Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

Hey dear brother, don't know whether you got my message or not on friendster...
Here's a little something for you...
I don't know what nostalgic message to type to you lah. Coz.... I also dunno why. Like got nothing to say nie.

I do miss you like everybody else did back at church. But unlike them, I didn't think you would come back and visit us. Coz I expected you being a 'shoi zai' d lah. Haha!

'Mummy' missed you too. And hope to see you again. But I told her that you wouldn't come back d lah. And I guess she gave up hope already d lah. Coz its already one year pass since you've been gone.

*Kelly Clarkson's 'Since You've Been Gone' plays in the back ground*

But I do hope that you had wonderful memories with us here back at GPMelaka and also with my family. Remember just as we always remember you.

And take good care of your girlfriend arh... don't let her run off again.

Man! I feel like an old woman giving all these advices.

Best wishes for your birthday...

Take care, muaks muaks (he's the only man other than Sin Ren that can get these two words in all the messages I send)


NOTE: I suddenly remembered that you once called me 'do-ra-ka-sut' and please remind me to whack you if we ever meet again!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Last year as I was just about to leave for uni, I was feeling heavy-hearted. Coz I felt so hard to leave the place where I grew up and the people who used to protect me from whatever circumstances.

A year had passed. On 7th July I'll be going back to KL and starting my year two. Things had changed.

I want to leave this place so much. I don't feel like coming back as much as possible. I don't wanna see some of the people over here.

Have you ever felt deserted in a place where you grew up?

Have you ever felt like you had no friends even though you had been here all your life?

Have you ever felt like you can trust no one even if they are the ones who grew up with you?

Have you ever felt being called a busybody for things and people you cared about?

Have you ever felt like you are sick of being control and your privacy invaded?

Have you ever felt like asking some busybody aunties to shut up and mind their own business?

Have you ever felt like asking people to stop commenting bout the clothes you wear?

Have you ever wished secretly that those people who hurt you so much without knowing it die and rot in hell?

Have you ever felt like shouting at someone: "Stop talking like you know everything!!!"

There are so many 'have you ever...' going on in my mind right now. I bet all of you had these moments as well. You want people to know how you feel but they won't feel it. And you felt so alone. Like you are the only person on the Earth feeling this way.

I do not feel alone. I have Jesus. I know that He knows how I felt.

He had felt deserted at the place He was born coz nobody welcomed him. He had no friends back at Bethlehem. He had people talking bad things about Him behind his back and right in front of His face. People laughed at Him when He told them that He was The Son of God. He had many enemies waiting to pounce at him at the best moment to come.

And the one thing he suffered more than me was dying on the cross and go through death alone. Nobody can top that and because of that I know I am way luckier to be me

Many of you may think that I am trying to preach. No, actually I am not. I just wanna tell those people who are trying to see me fall... I don't know if those people read my blog or not... I just wanna let you know that you can't coz I have a fortress who will protect me from whatever things you guys are doing trying to hurt me. And I felt sorry for you guys coz I have Jesus' comfort while you guys will just continue living in your pathetic self-destructive lives.

NOTE: If I do not make any sense in this post, please forgive me.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


i'm planning to Singapore by the end of the year.

Any suggestion where to go, where to stay, where to shop, where to eat... where's the cheap stuff and where's all the authentique things at?

Tell me aite?

That's all I guess.


Monday, June 18, 2007

16th and 17th of June

Here to talk about Lee Pey’s birthday bash. Erm~ not exactly a grand 21st birthday lah. She just called some of her friends and makan at her house nie.

Actually I was quite surprised that she invited me. Coz we had not made contact with each other after form 6.

Sinren was supposed to fetch me there lor. But because his mum wanted to go out. So he couldn't fetch me and I had to go alone… -_-

I didn't plan what to wear. Coz its just a house party rite? No need to dress to look hot. Sinren was not there to, so why bother to wear so nice rite?

