Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Best Friends...<3<3<3

Hello people...

Last Saturday, I had quite a wonderful outing with all of my best friends, both from church and high school. It was fun to have these outing coz I miss these people like hell. I can't wait for graduation so that I could spend more time with them. But then of course by that time, Paulie and Alex would be studying in KL. But I still have the rest of them so losing two is ok. Hahahaahha~

On Saturday morning, Jacy, Paul, Alex and I went to the movies. We were planning to watch Speed Racer at 1pm (I wanna drool at Rain) but we got cheated by the newspaper coz there ain't any 1pm show for Speed Racer. We couldn't watch the 2.30pm show coz Jacy gotta babysit at 5pm. So we settled with Prince Caspian.

I didn't wanna watch Prince Caspian coz I didn't watch the first Narnia. I don't wanna be the blur pot in the cinema. But Jacy assured me that she would tell me the story on the way. So ok lah...

We were late to enter the cinema and the movie started quite a bit already coz we had to fetch the two little ones. Stupid fellas, don't know how to come to the cinema yourselves is it? Bukannye don't know how to go to the place. Summore got motor to drive. Anyways, I was not the only one being blur coz all of them can't remember the 1st movie. Hahahahah~

But it was a good show. I liked it. Jacy and I squeaked and screamed and hit each other constantly coz we were damn excited. Hahahahaha~ I think we were the noisiest in the whole cinema.

Then we had lunch at McD which was a crazy lunch coz we were laughing at the lamest jokes ever. It was basically about amnesia, being old, grandmothers, crazy things we did when we were in high school and how badly we were bullied by each other. Apparently I was the most saddening on earth coz I was bullied by almost everyone when I was younger even Paulie and Alex. T___T

Then Jacy drove me back and we talked about more girly stuff in the car without Paulie and Alex. But I do share girly stuff with Alex sometimes coz he's so girly wtf. Hahahahaha~

At night, my gang had a gathering at Friends. Super excited coz haven't seen them for ages...which was like on January. Damn long ok?

What I wore

I dug this out of the many clothes people sent me. Hahaha~ Gonna keep those that I like. Hahahaha~

This bag was given by Auntie Michelle for my 21st birthday. Not exactly the type of bag that I like but since I was wearing so ladylike, I decided to bring a more ladylike bag.

Mama fetched me to Friends Cafe coz Sinren couldn't make it on time. He was going to meet up with me there.

The Food at Friends

Not sure what's the name of the food and how they tasted like coz I didn't ask my friends what were they and taste them myself.

I only know that the two drinks at the bottom are Aloe vera apple and Lemon screwdriver. The Aloe vera apple tasted erm... kinda weird coz I don't personally like aloe vera. As for the Lemon Screwdriver, it sucked like hell. But there was a hint of achohol in it compared to what I ordered.
This is what I ordered:
Which tasted like cough medicine

It was really that bad ok? Summore no achohol in it. Well, at least I didn't taste any lah... The last time I came here which was a year ago when that ass was still working here, the margarita was heavenly and I was quite tipsy after drinking it.

I forgot the name coz it was quite long

Please lah... if you can't serve good food then don't put some sophisticated name for your food. It was basically baked rice with some seafood which was like sotong, prawn and crabsticks. I haetd it coz the top was filled with garlic and I can't eat garlic. I will puke non-stop if I ever put garlic in my mouth. Sigh~ should have ordered something with a least sophisticated name like Chicken Chop. =___=

My verdict is that Friends Cafe's food sucked. Probably because the ass left. Hahahaha~ Maybe he was a good cook.

Photos with friends time...
You ain't out of the blonde moment yet, Anu...
Miss Boobies

Don't kill me Deeps!!!

My fave cowgirl

Sampat Buvie tried to act sensual wtf????

Obligatory all-girl group photos:
A decade of friendship
Knowing that I had known all these people for a decade sort of scares me. I had been crazy for ten years. How tragic can that be? Hahahahaha~

I don't know what are good friends if not us. Few of us turn up in halters which happens to be the favourite piece of clothing for all of us. Remember the Radioactive halters??? I still keep mine. How bout you guys?
Our love for looking at each other's boobs

Pengsan right got friends like this? Thank god my boobs were small. Or else I would have been a victim. Wakakakaka~

I have not seen my dear fatty for 3 weeks and this is what my friends do to irritate us


Before going out, I knocked my head on the sink at home. You know the ceramic type. (Don't ask why am I like this...I am wondering the same thing too ^___^) So I was asking Sinren to rub for me coz it was starting to swell. And anu must go and kepo and take a photo of this act... -___-lll

I wanna kiss kiss kiss his chubby face!!!

How to live without you, you tell me???

Didn't see him three weeks also I wanna die d... T___T

Anyways, after makan-ing at Friends and creating sound pollution in the quiet cafe, we decided go to Jetty and just hang out there.

