. Thank god I'm not a food blogger. Coz I can't find the right words to talk about food. Maybe my English is too teruk d. So sorry to all my English teachers. T_____T

Ok, the point is I love this plate of thingy damn much. Summore the salmon is not cut til to thin or too thick. I thought I would be still hungry after finishing, considerating my appetite, but its actually quite filling.

The only thing I hate about this dish is the vegetables at the side. Dunno whether the vegetables were meant to be bitter or what lah. But its damn bitter can? Like eating bitter gourd. Even some bitter gourds are not that bitter.

Esther's dish

This is called Chicken in Lemon and Herbs. Apparently no Swedish name for it.

This dish is way better than the lemon and herbs in Nando's.

Then we shared a dessert coz after eating our respective dishes we were too full to eat one dessert by ourselves.

Our dessert

Its a cake actually. Forgotten the name in swedish anyways. I think its the most Swedish thing we had lah... Coz my dish was like a Japanese dish and Esther's one was like normal American or British. Summore on the cake got Sweden's flag. Hahahahahaha~

Well, that's my first experience in Swedish food. Erm... can I consider it Swedish food ne? Ok lah...for the time being can lah... Hahahahahaah~ BTWs, its damn good lah. Next time will go try other dishes at the cafe. See when Esther got the "gan dong"("touched feeling" WTH?) lah...

After lunch, we left IKEA coz we had to go to the performance rehearsals at uni. But we passed by Volkswagen and I saw my dream car...
I shouted so loud that Esther got a shock and nearly banged some other cars. HAhahahahahah~ Mama always said that I scream for no reason. What does she mean no reason man? When I see something interesting or hear something interesting on the radio sure wanna share mah...

Like when I heard my favourite song on the radio in the car, I would shout: "OMG!!! ITS MY FAVOURITE SONG!!! SING IT WITH ME BABY!!!" *shaking sinren like gila* Its normal right? Who wouldn't do that right???

That day I made Esther stop by the road side so I could take photos of THe Beetle. And she did... what a nice roommate she is. driving me around summore take any request without complaining. *HUGS*
Damn cun rite??? Er~ paiseh hor... spell wrong d. should be VOLKSWAGEN. Heheheheheh~

Volkswagen Beetle had been my favourite car since... Nth years ago. I think when it first came out d I was crazy about it. Actually my granddad used to own the old kinda Beetle. Er... like the one in Herbie. I used to play in his car. So I guess since then I had a think for Beetle lah... I even asked my dad to get me a second hand old Beetle when I first got my license. But.. it's only available in manual and I hate to drive manual. So... :S

I told mama that when I work and earned enough money, I'm gonna buy a Volkswagen beetle. She said:"Good. Put on a target and work towards it." That's my mama...whatever I say also that phrase will come out. Hahahahahahah~ Then when we moved to our new house (not so new anymore...) she told dad:"Eh~ next time ah girl's Volkswagen park at the porch arh..our house sure looked damn cun one." Hahahahaha~ Ma... Gua belum beli la ma...

Anyways, I always wanted to get a lime green Beetle coz it was one of my favourite colour. But I found out that its limited edition so I think there's no more except for second hand ones. So my latest target would be a RED VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE.

Wonder how much is it... gotta go find out lah...
Ok lah... gotta go print my assignment.


I am in the midst of practising a performance for the upcoming music showcase at my uni.

When I asked my godma whether she has a washing board coz I need it for the props. She said this:

"Wat is washing board? The wood that has stairs like top? If yes, then I don't have dear. We r in washing machine era dear."

Now we know where I get all my humor and sarcasm from.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Need a new hairdo

My fringe has once again needed to be straighten again...

Here's the evidence of the curls that are coming out.

So curly lah wei. Tak tahan. So ugly can???

So now Mr Liow Sinren, do you know why I have to clip my fringe up? Coz the fringe looks so ugly!!!
I had been straightening my fringe since form 6. I mean I could let my fringe grow out and then I don't have to straighten it every 4-6 months right? But I couldn't coz my forehead is so bulgy and it needs the fringe to cover it. You guys should know how ugly I look with my fringe clip up now. But I have no choice coz I cannot tahan the ugliness of the curly hair coming out.
Don't know when will I go back to Melaka. Then only I can straighten my fringe. Hehe~ Actually I can straighten my hair in KL but then... I have to use my own money then. Teehehee~ I'm so calculative... Hehehehehehhe~ -_^
The not amused pose again...

Of course not amused lah... fringe ugly summore how to amuse wor???