So I decided to wear this...
My bum looked damn huge and my tummy is so showing!!!

Actually I wanted to wear it without the tube inside. Something like this...
But I thought it was inappropriate to wear this to a family thing. If its out with neney...Haha! Sure boleh~

And I did my makeup...
My eyes like one big one small right?

Thank god for Popteen because they taught me to do fabulous makeup.

Then before leaving home, lets camwhore for a bit...
I don't really like the photo 'tho. What u think? Nice?

Oh before I forget...
The heels I wore

I want to sell this pair of heels lah. I like the back design of this pair of heels but I despise the front part lah. (Shown in photo) I don't know why but I just don't like it. I'll put up the photo alongside the other heels I wanna sell. Haha! Really desperate for money now.

At Lee Pey's party, my ex-classmate, Siau Yuen brought her Sony T100 Cybershot. It was damn good ok? You shake like gila the shoot is still damn stable. I really gave it damn gila shake while taking photos for other people, the photos just came out fab. Will show you guys the photos once I get it from Siau Yuen. I planned to buy this model and I went to surf Sony's website to see if I can get it like monthly installment kind of way. And I saw another model. Nearly the same as T100 but its an older version, T20. And I fell in love with the T20P. Yes, its pink in color. I can't the photo of T20P at the web but if there’s no more stock for T20P, I'm gonna get this...

Cun rite? This one also got 2x anti-blur like T100 but T100's optical zoom is up to 5 times while T20's is only up to 3 times. But boleh lah kan? Not say I wanna take photos from up hill and take the photos down below rite? Haha!

I really want that pink version lah. Damn cool. I recently saw Jusco selling T20, maybe got the pink one there. I'm gonna grab it once I have enough money to buy it.

Ok, I'm out of the topic again... I gotta get back to Lee Pey's party. Haha!

The party was... err~ not bad lah. Lee Pey's not the crazy type so the party is just like her...small and moderate. Get what I mean?

But I had a great reunion with some of my friends back at form 6. If only all were here. We could have a 6AM reunion. Haha!

I have not many photos coz most of it is with Siau Yuen. I swear I'm gonna get it from her soon. But here's two that was clear that I took with my camera phone:
Ex-head prefect of SMKIJC and I

This bitch has the most colored highlights in the world. Macam pelangi siot!!! I especially love the pink highlights she had at her bangs. Cun say!!! This is what I call good girl gone wild. Haha!

Birthday girl and I

Love you Pey...

After the party, Sinren came to fetch me to bring me out. Manatau mama called and asked me to go back coz tomorrow I had to play piano at church. Ah!! Damn lah! Why can't I spend more time with my dearie when he comes back?

I was so angry... I went right into my room and...
Doesn't look like me, does it?


Actually I came back at midnight lor. Coz... Hehe! Sinren and I went to our little secret place and spend a little small time together. Not gonna tell you where...Hehe! Its for us to know and not for you to find out.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx On the next day, I woke up damn early (err~ it was actually 7am lah. Not that early actually) to go to church.

I don't know why I felt so happy and vibrant that I wore this...
and top it off with this…
Damn colorful rite? Haha!

I told you Sinren had his haircut rite? As I promised... I took his photos.

He's not sleeping

And Sinren found new humor in taking photos...
Convicted for being too loving towards me...

Oh yah! Good news... Sheene got a job d. The salon at DP employed her after brushing her off a few weeks ago. Tau salah pun arh!!!

I love you, babe!!!

Then I went to Jusco to shop for awhile. And guess what? I bought some stuff. Is it hard to predict?

I went to those two stores again. I bet you guys can say it before you read it. Yes, I went Vincci and FOS AGAIN!!!

Check out the things I tried at FOS this time...
This top was chosen by my mum. Don't really like it. Haha! Plus its damn tight. I think I had tried it before somewhere. Just couldn't remember when.

