Sunday, December 30, 2007

GEt out of my life lah!!!

Had been reading CS's blog recently. For those who don't know who is CS, well, she was best friend. WAS is to be emphasized!!! AHhaahahhahaha~ Anyways, I was browsing through her old posts. Alaa... now no more friends but still I wanna kepo bout her life mah... Yeah lah... I very kepo. Why you care??? HAahhahahaha~ Ok, ok... Get to the point. I found a 'letter' written for me. *eyes lit up with glow* Hahahahaha~ Damn fake!!!

Like usual, she's all over herself. Typical her lah. Blaming everything on everybody else. In this case, me and my boyfriend lah.

I wanted to reply to that 'letter' but after talking with neney, I decided not to. Why so bo liao wanna sama-sama gila with her?

She wrote the 'letter' as though I'm a big fan of her blog. Hahahahaha~ You think I will read your blog ar? SO boring read for what??? If I am a big fan, I would have read it earlier lah. Hahahahaha~

I dun think she reads my blog coz I didn't tell anybody back home about my blog. Errr... apart from the gang lah. I dun even care if she reads, coz she kan wants me to spit everything rite at her face? I'm doing it lor. Actually I damn hope she will read my blog coz I want to get the message to her: GET OUT OF MY LIFE AND STOP MAKING ME MISERABLE!!!

I know... I could tell it to her. But I can't. I can't get myself to talk to her face-to-face. I know lah... Damn chicken right? I just can't get even with people face-to-face. Why so useless??? How I wish I could do it. Then people won't think that I'm easy kena bully. Sigh~ why am I born like that??

Anyways, here's the link to the 'letter' INNER VOICES

I'm not ashamed of what she said of me. Coz its not the truth and I have no fear of telling everyone that.

I used to treasure this friendship but now I don't want it back.

That's all for today.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Birthday with Neney

Neney couldn't celebrate my birthday with me on the day itself coz my birthday is on a weekday and neney had to work. Many people said that he should be there on my birthday party but I was ok with it coz he needs to work mah... When he works and earn money d, he can spend some on me lor... Hahahahahaha~

But he did celebrate it with me earlier. We went to had dinner and went for pat toh, which is something we didn't get to do a long time due to exams, his work and place apart.

WE planned to go for the Japanese buffet at Sibaraku (erm... did I spell it right???) but we reached MP (Mahkota Parade) a bit too late. MP closes at 10pm. We went at 9pm. How to eat buffet like that you tell me!!! Go eat buffet must eat until your stomach felt like bursting apart. One hour how to eat until like that???

So we decided to go for Sushi King instead. Had a wonderful meal. I mean its not a great or expensive meal (Actually Sushi King is even more expensive than the Sibaraku's buffet) but its a matter of who am I eating with. Right neney?

We ate until damn full. If you were looking for the most love-to-stuff-their-tummy-till-they-explode couple, its gonna be us alright. Haahahhahahahah~

Then we went to this new tourist attraction in Melaka. Its called...

This pirate park just opened recently. I got to know this park by reading Jiji's blog. I knew it sucked coz Jiji took pictures of it and posted it on her blog. But I wanted to feel its "suckiness". LOLZ~

I wanted to bring Li Shan, Mel and the rest of the gang there when they came for visit recently. But after passing it, they didn't wanna go. Too lame it seems... AHahhahahahahahah~

I told neney about it and he suggested we go there and walk around to ease our stuffed tummies. Hahahaha~ So we went lah...

It really sucks damn badly. Hahahahahah~ It was the worst tourist attraction I have seen anywhere. Why lah the Melaka goverment must shame us this way??? Hahahahahaha~ Shame shame sial!!!

Anyways, let me give you a photo tour of the things there. Dun worry. It won't take a lot of time coz there's only three rides there. Hahahahahaha~ See the lameness???