Going Jetty used to be a nightmare to me coz it reminds me of a foolish thing that I did years ago. But now, I guess I had moved on and that place is not the same as before already so its ok for me now.
The rebuilt jetty

Its a karaoke now. First karaoke in Melaka but not as cheap as Green Box, Red Box and Neway. -___- When are they gonna open in Melaka la? Zzzz... (BTW, for those curious, jetty used to be a...jetty la of course. Hahahhha~)

We sat there talking (or should I say screaming our lungs out???), eating ice cream, take pictures and watched something illegal. Hahaha~ Won't tell what it is coz I would get caught if anyone found out. Huhuhuhuhu~

That's Kelvin, Ann's boyfriend

Dragged Nana and Ann to take photos with me coz we didn't do it at Friends cafe...
but Ann and I slept off


Much better


Puff kepo came in and Ann slept off...again! Hahahah~

My babes

Why Anu looked so emo wei? We asked to look at the sea, she started her emo face.


And what the hell is Kelvin doing posing in our shots???

Point to the sky~

Not that I mind Kelvin being in our photos but I thought we had an all-girl policy for our photos? How can he join in the photos and my Sinren had to do the photographer job? Do you know how to spell unfair? I chose not to say anything on the spot because everyone was damn happy. Sorry if I make anyone angry. But I am just speaking my mind.

Sampatness happens everytime we're together

We wanted to take a photo of us looking like those models shot in American Next Top Model. But things got crazy when I tried to grab Puff's boobs. Sigh~ don't know when will we grow up. Hahaahah~

The perfect "American Next Top Model" Shot

But of course we failed looking like the model's shot coz we ain't models for starters. Hoho~

This Buvie kept bugging me to take solo photos of her. I got pissed and did this...

I eventually became kind and took one shot for her...
Where are the boobs Bu???



Went home and took some obligatory camwhoring photos:

Love the new mirror from IKEA that Dad got for me in the toilet. *muaks*

Love my eyes that day. The eyeshadow was damn bling-bling. That's why I love KATE. And the mascara worked its magic. And the brows are well done. <3

As I switched on my lappie to upload photos into it. Crazy webcam moments happened.

Sorry... I didn't mean to scare you people but...haha~ you know that I'm crazy right?

The lighting in my room is crap so please excuse that blurness/darkness of the photos.

Kuan Yin???

It wasn't me

How nice if I have got a twin? But I think mama will go crazy with two of me. Wahahaha~

Love love love

Haha~ I just can't get enough of this feature on my lappie's webcam.

But to remind you that your blogger here is perfectly are some nice photos (but with bad lighting):

Haha~ Life is good at the moment. Just slacking and doing some redecorating and replacing of stuff in the room. But Sinren is back in KL and I won't see him for another month T____T

Miss you baby...

K lah... See you guys round.


Friday, May 23, 2008


Today with hope to have a happy Steamboat Nite at Shan Shan's house. Thought of taking photos with people that I had not hang out for a long time but...

Why can't people lay off with the jokes. I don't think its funny anymore. I don't even like him anymore. I had already a boyfriend which I love like hell. Is there anything doubtfull about that? Why must they still make that sick joke? Its not funny ok?

I don't give the hell if they call me "Ing Du Ren" (Indian). I don't care if they call me ugly. I don't care about any shit names they call me. But please do lay off this joke coz its not a joke to me.


This is the reason why I rather stay in KL and never come back home. I hate all those stupid assholes. Stupid peabrains.

Family Camp at Rawang

Hello Jello~ (That's lame I had became after staying with Li Shan for two weeks. Wahaahhah~)
I'm back from camp y'all. Actually I'm back since Monday but coz my Jaring dial up connection's credit went kong. No time to buy it so had to wait till today. Sigh~ Had been pestering mum to put streamyx but she doesn't seems to make a move yet. I really ate the stupid ass line!!!
Anyways, MBS Rawang was lousy la... No wifi. Such a nice place but no wifi. Wasted!!! BTWs, MBS Rawang was the place that I went for family camp. Had an awesome weekend. Good times spent with my bestmates at church. Gossiped, shared stories and ate like gila together and of course photos taken. It was like old times. Damn fun!!!
Then the seminar that we attended was really good. It wasn't exactly a sermon coz the speaker didn't touch much on religious stuff. Almost none actually. But mostly on family relationships, friendship and relationship wit your gf/bf. It helped me a lot in my relationship with my parents, Sinren and... I slept off on one of the seminars. Must be the one on friendship. Hahahah~
Overall, it was fun and I felt glad that I went. Only thing that I was quite disappointed was that Sinren didn't attend this camp. Coz he would have learned a lot from the seminars too.
Ok, pictures time.
Day 1-Day of arrival
Shared room with my closest friends and a few other aunties and erm~ kids. I was supposedly be in the same room with mama but something went wrong an she had to sleep in another room filled with old aunties/ah pohs. Haha~ poor thing. But it was a good thing she wasn't in the same room with me. Or else she'll nag like gila if I slept late. ^___^
My bed

