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I'm back with an outdated post

Hey! I'm at the library onlining again. So happy.. But uploading the photos d took up so much time.

BTWs, latest update is... tomorrow is my practical final exam. I'm still not very sure of my pieces. Damn scared that I will flunk the exam. Hopefully my memory won't freeze in the middle of the exam tomorrow. Then there's the programme notes which should be done earlier but I never did. And now struggling to vomit stuff out for it. I'm not sure if they will count in lots of marks for programme notes. If they are, shit ass!!! I will fail till I can't recognize my family!!! (Some cantonese saying lah... HAHAHAHAHAHA~) After all the struggling, final exam officially ends. But before that I had to finish my Computer Music's final assignment and my correction for the Nusantara paper before returning home to MElaka. Hell knows when can I finish...

Last weekend, I missed my 'twin's' birthday party. So Pei Pei (childhood friend from church) came over to st…

Exam fever

Hello people. I'm back in KL with no internet access coz I didn't pay for my internet account at MC. So I can't update my blog. So its gonna be abandoned for like about a week or so. So please wait patiently for my update soon.

There are Deepavali visiting's photos and Music Showcase's photos that had not been up yet. I don't know would it be too late to post it up by the time I'm back at Melaka. But I think the gang is waiting for me to post something funny and embarrassing about them. Hahahahaha~ Its weird how some people have a love/hate affair with me. They always nagging me to stop embarrassing them on my blog but they love reading my blog. Hahahahahaha~ People, people...

Anyways, tomorrow is the last paper for finals. Then lastly after the practical exam, my heaven will come. Hahahahahahahaha~~~ Can't wait balletz!!!

Oh yeah... I'm currently going online at my fac. Hahahaha~ Happy, happy... Pratice finish piano d so online lor. Thanks to my cl…

Exams and the ending of it

No. My exams had not end. Its not even halfway thru.
Theory was... I just pray that I'll pass. It was not difficult actually. My bad. So there's nothing much to say lor.
As for the others, I am trying very hard to concentrate on revising all of them as much as possible. Hopefully be able to read them all before the exam, which is quite impossible lah. But I'll try my best. Sejarah is out of the talk lah of course. Coz its damn hard to understand. Read the stupid Sumarsam's book also wanna die d k?
Practical neh... Quite ok lah. The Scarlatti still needs more partial practice. Mozart... memorizing and brushing up. Mendelssohn neh... I need help on how to play it like I'm rowing a gondola. Shit lah! I haven't sit on a gondola in my life. How to know the feeling of it? Dun say gondola, sampan also haven't in my life sat on it before.
Sigh~ don't know lah. Just pray and pray that finals will pass quickly and break comes even quicker.
Anyways, I was daydre…

Sinren's New Hairstyle

Somebody's birthday

Happy Birthday Enoch Liow Sin Ren!!!
May God shower His blessings on you as you turned adulthood and curly-hood. Hahahahahaahah~
Love you baby boo...

p/s: Thanks for the lovely lunch at your house. I love you 'bao yu gu' and I love you...
To all readers: Photos of his latest curly head soon-to-come

Coco's wedding

Backdated photos again...
As usual before any event, I would do the 'before-after' thing right? Here's another... One of my eyes is always looked bengkak. Is there any cure to this???
Isk!!! My brows seriously need trimming. Any recommendations?

Ooo~ my symmetrical haircut. Next time gotta go back to Thomas & Guys Bukit Bintang if I ever wanna re-do my bob. But the fringe too short and not thick enough. Sigh~ didn't cover up my ugly brows. And my damn eyes still bengkak!!!

Self obsession

Like me, dad loved babies. Sam yi is my cousin's daughter. Damn cute right? In this photo she seemed like she was going to cry. But actually she's a happy kid.

Check out this photos of her...
Dunno why she looked so happy. Smiling away at the tv. It wasn't a kid show btw. Takkan she understood right?

Dad looked happier, doesn't he? Hahaahahah~

After getting ready, we went straight to the restaurant.

On the left, Mama in a cheongsam.
On the right, Dad with 'Er Gu…