I think Melaka gov was so into copying KL that they didn't realised the real meaning of Eye on something... If I was not wrong, KL had the Eye on Malaysia coz this ferris wheel can let you see the whole KL. Therefore your EYES ARE ON MALAYSIA... or maybe eyes on the capital of MAlaysia lah...

But this stupid ride is damn low. Only about 2 or 3 stories high. How to see the whole MElaka you tell me??? The whole of town also cannot see lah wei.

Why wanna copy people's name leh? Just put something plain cannot meh? Maybe Ferris Wheel of Melaka? Or Pirate Park Wheel? AIyo~ they should have ask me to name it lah. I can come up with so good names. AHhahahahaah~

You guys might think: "Not bad what... got pirate ship. Can play apa". Play what lah!!!! The thing damn slow you know. Like rocking cradle nie. And it didn't swing high at all. Exactly like cradle lah. I think if you guys go on this ride, sure tertidur one. Like how Mr Bean slept off on rollercoaster. Real shit sial. Even babies sat on it and didn't cry. Hahahahaha~

I didn't take the last ride's photo coz it was too crowded by people and it was too dark lah. But I could tell you that it sucks too. Its called Bungee Jump. Don't get excited coz its not like the typical bungee jump you usually see where you jump from a very high place with a cord tied to your foot. Its nothing like that. Its a thing looking like swing. They have something like the bungee jump cord tie around your lower torso. Under you there will be a huge trampoline (Dunno spell correctly or not). Then you have to jump up and down on this trampoline. And that's, ladies and gentlemen, Melaka's version of BUngee Jump. AHhaahhahahaha~

Its damn lame arh!!! WHy is the MElaka gov so lame? Spend all this money (OUR MONEY MOSTLY!!!) on this lame pirate park. Take the money and build more shopping centers better right? STUPID!!!!

Two very ashamed Malaccan

After that we went to Graha Makmur's park to chat and pat toh. Its like our favourite spot. We went there for our first Valentine's date. Eventhough there's lots of people there but the atmosphere is kinda nice. Windy breeze and nice fountain surrounded us.

We sat there until suddenly it started to rain. So potong steam lah... Had to go home d.

I didn't wanna go home coz I wanna spend more time with him. I hate it that I had to miss him for two weeks more before he comes back again. :(

Anyways, many people wanted to know what he gave me. Tak sangka so many nosy people around me. HAhaahhaha~ Not your present also, why so kepo???

The box
Can you guess what it is?

Its a bracelet

And the words on it...
I love you too neney...

Nice right???

Anyways, will be going back to KL soon. And I will be able to blog normally again. Yay!!! I had editted lots of photos and will post them up as soon as possible. Plus pastor will be waiting for the pictures of the Pusat Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal visit.
So please wait for it yah...
See everyone soon.

Friday, December 28, 2007


I decided to try out pedicure after seeing so much of Popteen and going to the Malaysian Babes Forum. I can't do pedicure coz I can't grow my fingernails out. Its a thing that pianists can't do. Growing their fingernails out. -_____-lll

I got the idea from Popteen and this is the outcome:

Nice right?
So proud of myself lah. Coz last time I had to depend on a particular bitch to get my nails done. But now I don't have to. I can do it myself plus we were no longer friends.
Its no pro job but at least I'm satisfied with it.
I think this was not well done. Like simply put nails nie. Hahahaha~ I think I too sleepy d lah. Hey! I did this at midnight k?

Deepa calls it peanut butter. Why lah??? I think it really looks like strawberry shortcake apart from the fact I didn't put on any strawberries on me toes lah. But still.... tell me you agree with me.

A day after my success of doing such a cute pedicure, somethings went wrong. The next day, I wanted to show off my toenails but secara discreetly so I wore my green peep toes heels. Hoping people might catch a glimpse of it. (Yalah... I know I very showy lah... Whr you pain???) Manatau after returning home, I think the presure of the heels had made my toenails went blah...

Take a look....