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The bestest besties in the whole wide world

These are all my besties...
From left to right: Lizzie, Nana, Li, Anu, Puff, Ann, Deepa and Buvie (the last one of course no introduction needed right??? -_^)

These people had been in my life for years. Some even friends since primary school. Without them... I don't think I can survive secondary school. REALLY!!!! Its that serious...

Anyways, yesterday we had a conference call. I was busy doing something (I forgot what lah) suddenly I received Buvie's call. I said: "Wassup?" and suddenly a whole lot of voice popped saying hi back. Its impossible that everyone went back to Melaka as its a weekday mah right? Summore one in UPM, one at ss2, one at sec 14 lagi two more pulak in Melaka. So how can all be together right?

Thanks to technology, we can have that chat together eventhough it was really difficult coz all were trying to shout into the conversation, namely deepa and ann. Hahaahahhaha~ I had to let them talk and only wait till they realized "Eh, where dookie arh?". Hahahahahahah~ But then I got clever and made people pay attention to me by singing 'twinkle, twinkle little star'. haha~ wth right?

It was really a crazy call but I really appreciated Buvie for making the call coz I really miss this people like hell. It was good to hear all their voices at one time in the midst of my bad-moodness.

Here are message for you people lah...So sorry i didn't say out everything in the sms coz...hehe~ my mum cutting down on my duit credit. So here's the message for all...

Liz: Bitch, I don't wanna lie lah... last time I hate you a bit. Hahahaha~ I don't get it why you must walk on your toes one. Damn irritating lah. But now because you don't walk on your toes anymore, I love you to bits... Hahahahaha~ WTF??? Please remember to put on some makeup lah. Don't make urself look so haggard. MAking me shy.But sigh~ pretty people don't need so much makeup lah... Unlike me. ICI beratus-ratus layer... Hahahaha~

Na: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair... Hahahahahah~ Eh, I still don't know how you can wash your hair lah. Teach me bit lah. I also wanna grow so long but sinren don't let lah how arh? I also love you a lot lah girl... Miss the movie marathons that we had before tuition last time. When wanna go watch ghost movie together? Ahahahahahah~ Don't ever forget 'Jelakung' man... its the all time best ghost movie ever. Ahahahahahahahahah~

Li: Li, Li... so far you... wanna see you more often also cannot. Without you, no mother role lah. How can a princess be without her mother you tell me? Make sure the next time you come back and make a date with me arh... Or else... you know lah what I will do.. heheheeheheh~

Anunu: Dumb blonde, how's my partner in crime? Aiyoyo~ so long didn't talk nonsence with you d lah. So bored without your irritating-ness. Without you, its like donkey losing his partner, Puss-in-boots lah... Wait a minute... we are them right??? AHahahahahahah~ Also miss you lah girl. Feel like wanna pinch your cheeks cukup-cukup then only puas. Hahahahahaha~

Puff: MY LOVE!!! Words cannot explain how deep my love is for you... Although we live so near i don't know why nobody made the initiative to meet up. WTF??? Come lah we go midvalley ker some where then we camwhore cukup-cukup. Making all the other people feel how strong our love is for each other. HAhahahahahahah~ And puff, manatau you club at 7pm leh... Hahahhaha~

Ann: Ann Ben, I know you are one true friend who reads my blogs. Oops, and lizzie too. Sayang you so much. AHahahahha~ I still don't know which part of us look alike but I love you twin. Tak sangka we know each other so long d arh? More than a decade ballz like damn long la wei... If one year give birth one anak, can have one football team d wei. Hahahahahahahah~ Still the same words to you: Kalau kena bully by kuah tell me I go let him smell my ketiak. AHhaahhahahaha~ Sure pengsan habis one.

Deeps: My little friend, one more time you miss the chance to come my house, I will do the same thing I will do to Kuah. Hahahahahaha~ DAh lah u so short kena kepit by my ketiak then you know. But still I miss you like gila you icy cold queen. Try crying lah and stop taking in so much liquor. And baby, shake that booty of yours always.

Buvie: I don't know how to thank you for that call gal. Kiss x100000. Hahahahahahaha~ That's like the maximum kiss ok? Even sinren don't get that much. Anyways, take good care of urself while working. And if u ever go to US and don't return, Imma gonna tie pleads on your ketiak hair and play drum on your tummy with the marhing band beat when I see. Hahahahahahahaha~ Love little sister...

Well, that's about all. Those who finds these messages disturbing...well, so sad for you coz you don't know us well. Heheheheeh~ And yes, we love ketiak more than any other body parts on our body. Hahahahahahahah~

So happy to have all these friends lah. Think about them nie all my stress and unhappines gone off.

Ok lah... Gotta go sleep...

