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Waiting for it to close

Hello people...

I am back in Melaka. But nope its not break yet and neither it is study break. I still have one more paper on the 6th and two more presentations to come. But I just missed home and decided to come back. And also I have no place to stay for the weekend coz I had already moved out of MC.

Anyways, dad drove up from Melaka and helped me to move some things back to Melaka. Then, after lunch he brought both Sinren and I back to Melaka. So sweet of him rite???

Reached Melaka after I don't know how long coz I slept off. Woke up nie reached Melaka and stopped in front of dad's shop. I thought dad will bring Sinren home and then drop me at home ker apa. But he drove us both to the shop coz he said ma will fetch us back.

Manatau don't know why Mama was too sick to drive and asked me to drive. I couldn't coz I left my driving license with Li shan. (Will talk about this later) So I asked Sinren to drive us all back to my house and then we will go church together at …

I can't believe it!!!

Anyways, please do take the survey on the sidebar so that I can know how's my blog to you guys. One year blogging here d. Need to know what my readers think and try to improve.

Thanks ya!!!

Blogging from Mel's


Currently in Mel's house doing group study but...erm~ its obvious that I am not doing any studying at all. Hehehehe~

Miss symmetry strikes again!!!
One eye monster came too
Yes... I am damn lame. I don't have very long attention span so I do silly things like this to entertain myself before hitting the books again.

Anyways, enough of lameness (it seems like every post also got lame photos...haha~). Today we (Esther, Li Shan and I) went to Dataran Hamodal at Seksyen 13 for their warehouse sales. Damn excited can??? Coz I had not ever been to a warehouse sale. Damn sua-ku rite?

Actually we wanted to go for the Adidas and other sports apparel's warehouse sale but then there's not much things to buy. Actually got la but we damn poor so couldn't find anything to buy. Mel bought two tops from Puma and her family bought shoes or something.

So we went to the Guardian's warehouse sale section. I tell you... like pasar like that the people there. Macam tak pernah te…