How ugly they turned into

I think I didn't take enough time to let it dry thoroughly I think. CS bitch once told me that it takes bout 6 hours to let it dry thoroughly. Well, I didn't take that long. The moment I finished doing it, I felt asleep. HAhahaha~

More ugly looking nails

By the way, if guys are wondering, what's up with that ankle on the right bottow part, if you see properly you could see a small cut. Damn damn tiny lah actually. I cut myself with my toe nail. Could you believe that happened? Hahahahah~ Tu lah... toenail too long punye pasal lah!!!

That's all for now.

Oh yeah... Before that... can anyone tell me how to remove those beads. I can't seem to remove them. LOLZ~ I did pedicure before this but they come off quite easily when I want to remove them. But this time I can't. Is it that I put too much clear base?

Aiyo~~ I wanna do new designs d lah. How now??? Now it is damn ugly k? Can't wear heels that can show my toenails. Damn paiseh. LEt people know sure kena laugh one lah!!!


Ok lah. SEe you guys in next post.


p/s: I'm currently addicted peanut butter. Is it okay to eat peanut butter just on its on without applying it on something. I am so into digging into the bottle of Skippy in my kitchen. Is it fatal?? Somebody please tell me coz I dun wan my friends to read the new and the headline goes: "Girl found dead beside a bottle of Skippy" or "Girl died of peanut butter overdose"

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Did something to my hair

I went to Auntie Nika's house and asked her to do something to my hair. Then she asked me what had I not tried on my hair. I gave it a hard thought and it was highlighting my hair. So she suggest that I highlight my hair.

Mama didn't allow me to highlight too 'yeh' punya colour. I wanted to highlight my hair with blue streaks like what Rihanna did in her 'Shut up and drive' video. But couldn't lah coz Mama would go crazy. Plus if wanna dye other than brown shades I would have to bleach it before doing it. I didn't wanna bleach lor. So settled with brown. Forgot the colour exactly lah. It some reddish brown. Something like bronze.

Yes lah... I know you people wanna say I so wanna copy Rihanna's hairstyle all the time. Yes lah. I like her hairstyle and will copy it like gila. Why? I copy her style you lose a piece of flesh on your body is it? Get a grip and stop pestering me lah.

The above words are for a person in particular. Don't bother bout it if you love my hair. Hahahaahah~

Anyways, here are the afters. (I did not to put in the befores to compare sorry!!!)

The front

The colour looks kinda discreet here. Took this after doing the highlights. Now the colour is much seen-able.

Sorry coz i did not put on make up. I know it looks pooped up.

Tell me who puts on makeup and drive to a house just a few blocks her house and get her hair done. Its totally -_-lll if you ask me.

Couldn't take the back. I tried but I nearly twist my hands. LOLZ~~~~

Ok... That's all.
Lots of photos but so lame the line.

See you guys round.

STill damn sick. I had to get better by tomoro or else mama wouldn't let me attend Youth Fellowship's year end birthday party. I wanna go lah!!! They're celebrating it at Ah han's farm. Damn it!!! I wanna go!!
I repeat I WANNA GO!!!
Gotta go fight those sick bugs!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007


Why am I sick on Christmas Eve???

I don't even have my voice!!!


Now I can't sing in the choir on Christmas Eve...

I love the songs so much!!!

All thanks to the mutton stew and lamb chops at John's house!!!

This is totally disastrous!!!


Sunday, December 23, 2007

could i write a fictional story?

Currently draining my brain to write some fictional story for a fellow blogger.

Dammit!!! Nothing is coming out.

How lah???

Shouldn't have promise to do it.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Once again... I'm heartbroken

I once loved the arrival of December

But this year I loathe it

I wished it never come

and none of us would have fought

coz I won't feel loney

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stressed prinsezz

For those who kept checking in my blog and found nothing new, so sorry. Some close friends might think "Oh... Kan she said she'll be working at Nobel..." Noperz. My asshole boss didn't call me to tell me bout the details of the pay and what time to work and all that shit. So I'm wasting good time at home, sleeping more than ever and slacking all my holidays plans including blogging.

