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Happy Birthday!!!

Hey dear brother, don't know whether you got my message or not on friendster...
Here's a little something for you...
I don't know what nostalgic message to type to you lah. Coz.... I also dunno why. Like got nothing to say nie.

I do miss you like everybody else did back at church. But unlike them, I didn't think you would come back and visit us. Coz I expected you being a 'shoi zai' d lah. Haha!

'Mummy' missed you too. And hope to see you again. But I told her that you wouldn't come back d lah. And I guess she gave up hope already d lah. Coz its already one year pass since you've been gone. *Kelly Clarkson's 'Since You've Been Gone' plays in the back ground* But I do hope that you had wonderful memories with us here back at GPMelaka and also with my family. Remember just as we always remember you.

And take good care of your girlfriend arh... don't let her run off again.

Man! I feel like an old woman giving all these advices.

Last year as I was just about to leave for uni, I was feeling heavy-hearted. Coz I felt so hard to leave the place where I grew up and the people who used to protect me from whatever circumstances.

A year had passed. On 7th July I'll be going back to KL and starting my year two. Things had changed.

I want to leave this place so much. I don't feel like coming back as much as possible. I don't wanna see some of the people over here.

Have you ever felt deserted in a place where you grew up?
Have you ever felt like you had no friends even though you had been here all your life?
Have you ever felt like you can trust no one even if they are the ones who grew up with you?
Have you ever felt being called a busybody for things and people you cared about?
Have you ever felt like you are sick of being control and your privacy invaded?
Have you ever felt like asking some busybody aunties to shut up and mind their own business?
Have you ever felt like asking people to stop commenting bout the…


i'm planning to Singapore by the end of the year.

Any suggestion where to go, where to stay, where to shop, where to eat... where's the cheap stuff and where's all the good things at?

Tell me aite?

That's all I guess.


random post & some good news

Today mama didn't go to work and so we went to Jusco together. We had brunch at Sushi King, spending RM30++ there. Huhu! Don't tell my dad...he's gonna blow up.

I want to look at the different types of sushi they have at Sushi King. So that the next time when I'm doing another sushi party I could steal some ideas from there.

Mama and I had udon. The soup they made had a very strong bonito flakes taste in them. Wonder how much bonito flakes they put in the soup stock. I'm so gonna buy the sweet beancurd skin the next time. It made the soup damn sweet.

Gosh! I think I'm totally obsessed with making Japanese food. I had printed so many recipes. Gonna try them all before going back to uni.

Mama went to the supermarket while I went to Popular bookstores. i was looking for J. S. Bach's Prelude & Fugue CD. I had that CD... but i forgot whether bitch C-ass gave my CD back or not. That bitch ass had always been like that. Lending stuff from people and never retu…

Part 4

I've told u guys that I would talk about a retail store which goes by the name: KLAN rite?

This post was supposed to be Part 4 for the Melaka Trip (260607) but 'ngam-ngam' pulak its about us, three, going to klan (yes, its in small 'k'. don't ask why). So can talk about this store lor. Esther and my sexy back walking to klan

I dunno if u guys heard bout klan. But just to let ya all know, klan is situated very near to Mahkota Parade. A few minutes walk and you will come to this store. Those who is interested to go there, please ask me lah. I will tell you. I'm kinda bad at writing out directions but I can say it out quite well. Err~ I think so lah. Haha!

Oh! I just realized that I have the address...

G-21, Jln PM4, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka.

I don't know got use not lah i give ya all the add. Haha!

Anyways, Joe Tribe, who is the owner and the founder of klan, bukak this shop as a street wear store. It sells t-shirts, pants, trucker cap, sneakers, bags &a…

I want this new hairstyle!!!

Have you seen Rihanna's latest MV "Umbrella"?

Did you see her 'da-bomb' new hairstyle in that video?

It looked like this... a 'very-senget' bob haircut
I totally loved the hairstyle. Its so edgy. Don't you think?
I planned to get this hair cut. And the other day I went to my mother's friend's 'home salon' to ask her to get it done.
Actually, I want a bob hair cut with bangs. Er~ it'll make me looking like some kinda mushroom. Haha! Weird right? Alah~ I memang weird one right?
After going to Mika's (my mum's friend's name), I came back looking like that:
No lah. I didn't cut my hair lor. Its just my professional *ahem* way of taking photo at the right angle and it made me looking like a bob hair gal.
Mika said I couldn't cut bob for the moment coz after i straightened my hair, it made my hair flat. So, it wouldn't look exactly like a bob if the hair is too flat. She say when my hair return to the no…

Part 3

On going with part 3. I know, I know... this is taking forever. But aiyo~ at least got topic to blog about rite? No topic then no update. Boring rite? So do bear with me. It will end soon... I promise.

Alah~ take it as watching drama lor. Got different episodes mah rite? And like every drama sure got last episode one mah~ it will come to an end one.

Ok, ok. Cut the crap and continue with Part 3.

After going to Jonker Street and having the refreshingly good Chendol, we decided its time to something serious. Real serious.

And what is that u ask??? . . . . . . . . . .


Yes. Shopping is real serious k? 'Dun pray pray'. Like what Li Shan said, shopping is women's war. Haha! Actually shopping is war when it's at sales lah.

We went to Dataran Pahlawan mega mall, which is the latest shopping mall in Malacca.

Well, just to let u guys know, Dataran Pahlawan used to be a field, where school kids go there to play football and stuff. And it was …

My beloved ring..... .>_<.

If u guys realised in the last skin I had, I said that I wanted to buy a bloody red colored rose ring. And guess what? I bought it.

The Ring
Klan was on sale. And the ring which was originally RM12.50 and after sales it was er~ 10 something...
Ok, ok... I know it was not a lot. But as long as got discount I would buy it lor...
But guess what???
I couldn't believe how stupid and careless I was!!!
I was shamelessly showing off my 'so-obvious' red rose ring on Sunday. Biasa lah...I memang one big show off...haha! Then after worship, I was supposed to play piano for the choir. And when playing the piano, I tak biasa wear ring, so I took it out and put it at the side of the piano.
After playing the piano, I totally forgot the ring (HOW COULD I????) and went away. Then after coming back from hell knows where I went (I forgot), still not remembering my ring, I started chatting with my friends.
As I was chatting, something red caught my eye and then something struck me...MY RING!!…

Here comes Part 2

After eating our brunch at the Chop Chung Wah Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball shop, we started our 'walking' journey of our Malacca trip.

At Jonker Street:
This statue stood outside of the souvenir/antique store at the foot of Jonker Street. I've seen many shows on traveling on the TV and a lot of the hosts took photos with this statue. So I decided that I would too.

I don't know what I was thinking when I pose for this photo (the one on the left). Funny betul my face.

Li Shan and Esther didn't dare to take photo with the statue alone. Very scary meh? They only dare to take it together. Haha! Scary cats...

A cafe:

Malacca's Baba Nyonya's homes are very highly decorated. Like this one above...wonder how long they take to paint their walls. It's so colorful plus all the tiny details.

I would love to have my house painted like that but...I would never do it myself. Haha!

Jonker street is filled with shops selling antiques.
Here are a few antiques we saw along the s…