Oh yeah! Before I forget, at the entrance a salesgirl gave us a 10% voucher for anything bought in a single receipt. That's why I can't tahan and bought something. Haha! Don't blame me for my splurge neney... its their fault.

I really like this top. But its too small lah. Damn tight and made me looking like I got big tummy.
I searched like gila but got no bigger size than S. ass betul!!! I will go MP or DP to find it. Or else go KL. Must buy it.

So what do you think? Should I buy the purple one or the turquoise one?

I actually preferred the orange one more than the grey one. Coz I had one nearly the same grey one but without the sequins around the neckline. But the orange one doesn't have the size I wanted. All that was left were damn small sizes. I’m gonna find the orange one else where too and buy it,

yes... I bought the grey one.
and as for vincci, I bought... this

NOTE: I had to pixelate my legs coz I didn't shave my legs. Haha! Its hairy dookikie again. Haha!

NOTE#2: My legs looked damn fat huh?

My craze for shoes tak habis-habis. Somebody stop me lah...

Nice rite? I find it so nice the day I saw it on the shelf and swear to buy it. And guess what? I bought the last pair left. Haha!

I was actually considering whether to buy this color or the orange one. But I decided to buy green one at last. For no specific reason. Haha!

aHhhh~ I love shopping. Especially at these two stores. It just brightens up my day. Haha!

Sales gonna last till August. Dunno what I'm gonna spend money on next.

Ok lah. That's all for today.

Oh yeah! Anyone can tell me whether cameras are on sale? I really wanna buy the cam ASAP. Can't wait.

Please do reply if you know...


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Junie Tan

I remembered her as the girl from Sarawak... Err~ or is it Sabah. Shit ass! I forgot where exactly she's from.

I remembered knowing her since primary school.

I remembered wondering why such a sweet girl like her could have the same Chinese name as the girl I hated in primary school.

I remembered bullying her when she was my assistant monitor in form 2.

I remembered during form 3 she dated someone and everyone started calling her 'kacuak' because of that guy's name. (So sorry if you don't wanna bring that up...but I find that something to remember)

I remembered we called her 'pig' because her Chinese name terbalik sounds like 'fat pig' in Chinese.

I remembered we were in the same class in form 6 for a couple of weeks or so.

I remembered telling her who I had a crush on for quite sometime and soon regret it now. (Oh my gosh! I am dead embarrassed by this can?)

I remembered we were so into Shrek 2 in form 6 and started calling each other character from Shrek and she was Princess Fiona. (And I was donkey!!! Haha!!!)

I remembered suggesting to celebrate her birthday for her before she shifted to MHS for form 6.

I remembered we celebrated her birthday at the canteen with three doughnuts as the cake and sausages as candles.

And most of all... I remembered your birthday, Miss June Tan Shu Fae (did I spell your name wrongly?)
I know, I know... I shouldn't steal your photo from friendster without your permission and edit it. But... how else I wanna get your photo leh? Haven't seen you for such a long time.


Anyways, happy birthday!!!

21 years old edy lor... so old lah. I still so young and still so long way to come till I'm 21. haha!

But at least you're legal into clubs right??? Damn good lah say!!!

And here are my wishes for you:
~ may all your dreams come true on your birthday

~ may everything you're trying to achieve will be achieved

~may you and your prince have a very happily-ever-after time at far, far away...haha!

~may you grow prettier and wiser as your age decline



Another beautiful babe of mine turned 21 today.

And it's Lee Pey.
Went for her birthday bash yesterday and will blog bout it soon. Very, very soon I promise!!!

And happy belated birthday to Wen Zheng who turned 19. (I gave him a Christian name yesterday... he's Sunny Liow from now on coz his brother say his name is Rain Liow instead of Enoch... -_-lll) I didn't bother to sms him 'happy birthday' coz I totally forgot and no point wishing him here coz he won't check out my blog at all. I just put nie to show off I know all my friends birthday...haha!

K lah. That's all for my birthday wishing post.