I slept on the upper deck of the double decker next to Su Pheen da Spoon (inside joke since young). nobody dared to sleep below the air con so I did. *gleam with pride* It was not that cold as everyone think it would. I think maybe it was because my body is damn strong after all the "air con training" I had at uni. *shows muscles* Wahahaha~

Took this after Seminar I, which was about being good friends with other people and about bf/gf relationship. Didn't like this photo coz I closed my eyes. Too sleepy??? @___@

People I grew up with

Well, except for Lai Yee, who just dated John for a couple of years.
Its quite ironic that the photo before this was without flash but I closed my eyes, whereas this photo with flash my eyes were wide open. =___=

Day 2- Sunday Service
This was taken after the Sunday Service & Seminar II, which was the one I slept through the whole seminar. I've gotta stop myself from sleeping in Sunday Services!!!

Glad that she came to camp coz we hardly had time together after she went to Singapore to study. Singapore is robbing me off my best friends and family!!!
Good friend made at Choral Camp

Some random kid who wanted to take photo with me

I have a thing with kids which I don't really understand. Its like I belong to their world wtf. hahaha~

My pig goddaughter

Who is an ass brat now. Feels like teaching her some lessons...but I love her too much to do it. T___T
self-timer shot

Woops! Kaylyn blocked Mich.
Before napping

Sorry Sheene. Your eyes so slitty. but I can't possibly put the other uglier one right?
With all the "ah pohs"

There's more ah pohs but we only took photos with these few coz the rest didn't wanna take photo.

Planned to start my tanning mission but all the moron guys were planning to dump me into the pool. (They love doing that to me and Su Pheen) I had period remember? So I couldn't swim. To avoid them, I stayed inside the blue fence. At least I had something to hold on to when they come to drag me. Stupid boys!! Spoiled my plan!!!
Stupid games they play

They played water wrestling along side splashing water at Sheene and I. (She had period too) -___-lll
This was a zoom-in shot. I was standing quite far. Not bad ah my camera...

Seminar 3's break time

Dad won first. Yay!!!

We had various sports and games in the afternoon. But because I was way too tired. I was busy pigging away in my room. Zzzz.... Hey! I slept at 6am on Friday... I mean Saturday morning ok? Have to pay back the sleep right?
Look at how happy dad looked. Wakakak~
Da Girls

Woops! I blocked Sheene.
Stupid John, who took the photo, said he didn't realised I blocked Sheene. It was obvious that he probably only focused on his future wife!!! And didn't cared how dumb we all looked!!!
Acting Cute

We had a little gathering of our own at night. Midnight to be precised. Eating and then singing songs together. Damn fun. We had not sat together and sing and play instruments together for hell knows how long. I missed old times. T_T
My other brother

He looks like Zhang Zheng Yue with specs and cap right? You know the one who sang "Ai Wo Bie Zou" (爱我别走)? Its just that he's darker. Haha~
DAy 3- Going Home

Which one looks more like the word GPM?

GPM is the abbreviated name of our church, Gereja Presbyterian Melaka.
Ah Wei (Sheene) looked damn cute in the second photo, doing the 'M'. ^___^
Kaki Ponteng Seminar

The seminar was about father/mother relationship with the child. Quite boring really. And the hal was freaking cold that day. So a lot of people ran out with the reason to "warm up".

I have seen thise kids grow up since their birth. And now they are teenagers. Man! I feel damn old!!! Some even had bfs/gfs already. Tsk tsk tsk~ kids nowadays...
Shu Chin looks just the same when she was a baby. Wahahaha~ Hopefully the baby fat will go off soon. -_<
Stupid Kelvin!!! Don't know where he was looking when I was taking that photo of us. Some more my fringe looked like crap.

I didn't really like the photo we took together the night before. I had no makeup on (my skin tone looks awful without makeup) and my specs was senget. So we took another one during lunch.
Man! I am about two shades darker than he is

I was quite angry with him for something quite stupid recently. But...I forgive and forget quite easily. ^__^
I am wondering if I'm their daughter!!! Why their eyes so slitty but mine so big???
But thank God for my big eyes or else we would be The Sepet Trio Family then. Wahahahahah~

I realised that I didn't take any photos with Su Pheen or CY. T___T How can??? But since Su Pheen graduated, I don't have to worry bout not seeing her often. Can take with her some other time. As for CY... T_T
There are a few more photos with Faye and Sheene. Will grab from them and post them up asap.

Will be having steamboat nite with Youth Fellowship. More photos to come. Whee~~~ Brother Alex is back from NS (National Service). Can't wait to see my dear botak head. Haahahha~
Well, that's all for today...
Love and Peace.
p/s: Of course I'm my parents' daughter. I have never doubted it. I have mum's smile and look so like dad...apart from the eyes that is. Please don't get offended by what I said. I was joking. This is for those from Pang Family and Wong Family.
p/p/s: there's videos of us singing on the 2nd day but couldn't upload. T_T


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