Nite and bubbye...

p/s: those who wanna save the photo... click on the picture then save. Don't save the small size one. i don't know what can you guys see. Hahahahaahhaah~

Monday, February 18, 2008


Can't wait to bling up the whole thing. Wonder how will it look like???

Wait for it...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pre v-day and v-day celebration


I've decided to post all the pre v-day preparation's photos and the photos of the celebration itself on the same post. So the photos gonna be a lot again. Heheheheheheh~ I know some of you like to see photos one right? So it must be a thrill for you guys. HAahahahhaahhahaahah~

Anyways, we had already compromised on the gifts we were going to each other. So it was not a big surprise for us.

I asked him what should I get him for this valentine and he said whatever also can. Then we realized that we didn't get any couple tee after the Giordano shirt that I bought for his birthday didn't have XS. So we decided that I get ourselves the couple tee. And him pulak... he suggested to give me something by himself. Erm... won't disclose that item till he truly bought it for me. (YES!!! HE HAVEN'T BOUGHT IT YET!!!!)

Anyways, on Monday, I went over to Midvalley and The Gardens to search for the gift. Although the gift is not a secret, the designs on how the couple tee gonna look like is a secret. So I went shopping by myself without letting him knowing it. Heheheheeehhe~

At first I went to Levi's coz every year they have this couple tee special every Valentine's. I went to the branch in The Gardens coz I wanted to have lunch there. I masuk the stupid store which was quite empty, only got me and another customer. The other customer was already paying so after she left, I was the only one.

Anyways, I saw one of the designs of the Valentine's tee but couldn't find the rest of the designs. So I was searching around. But couldn't find it. So instead I started to look for the workers. But tell many shops you go in and the workers will come right up to you? For me, its like ALL. WTH??? Now I have to search for the workers summore. Don't appreciate me is it? I look damn poor to you is it? Okay... never at peace first.(Cos this is not the only thing that made me fume) Then got one worker came out. I thought she was going to ask me if she could help. Instead she walk right pass me. (WTH???) So I said, "Excuse me". And she turned and signalled me to wait. (WTH????) But she went out and never came back. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! What the hell is wrong with this shop??? I marched off angrily lah of course!!!

Then after lunch I went back to Midvalley and went to Levi's. This time got people layan me lah... I tried the tee and its a little too big for me. They only have M size for girls and L size for men. Summore their designs not that nice. Then I went to Radioactive, which is another no layan people shop. Went to couple more shops. Their designs are not the ones that I was looking for.

Aiyo~~~~ i don't know why I so choosy lah. Not say the designs not nice just not what I am looking for. I also don't know what I am looking for. The feeling is just not right so its not what I am looking for lah...

When I was giving up all hope, I came to this stall at Midvalley and they sell...
There were tonnes of couple tee. Many designs to choose from. And to me the price was quite reasonable. So I bought my gift from there.

It comes with a box

So cute the cartoons on the box right?

What ever is the cartoons are wearing is supposed to be the designs on the shirt.

And this is the design that I chose:

For him

For her

I found out that this t-shirts was from T-shirt by Picasso, which is a quite famous brand. Ermmm~~ got hear b4 not?Hahahahahahahah~ They design very nice tees and each tee comes with very special packaging. Always wanted to get a tee from them but didn't had the chance.
*editted*: Shitass!!! I just found out that I got cheated by this stupid stall at midvalley. They sold me RM69.90. I went to The Street's flea market yesterday and found out that they sold it for only Rm40. :S
Remember this *stupid cheating* stall

Those who wanna get gifts for their gf/bf can go to this stall. They sell everything for couples. Tees...handphone hanger... keychains... umbrella.... etc... Go check it out yourself.

*Don't ever buy stuff from them. Stupid!!! Sell expensive summore lah. Should have gone to the flea market to get it lah... T____T*

Another gift bought there

Almost the same print on the t-shirt. Its a handphone hanger btws. *Will tell you how sucky it is at the end of the post. Stupid lame low class product!!! All the stall punya fault!!!!*

I also got him a card, which is like what we will usually get each other every V-day and birthdays. Sometimes on our anniversary.

Handmade card by A.E.I.O.U

The close up of the designs on the card

Actually I could have done a card for him. I could shamelessly say that I'm actually quite good in designing and making cards. (so take malu betul!!!!) But I hadn't time to go buy the things to make the card and also no time to make the card. *excuses*

We usually would write a long winding love letter to each other in the card. Filling it up with words. Ermm~~~ the photo above was taken before writing in the letter lah... Just to show you guys the inside.

Ok, now to the part on how we celebrated the big V-day.