Wednesday, June 13, 2007

random post & some good news

Today mama didn't go to work and so we went to Jusco together. We had brunch at Sushi King, spending RM30++ there. Huhu! Don't tell my dad...he's gonna blow up.

I want to look at the different types of sushi they have at Sushi King. So that the next time when I'm doing another sushi party I could steal some ideas from there.

Mama and I had udon. The soup they made had a very strong bonito flakes taste in them. Wonder how much bonito flakes they put in the soup stock. I'm so gonna buy the sweet beancurd skin the next time. It made the soup damn sweet.

Gosh! I think I'm totally obssessed with making Japanese food. I had printed so many recipes. Gonna try them all before going back to uni.

Mama went to the supermarket while I went to Popular bookstores. i was looking for J. S. Bach's Prelude & Fugue CD. I had that CD... but i forgot whether bitch C-ass gave my CD back or not. That bitch ass had always been like that. Lending stuff from people and never returning them back. Damn pissed! All she knew was trying to be a fucked up bitch ass famous model. Well, GOOD LUCK, bitch!!! I'll be waiting for that day to happen...

Actually, I shouldn't accuse her lah. Coz I wasn't sure whether I misplace it somewhere ker she borrow and tak pulang.


Anyways, there's no Prelude & Fugue CD there. But I did saw Vivaldi's Four Seasons CD. Wanted to buy it till I realized that my purse was with mama. Damn! But kinda think of it... my purse is empty anyways. I banked in all my money into my bank account so that I wouldn't use it. (I'm saving money to buy a digital camera...)Sigh~

Then I went to FOS. And started to grab clothes to try. (I told you I can't get to FOS...I'll go crazy)

I grabbed 5 items and went to try...
I like the length of this tube dress. I think I don't have any dress at this length. But I don't really like the colour of the dress. Plus I can't find any matching shoes or accessories to with it.

I love polo shirts!!! Especially when its PINK. BTW, the brand's logois a pelican. Haha! Damn kelakar.

I'm definitely gonna get this tube top. But I'm not sure whether to get it in black or navy blue.

my smile damn weird in the photo!!!

I don't like the skirt 'tho. Hate the colour and the lame design. But the tak sangka thing was... I could wear a size happy can?

After losing my jacket (I know...I'm damn careless), I'm trying to get another one to replace it. Studio 1's air-con macam snowing sial! No jacket sure freeze ah! The orange jacket I brought from Harajuku damn useless. Not thick enough lor.

I fell in love with this at FOS...

Damn cun rite? Its THE real Tommy Hilfiger, just kena kick out as factory outlet nie. And its damn thick can? If wanna go to Iceland pun boleh wear I think...
I so love this shade of red for the moment. Going crazy... AAAAHHHH!!!
Mama agreed to buy it. But she asked me to search for some other ones before buying this one.
Anyways, I have some good news. Just as I'm about to rot at home, my ex-employer called me. She asked me whether I could go over to Nobel (the place I used to work) and helped for two weeks. I quickly agreed sial. I agreed so quickly that I forgot to ask how much are they going pay me.
I'm not that into money lah. I just wanna go there and see the kids nie lor. But since I'm saving money for that new digital camera...terpaksa lah materialistic a bit. Haha!!!
I'm gonna start working tomorrow. Yay! Yay! Can go out of the house d. Damn happy.
Haha! Call me lame but I really wanna get out the house can? Damn bored d. Cannot take it anymore.
The second good news is... I had some problems; something to do with my health. I don't feel like disclosing what it was. But today I found out that nothing is wrong with me and I'm very healthy. Praise the Lord...
The last good news is...
Sin Ren cut his hair!!!
I prefer him having short hair mah... so he cut hair d, I pun happy lah. Haha!!!

I'll get his new hairstyle's photos as soon as possible!!!! That is when he gets back to Melaka lah!
Ok lah. That's all for today.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I've told u guys that I would talk about a retail store which goes by the name: KLAN rite?