Actually I had been blogging. I was posting up photos and its in the draft. You know lah I need time to post up the photos because of the stupid line mah... So sorry la...

For those who wanted to know how did my birthday go... It went real well. I mean I didn't exactly love the party coz it wasn't the one I had in mind, but ok lah. I had some real great birthday presents. But some are plain... -____-lll Why the heck got people give me things that I don't need. ie:crystal balls. Why? Do I like I need to see the future??? -___-lll OTher than that I love all the presents. Muaks Muaks to all my buddies and besties. *hugs*

I had been rather stressed lately. Funny huh? After finals and I am stressed? I think I am turning into Jane. Haahhaah~ Stress queen.

Those who read about my plans for the hols might know that I am preparing a self-planned performance for my church's Christmas celebration on 24th. I didn't know why I decided to do this. Maybe I was too bored and wanted to do something great. (konon lah...) I started to plan the performance with Yuyu. We planned to play two songs which the pastor said ok. Then pastor wanted us to put some slideshow shit into our performance. "It will be too boring just seeing you two play". I'm like "huh?" If I put the slideshow, the performance will be distorted right? People will be focusing on reading the damn slides and not listening to our playing. But coz I was born with brains I manage to do the slideshow without interfering with our performance. But after planning all the slides, we had only time to play one song. So we settled with "12 days of Christmas" which was a jazz duet piece.

Both yuyu and I had never played the songs together. We just prepared our own parts on our own. I did practise coz I was rather serious of the whole performance. I didn't have to worry bout Yuyu coz he's one great pianist. But one thing that I forgot is he lacks of commitment. He's rather lazy at times and sometimes drive me nuts coz he doesn't wanna cooperate. Dang!!! I spoil my brother at times.

Pastor asked me to go through the slideshows with him before the rehearsals. I blur blur asked him, "When arh?". And damn it!!! Its on 19th, which is counting from yesterday was 4 days more. Ahyu and I had not tried putting both parts together. THIS IS DISASTROUS!!! I ran to Ah yu and told him bout it. And he said, "I haven't practise lah jie. How arh?" WTF???? Why is he doing this to me? "You ask Nan to play lah. I really cannot" Now he tells me. I tried to calm down and tell him that we will try to put the parts together if we really can't make it, I will ask Nan, our friend, to replace him.

After returning home, I rushed to finish the slideshows, which I did great research online to do it. Erm... I don't know how to explain to you guys what the slideshow was for. I will show you guys the slideshow after some finishing touches. I did it till 1 something. I shouldn't sleep late on Saturdays coz the next day I had to go church. And I don't want my sleepiness to get in the way for me to worship Lord. I had been sleeping off for quite sometimes. Sorry... sorry... When I finally goes to sleep, I had terrible nightmares. Mostly bout the performance, sucking badly on the night of the performance. Gawd!!!! I am seriously stressed.

Wanna know what happened next? Read tomorrow lah... I have to go watch CSI. Haahahahhah~ Sorry to keep the suspense.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Have you got sick of my face yet???











ok,ok... I know not yet 11th. But I am too excited. So I decided to wish myself first. lolz~~~
Its my blog. Suka lah what I wanna do. Hahahahahah~ Shoot me lah for all I care. Hahahahahaha~
Ok lah neney... I cannot berat sebelah. Here's your photos:
And that is all of his. Would you believe it??? Hahahahah~
Ok lah. Enough of craziness.

Pixie's 21st birthday party and The Curve

Can't believe that I got so brave and took a bus alone up to KL. I dared to take it back to Melaka but dunno why I didn't dare to take a bus from Melaka to KL. But for Pixie, I made myself brave enough. WAhahahahahahaha~
Here are the photos:
Photo with the birthday girl

Don' even ask what was I thinking wearing that to the party. I had a quite nice top actually. I wore a halter top that was quite low at the front and a bikini inside. Arriving at the party, realising Pixie's whole family was there, I chickened and put on the jacket that I brought. Thank god I brought it!!!

