Friday, August 31, 2007

Give me some skins!!!!

Damn sad lah... I can't find any nice skins on blogskins. I did found a few lah. But it was not perfect. And the one that I posted in the template one got some shit ass problems. So I had to remove it. And resort to this default skin by blogspot. And so all the thing that were editted is not there no more. Shit rite? I have to search for all the linking again and paste it. I could do it now but I got this shit assed assignment to do... damn it!!!!

Anybody out there good at designing skins or knows how to design skin? Can design a skin for us arh? Or you teach me lah. Then I can do one custom made one for Sinren and my blog...

Isk isk isk~ damn pissed over the blog's skin thing lah...

Anyways, something else that is not so angry from me is...

I was reading some blogs and found out some damn funny abbreviations from some bloggers... damn funny lah... all this originated from their blogs k? Cannot find anywhere else.

This one I read from Eevon's blog. It actually means What The Fuck Bananas.... hahahahaha!!! What's with the bananas lah wei? Damn hilarious lah!!!!

Next is...
This is from Jayden's blog. Actually I don't know Jayden lah. Jayden's blog is one of those blogs that I found damn interesting while simply browsing thru blogs. Got his link from Xiaxue's blog. Anyways, OMGYM means Oh My Guan Yin Ma... hahahahahhaahhaha~ Jayden said that he was the one who coined this phrase. Hahahahahahah~~ maybe next time other people could use phrase like OMA= Oh My Allah, OMB= Oh My Buddha, OMMG= Oh My Monkey God (I think I'm gonna use this one lah... hahahaha~~~~)

This is from Zhong Ming. He said those who doesn't use PTPTN to support them in uni is know as those supported by PPMMS. And what is PPMMS??? PaPa MaMa Scholarship. Hahahahahahhahaahah~~~~ but I know some who support their own leh??? Should call what ne? Think about it (OMMG!!! Am I turning into Dr. Pan???? Hahahahahaahah~~~) and let me know...

I forgot the blogger's name d lah... It actually means Oh My Fickled Sticks. Not as funny as those above lah. But worth posting up lor...huhuhuhu~~~

There were a few more lah... but I can't remember exactly all the funny abbreviations. If I remembered d I post some more lah...

I gotta go stuff my face into that damn book again. SO till the next post....


p/s: To Nuffnang and Adverlets' people if you guys can't find your ads in my blog, sorry. I have no time to put them up yet... but it wil be up soon.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tutorial Class

Today at 10am I had my tutorial.

I hated tutorial.

Coz I just don't like it.

This morning's tutorial was even worse.

My tutor made big comments about my fingers today. Yes, my poor over-skinny fingers.

Today as I was playing, she said that my fingers keep collapsing at the knuckles area. Coz in piano playing, your knuckles are supposed to be the highest point. And if you have your knuckles keep collapsing, your playing will be quite weak. I had not have this problem before...Well, that's what I thought lah. My previous piano teachers did tell me that my fingers do collapse (another bad thing for piano playing). And I corrected it. Manatau, now come a new prob d.

Its not that I cannot accept that I have this problem. I mean, I can accept anything that she says although I don't usually agree with her. But its the way she tells it.

She told me what to do and then I was trying to do it. But I couldn't do it really well. Well, of course lah. It takes time to change rite? She became so impatient and keeping 'tsk-ing' and said very irritatedly: "Look at my hand please and do it". I already damn stressed trying to get it done but she keep 'tsk-ing' at there. My face terus turn black.

Then arh... she keep commenting that I cannot read my notes properly. What the heck? Ok lah, if I didn't get ready and did not practise then I don't mind that she scold me lah. This week I work damn hard on my practise lor... I think during tutorial I played ok lor. And then she suddenly she add the metroneum then I can't play d. She said that I didn't practise. What the heck? She just first time add that damn thing then complaint that I can't do it. I'm no genius lor...

Sigh~ after today's tutorial arh... I decided one thing>>>> I shall not take Pengajian Utama V!!!! Kalau boleh, now also I don't want take d. So at least I can focus on my ATCL.

Sigh~ I need to work harder and stop my laziness and stop sleeping so much.

Sigh~ sedih arh!!!!

Nothing d lah...

Dunno why these few days so 'bei'....

Bubbye lah...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Do you like them 'bling'???

You guys know rite how much these Japanese people love to do their nails until its like so glamourous??? Something like this...