This post was supposed to be Part 4 for the Melaka Trip (260607) but 'ngam-ngam' pulak its about us, three, going to klan (yes, its in small 'k'. don't ask why). So can talk about this store lor.
Esther and my sexy back walking to klan

I dunno if u guys heard bout klan. But just to let ya all know, klan is situated very near to Mahkota Parade. A few minutes walk and you will come to this store. Those who is interested to go there, please ask me lah. I will tell you. I'm kinda bad at writing out directions but I can say it out quite well. Err~ I think so lah. Haha!

Oh! I just realized that I had the address...

G-21, Jln PM4, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka.

I don't know got use not lah i give ya all the add. Haha!

Anyways, Joe Tribe, who is the owner and the founder of klan, bukak this shop as a street wear store. It sells designers t-shirt, pants, trucker cap, sneakers, bags & pouch, accessories, collection toys. And they also provide body piercing, DJ class, graffiti art and graphic design.

And they started a clothing brand known as TRIBE. If you come to Melaka, u will see many young farts wearing their line. (that's the reason why I don't wear my TRIBE baju at melaka...hehe!)

I used to come klan every week on Tuesdays, before my tuition. One reason to lepak and buy earrings to add to my collection. The other was because the salesgirl there was my high school senior. Go there and 'bat' with her. Haha! She taught lots of things bout piercing and tattoos. She was also the model for TRIBE (err~ and so was my cousin...eee~ think of him also geli. Haha!)

After a few years, klan became very successful. More and more people bought their TRIBE t-shirt (including myself and a whole buncha people I know). They also organized a lot of different events like graffiti competition lah... err~ got lots lah. I tak ingat lah.

Their graffiti was really good. You can see their works all over Melaka. It's for real. And guess what? They are given rights to do it. I read in the newspapers that the Melaka government thinks that they are beautifying Melaka and not doing an act of vandalism. So they are totally allowed to do their thing anywhere they like. (Is this news correct? If anyone found me wrong, please correct me) your state can do this arh? Haha! Mine can leh...

Here are some of their works:
At Jonker Street

At Dataran Pahlawan megamall...

Outside their store

Their business flourished and two err~ not exactly branches lah. Two more shops were opened. One was tribe da boutique and the other, tribe the houz.

tribe da boutique, which was opened at DP mega mall, sells mostly TRIBE t-shirts and a few other TRIBE accessories. There's where I bought my beautiful rose ring.

While tribe the houz is a chill out bar. And the special thing about tribe the houz is its terms and conditions...
1) for LADIES, VIP members & non-Muslim only. –realize that GENTLEMEN are not allowed?
2) No slipper & short pants-cannot go there all selekeh
3) 18 years old and above-you gotta be a legal person to go there.

I basically have not been there lah. But here are the photos I've got from the postcards at Klan:

Look nice right?

They have special mix of music for each night...Sunday till Tuesday. Monday is closed. I'm still not very sure bout the special mix of music for each night is what. Will go there one day and ask them lah. Their DJ is good. I heard them once at some party...can't remember what lah. But he's really good. Galfrens, lets go there lah one day. Don't lah go some lame bar call Sunshine can?

I really like the whole concept of klan and the other shops under tribe. I don't know why. maybe I was into street wear lor. so I decided tht I must make people go to this three shops no matter what. And I don’t need no credit for advertising them. I will just help them advertise for free coz I like their store so much.

I had their official website link somewhere in my laptop. But I couldn't get it lah coz my laptop is somewhere else. Next time nie I give you people the link and you can go check out the more details at their website.

K lah. That's all for my advertorial post.

Before I leave, here are some photos Esther, Li Shan and I took outside of klan. Damn nice graffiti art there. You guys could go there and take photos too. Their walls are always different coz they constantly do new stuff to the wall.