Actually, we had celebrate V-day on the years before this. On the #1 V-day, I was sick and ma didn't allow me to go too far from home. So we went to a park near my house to just talk and that's all. I even had to go home early coz the next day I had to work. On the #2, I was in Melaka while he's in KL. So we didn't celebrate it. But I cried myself to sleep coz I was too sad that we didn't celebrate it together. This year I was kinda hoping for the worst, which was not celebrating it on the day itself coz we both had class till late evening. If wanna go take bus to go anywhere will be a fuss.

So I told him we should just celebrate it on Saturday. But we can talk on the phone at night.

A day before V-day, he msn-ed me and tell me that he will come over to MC after class and spend time with me. I was more than touched. He had class till 6pm and being a pig, he would probably love to spend the time sleeping than doing anything else. But he decided to spend time on me...Awwww~

Then on the day itself, Esther told me I could use her car to go out. I was like jumping up and down and crashing into the ceiling (-____-lll). Gosh!!! I think my luck came back after I decided to ignore what ever the fengshui fella said... Dammit it feels good. Hahahahahahahahahaha~

Ney came around 6. I was not ready coz er... I was playing Pizza Frenzy the whole afternoon. Quickly get done and ran downstairs. Erm~~~ i didn't run downstairs lah... Got lift mah.... HAhahahahahaha~

He got me a water lily. Just one water lily and some er... yellow flowers surrounding it.

Me love love~~~ <3<3<3

He told me this after I told him that I love him so much for getting my fave flower: "Thank God you like water lily and not rose. The rose damn expensive leh..."

WTH??? So not romantic one him.... Hahahahahahahahahahah~

My fatty pants driving us to Sunway Pyramid

Reached Sunway. We walked around and then went to venture for food. Went to a couple of place but they were all full or filled with people lining up. Almost all the food that both us love were full. But thank god one wasn't....Kenny Rogers!!!! Heheheheeheheheh~

While waiting for the food to come

Why I look like some interlectual business woman in this pose??? Hahahahahahahaha~ Isk! My fringe like shit neney didn't tell me!!!

First to come were muffins...

We ordered 3 dishes that is why we got 3 muffins. Don't ask why we ordered three dishes. Apparently my boyfriend has a huge tummy. That's why he is so FAT!!!

Then came the drinks...

Finally, the main dishes came...


When we were deciding what side dishes to order,

Neney: okay, I want mac & cheese, garlic parsley potato and pasta salad. What about you?

Me: Yerrrrr....why we so alike one??? I wanted the same thing!!!

We compromised and he ordered the above and I ordered these side dishes...

The other dish that we ordered was this...
We had a very very very filling dinner. I had to go and shit after dinner coz I was too full. Hehehehehehe~ Why lah I reveal all this shitting stuff. Hahahahahahahah~

BTWs, Kenny Rogers at Sunway was the most terrible one that I had ever gone to. The service was terrible. The air-con was too cold. And the workers don't understand English. WTH?????

After dinner, we went to The Street to walk around. Don't know why but I love The Street so so much. I can go there like everyday. Hahahahahhaahahah~ Then we sat down at Coffee Bean and had a drink.

I drove back to MC after sending Sinren back. Reaching home, both my room mates were there. Jane on the phone (not suprised) and Esther was reading the bible. Nobody layan me so I took photos of the gifts I got today.

Smells so good....

I didn't know that water lily got such nice smell. I fell in love with water lilies ever since I saw it at a florist. Don't know how to explain the beauty of it but it just looked so nice. So pure, so innocent, so nice... (I don't know how many 'nice' I said in this paragraph but it was really nice lah...) Those who like water lilies should know how nice it is lah.

The water lily is currently on my desk. Seeing it makes my day and made me think of my fatty pants. Love you lots fatty!!!!

Anyways, I said that I would tell you guys about the handphone hanger rite???

Take a close look at it...

The string came off when I wanted to take it out from the box. I thought it would be fixable coz only the string came off but no....
The thing used to hold the string putus d. :( *Tell me what stupid quality is this??? Serious kena cheat man!!!! Damn angry!!!*

Anyways, I had not open the couple tee coz I wanna open it with my neney. It looked like that...

It was exactly the same with what was printed on the box. Thumbs up for that. *Thumbs up for t shirt by Picasso but not the stupid stall*

Paiseh hor... Didn't iron the tee. It was freshly out from the box and I took the photo of it.

Trying it on in the toilet

Well, I had a great Valentine's day. Hopefully the rest of you guys did too.

Oh yeah... too all singles out there...don't be too down. Remember that its friendship day too. Spend the time with your friends like I did when I was single. Awwww~ I miss those times with my ladies...

Ok lah... See you guys soon in next post.


p/s: the water lily no more smell d... damn sad :(


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