I used to like it a lot honestly. I always wanted to go to a nail salon and tried on those acryllic nails and add those shining stuff onto my nails. It was really glamorous to me. And I envied Chels coz she had the talent to do her nails by herself into those above without going to the salon.

But now, maybe I was over that age d... hmmm~ maybe just one "bling" on the nail...just one small one is enough for me lah. Haha!!! Seems like I'm not totally that age huh??? Haha!!!

These Japanese had gone over the board with these blings. And I am so 'blinded' by all these things they had done to their stuff... they can tahan all these 'blings' arh???

Check it out, man

This is supposed to be a notebook or something I think
This one a bit over lor I think. I don't think I can bare looking at the cover of my notebook so 'bling'.
I think its a electronic dictionary...

I don't think this is nice either... I think its the flowers in the middle. Don't look so nice lor...

Oooo~ me likey this!!!!

Yes, this is my kinda glam!!! Damn cun can???? When my V3 comes back Imma gonna decorate it to look something like tht... the original black don't really suit me lah. I think pink is just the colour for a cute and sexy girl like me.... (ok, you may vomit now...wahahahhaahhhaha~~~)

This one a bit over lah... I don't think can fit into my pocket lor... too bulky

More 'bling bling' handphones... some cun, some so-so only

This Ipod errmmm~~~ I don't know why but I feel like its too simple

This is nice.... simple but so the glam!!! Especially the black and pink one

Some mp3... like the colour tone the fella created

I can't imagine having a mouse like that

Other 'bling bling' stuff
That's all... I don't know why I posted this post actually. Actually I wanted to start a small section about Japan. Coz I really like anything about Japan. The culture, the fashion,... basically everything lah.

I have not been to Japan but its a dream for a very long time. But the expenses there is damn expensive. Maybe when I can earn lots then I will fly there.
I think my obssession of Japan is nurtured by my mum lor... Coz since young my mum always tell me how beautiful Japan is and how much she wanna go there. And its also my mum's dream to go there and take pictures of sakura. Sadly she has not been there herself, only heard all these from her sisters.
Ma... one day I sure bring you there one...

So there's gonna be a lot of things about Japan coming soon from this blog. So do check it out if you guys like Japan as much as me.
Guess there'll be more updates d lor... but not bout me lor...bout Japan...haha!!!

K lah... that's all for today.


NOTE: Credits to Queeanie for these photos. For those who are interested to see these bling creations can go to Crea Nail's website.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Christine's birthday bash

Yet another late post. Aiyo~ I tell you ar... After Sinren helped me to deal with some probs on my computer arh... It came back becoming worst. It became damn damn slow. So editing photos takes up a lot of time. So... sorry lah. The posts with photo will have to take some time to be posted. Gomen ne! well unless if I don't edit those photos lah. Then it will be boring lor, rite?

Anyways...this happened on 22nd July. Christine came back to Malaysia (from Australia) on 7th of July. Then back to Australia by the end of July. So before she goes back there. We, the Wong family members decided to have a birthday party for her. Err~ I mean a be-early birthday party lah. Coz her birthday is on 24th mah... we did the party on 22nd.

Ok, ok... I know you guys might feel weird why I call myself the Wongs when my surname is not even Wong. Of course I know lah my surname is not Wong. Its Pang mah... But I am much closer to my mother's side of relatives and btw I am my mum's child. So I am also a part of the Wongs lor...

After going to church, Auntie Michelle promised to fetch us (Sinren and I) to Uncle Paul's house at 3pm. So we decided to wait downstairs of MC coz its only like 30 mins away till 3 when we returned from church. It was raining heavily also. Even if Sinren wanna go upstairs pun, can't go register at the guard house. Manatau Auntie Michelle called again and told us that she will come at 4 pulak. (>_<)!!! So terpaksa Sinren go register lor. Then we came upstairs and rest in my room for awhile.

We both doze off while waiting. Didn't really sleep very long lah. About 3.50 like that she came d lor.

We had her birthday party at Uncle Paul’s house backyard. It's a BBQ party. I tell you arh... the place damn cun k? You see also you wished your house was like that and you can have a 21st birthday party here. Well, at least that is what I think lah.

Anyways, check out Uncle Paul's house... erm~ I only took photos of the backyard lah actually. Coz the party was held there.
The view from the family room to the backyard.

Looked like forest right? The air damn refreshing can? Day and night also like that.

One of the resting huts at the backyard

Another hut...