A very scary graffiti art but Li Shan liked it

Esther and a piggy graffiti art

Another photo of Esther

Doesn't she always take photo that look like some model's photo shoot? Benci betul!!!

Esther and i...NG version and perfect version

Li Shan and i...NG and perfect

Imperfect group photos but I looked pretty in both photos. Don't you think? Haha!

That's all...


Sunday, June 10, 2007

I want this new hairstyle!!!

Have you seen Rihanna's latest MV "Umbrella"?

Did you see her 'da-bomb' new hairstyle in that video?

It looked like this...
a 'very-senget' bob haircut

I totally loved the hairstyle. Its so edgy. Don't you think?

I planned to get this hair cut. And the other day I went to my mother's friend's 'home salon' to ask her to get it done.

Actually, I want a bob hair cut with bangs. Er~ it'll make me looking like some kinda mushroom. Haha! Weird right? Alah~ I memang weird one right?

After going to Mika's (my mum's friend's name), I came back looking like that:

No lah. I didn't cut my hair lor. Its just my professional *ahem* way of taking photo at the right angle and it made me looking like a bob hair gal.

Mika said I couldn't cut bob for the moment coz after i straightened my hair, it made my hair flat. So, it wouldn't look exactly like a bob if the hair is too flat. She say when my hair return to the normal way that it was or half a year after i straightened my hair, I could try it.

Then, Mika says that she can layer my hair to make it looked like bob from the front when I tie it up. And so, this is how my hair looks like from the front (when I tie it up behind):
Cool huh?

Aiyo~ I really want to cut bob lah. Can't wait so long lor....half a year leh... so long some more.

Lately I heard (yes, I have very good eavesdropping ability.) that bitchass C wants to cuts her hair into bob hair cut as well. What the hell man? Why everytime I plan something she sure also planning the same thing one huh? Damn asshole man she.

But never mind lah. I won't change my mind eventhough she planned to do the same thing. Coz I know I'm gonna look better than her. That's because I'm beautiful...inside and out (ceh-wah! tak malu betul..where all the self-confindence suddenly appear?). And she's...well, she looked beautiful at time and some times she look like some over-dressed ass. (OMG!!! That's so mean of me...but I love it!!! Muahahahah~) And er~ let's not talk bout the insides coz I'll start being damn asshole-ly mean.
Whatever it is... I'm gonna get that hair cut soon. Err~ half year later to be exact. And I'm sure I'm gonna be glam. You guys just gonna wait for the post where I'm gonna announce my new glam hairstyle to the world.
K lah. That's all for today.
See you guys around....
p/s: stop asking me whether I cut my hair or ask why I put wig for that camwhoring photo. I DIDN'T CUT MY HAIR AND I NEVER HAD A WIG COZ I'M NOT BALD!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Part 3

On going with part 3. I know, I know... this is taking forever. But aiyo~ at least got topic to blog about rite? No topic then no update. Boring rite? So do bear with me. It will end soon... I promise.

Alah~ take it as watching drama lor. Got different episodes mah rite? And like every drama sure got last episode one mah~ it will come to an end one.

Ok, ok. Cut the crap and continue with Part 3.

After going to Jonker Street and having the refreshingly good Chendol, we decided its time to something serious. Real serious.

And what is that u ask???


Yes. Shopping is real serious k? 'Dun pray pray'. Like what Li Shan said, shopping is women's war. Haha! Actually shopping is war when it's at sales lah.

We went to Dataran Pahlawan mega mall, which is the latest shopping mall in Malacca.

Well, just to let u guys know, Dataran Pahlawan used to be a field, where school kids go there to play football and stuff. And it was the very same place our beloved first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, announced to everyone that our country was going to be independent. How memorable that place is!!!

I like DP mega mall but I just don't get it why they must build a shopping mall on such a memorable place? What will happen to our children when they read in their History textbooks about Tunku Abdul Rahman announcing about Merdeka Day at Dataran Pahlawan, and they go: "Huh? Tunku Abdul Rahman announced independence at a shopping mall?". How misleading that can be?