Wear until so sexy to a family thing... WHAT WAS I THINKING???

Signature pose with them

The birthday cake

Ini dia muka sedap

We were trying to catch her doing the kissable lips. Hohoho~

The mighty prinz and prinsezz

Group photos before Mel left for the other party

I love Decembers. Birthday parties everywhere.

Ok, ok... don't remind me of the money spent for presents k???

But the jacket is really damn hideous la!!! I gotta get a new denim jacket!!!

Digging each other's nose

That's how much we love each other. Wahahaha~

Eeee... why Li Shan so ham sap looking? See Wen Li wear so sexy must pose like that lah???

This fella's voice damn nice ok... This is what they meant by do not judge a book by its cover.

Pixie's church friends singing "Close to you"

It was her favourite song it seems. Hahahahah~ REminds me of someone... Doesn't it Li Shan??? Doesn't it MEl??? Hahaahahha~

I can't upload the damn video. Slow line mia prob la. Gotta ask ney to help me load it lah... >_<

After the party, since it was early, we decided to go to The Curve to take photos and to eat donuts. Woots!!! We love Big Apple donuts!!!

Big Apple here we come...

The queue at Big Apple

After we return from getting donuts, Li Shan said she wanna get some for her mum and siblings. So ney and I waited for them to come eat the donuts together. While waiting... we camwhored!!!

My favourite pose and him looking a bit 'niang'

Our favourite pose

I made him to the same pose. So evil of me.. Hehehe~ But he doesn't seem reluctant rite?

The donuts that neney bought for us

Tasteless it seems... neney said one.

Some almond donut

Didn't ask Esther how it tasted like. Erm... should be good lah coz she didn't complain. Hahahaah~

The green tea donut

Li shan said that its tasteless

quote* "Its 1% green tea and 99% none green tea" *end of quote. Whahahahahahaah~

Also forgot the name... but the top filling is dark chocolate. Neney liked this one better coz the dark chocolate is thick enough.

One of my favourite

My Favourite Donut

Forgot the name too... something like New York cheese or what lah... Hahahaha~ my amnesia getting worse.

Love the cheesy yet its not too strong. Ney said that it got no taste at all. Something is wrong with his taste buds anyways. Everything he ate he said that it was tasteless.

Li Shan and her tasteless green tea donut

Niak niak with her almond donut

Curly head and his spicy floss

Me and my favourite donut

Me love cheesy stuff...yum~ yum~ fattening but so sinfully good. Eat d do more exercise then ok d lor...

Wah~ see my neney membabi at the back. AHahahah~

After stuffing ourselves with donuts and Li Shan getting donuts for her family, we went to take photos at the street. Their christmas deco are up. Well, I bet its not as beautiful as those at Singapore but boleh lah kan???

This is what I wore inside that hideous jacket

Not really sexy lah. But a bit inappropriate lor. Don't you think?

After that we went into The Curve which were already closed by that time. My friends and I had been to The Curve a couple of times but most of the time we didn't get to shop there. Coz everytime we were there, The Curve was always about to close. Hahaahha~

The photos from this point onwards will be slightly darker and harder to see coz I didn't wanna use flash and the place was kinda dark.
Took this before they switch it off

So christmassy!!!

This is how my house should look like... er~ minus the karaoke set at the front door lah. Hahahaha~

Gosh!!! Why my tummy so bulgy???

Li Shan being scared of the snowman

sorry...can't see Li Shan's face at all.

Last photo befor leaving The Curve

That's all for today lah... Will continue tomorrow or whenever lah.

Hoho~ Tomorrow's my bday!!! So the hell excited. Wonder what all presents I will get. Hahaah~ Isn't it about the presents??? You guys agree with me right? AHahahahahhahaah~

Ok lah... That's all...



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