So, like I always said bout the government, use lah your brains a bit. Why call our state the 'Historical State' when you just demolish such a historical landmark to build something for your retail therapy? No other land in Malacca meh?

Anyways...enough bout those stupid complains coz it'll never work. Malaysian government will never listen.

At DP mega mall, we went straight to Padini Concept store. I really don't know what will happen to my world if there's no Padini Concept. Where will I buy all my shoes???

Ok, enough drama.

Esther saw this thing which erm~ sort of looked like a pajamas but its kind of transparent looking. Erm~ it's a top lah. I don't like it but she does 'tho. And it looked something like this...
Yes, it's P & Co.

Erm~ I can't show u the front view coz it will show Esther's bra. Haha! I told u it was transparent lor.

For this piece of erm~ I don't know what to call it, it's about RM80+. Would u believe it? It's just a piece of transparent cloth lor. So expensive for what????

Esther thought it was expensive as well. So she asked Li Shan to take the photos of this erm~ top. Then she'll take the photos back to Langkap and ask her mum to sew it. Haha! Clever betul Esther nie. Like that one cent also she no need to pay lor rite? Hehe~ why lah my mummy don't know how to sew stuff?? Or else I could have all types of beautiful baju without having to buy them. Hehe~

I was too bored while waiting for them

Hehe~ don't ask why are we all in the same changing room. It's a girl thing. Haha!

A cacat group photo all thanks to Esther who is always out of the situation

Thank God the second one turned out great

After that we went FOS, another store that not only I can't live without, the rest of muah gang at UM couldn't either. We are huge FOS addict. I don't know why. Everywhere we go if we see FOS nie will terus masuk nie. Like kena possessed. Haha!

Upon reaching FOS, Esther had some unfinished business that she had to do at the toilet. Haha!

So both Li Shan and I waited for her.
We seriously got too bored
After when she finally came back from her business (huhuhu), we went to try out the outfits we chose.
The ones I chose
But unfortunately I didn't buy any of those. Coz the top one (blue and black stripes) was too big(size M, I wear a S) and a bit too revealing, and the one below...err~ its not exactly snowing in Malaysia so why wear until like that rite? But I really liked that turtle-neck top. I just don't know why.
The ones Li Shan tried

Li Shan bought the one at the top. Nice rite?

We told her that the one at the bottom made her looking like some weird auntie x tomboy wannabe. Haha!

Esther did not take what she tried coz she's not the camwhoring type like me and Li Shan. But I could tell you that she tried the same turtle-neck I tried and another light blue top which she bought. You will see her wearing it in other posts lah coz she wore it on the next day she bought it.
Another group photo...
Tu...that's the one Esther bought (she's wearing it). Fuiyo! Can see cleavage say!!! Haha!

There's a very famous fountain/pond at Dataran Pahlawan. Everyone who came here, MUST take photos here...I's a MUST!!!
Esther and I taking photo at that fountain

Li Shan and Esther's turn

After walking round DP for quite awhile, we went over to another shopping mall just across the road from DP...Mahkota Parade.

Nothing much to shop round MP coz the shops at MP is almost the same with DP. So we went to Secret Recipes to have a short tea break.

Me and my forever-not-in-place hair…bah!!!

Esther and Li Shan's cake

I don't know which is chocolate indulgence and which is chocolate chip. They looked so the same anyways.
My apple crumble cheese

Sedap betul...I had not tried it before this. It was really good. The brown stuff at the bottom are apples. Sedap lah. Aiyo~ tak leh tahan... I feel like eating it NOW!!!
Another photo of the chocolate cakes

Us doing cake selling commercials:

Li Shan and I trying to take the perfect photo together.

What to do? We are both fussy bout photos.

Ok, that's the end of part 3.

Part 4 coming up tomorrow.

That's all for now.



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