This one is for children to play lah. There's like slide, tunnel for them to climb...etc. something like a tree house lah. But more sophisticated lah. My cousins are all to old to play with it d so its rather dirty and filled with spidey webs. Wasted rite?

Please be reminded that all these were designed and partly build by my uncle.

The miniature waterfall

Cun rite???

And this is my poser cousin posing at the hut which we held the birthday bash

Haha! Damn lame rite he? BTW he is a bigger poser compare to me. Next time please remember this name: NG WEI XIAN. More poser photos to come.

What I like about our family gatherings is that we, the younger generation, don't have to help out in any housework coz there are too many maids in the house. Haha! Well, unless if there are too many things to be done, we do have to help lor. But hardly lah.

So we sat in the family room and watch TV. And guess what are we watching?? Its my favourite!!! SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!! Haha! But not all were watching lah. Just me, Sinren, Ethan and David were watching it fulltime. Others leh... watching 'Blades of Fury' on Mark's laptop.

Please note that other than Sinren and I are 21 years old watching Spongebob, the others have not even reached their teens. Can you imagine how childish we both are????

Jeremy slept on while we were roaring with laughter

Sinren and I got sick of Spongebob after a couple of episodes and started camwhoring. Paiseh hor... I didn't do no makeup coz was in a rush to leave. Look damn 'can' (in Cantonese) rite?

After 2 hours plus of Spongebob, we decided to change to another movie before we start to vomit blood. So Beulah switched on 'Just Follow Law'. This time the grandmas join in and watch.

Oh yeah! My uncle rear lots of animals in his house. Not really a lot lah... Just three dogs, two tortoises and one cute little piglet. Don't worry. You didn't read it wrong. They really have a piglet.

Her name is Ballet. Haha! Know why? Coz she walks on tip toes. Damn cute can? She really grunts a lot lor... you call her then she will grunt at you.

Why does my uncle rear a piglet you ask? Coz actually rite... Christine is studying as a vet. Her school project is to dissect a pig. So she asked my uncle to get her to a farm and buy a pig. Coz I think Singapore don't have gua... (Christine is from Singapore btw) Manatau she gets the pig d, she tak sampai hati wanna do such a cruel thing to the pig. So she decided to choose another project to do. And then she can't take the pig back with her to Australia mah... so she leaves it with my uncle lor...

I want a pig too!!! Somebody give me a piglet for my birthday lah!!!

The tortoises

I didn't take photos of the dogs coz the Dalmatian just undergo some surgery and was not in a good mood. So to not risk being dog food, I decided not to take her photo. As for the other dogs... it was raining and I can't get to their cages.

We decided to start the BBQ party even though it was still raining. So all of us went to the backyard and sat down comfortably in the hut. Well, except for popo (my grandma) and Auntie Rose lah. The floors a bit slippery so we don't want them to slip and fall so they sat inside the house.

The food:
I don't know somebody made this or they bought from some shop

Cousin Beulah made this... damn nice!!! Beat KFC's.

This taste damn good. Also made by Beulah. That girl inherited her dad's cooking skills. Haha!

The fried bread is supposed to be eaten with this garden salad. Taste damn good together. But without the salad the bread taste just as good on its own.

Anyone know what is the difference vinegrade and vinegar??? Please tell me... coz I asked Beulah, she also don't know.

I don't know if its curry or rendang coz I didn't eat it. Not in a mood to eat spicy stuff.

Then there's also some rice which I did not eat coz... I was not in a mood for rice also... haha!

This was my first helping of the food

Then there's the second round. Second round is the BBQ round. Uncle Paul did most of the bbq-ing. While we just sat there and enjoy the food.

Here are the things Uncle Paul bbq-ed:

Chicken wings

Uncle Paul also made tandoori chicken to bbq. But I didn't eat it so tak ambil gambar nya...

Pork sausage

Damn tasty... there.s also another type. But didn.t get to try it.

We dip this in some sauce...forgot the name. From Kraft company lah. Haha!

Do you know how this sausage is made? They told me...well, actually I also know earlier lah, they stuff the meat into the pig.s intestines and hence...Pork sausage... disgusting but damn tasty, ain't it?

We put some kinda sauce on this also...can't remember if its cranberry sauce or what d. haha! Too long ago liao...

There's also sotong, prawns, beef and err~ lots lah. But both Sinren and I were already too stuffed to put anything else into our tummy. So we surrender and took photos of other people...

Photos that I took:

The family who loves eating more than anything else

What the heck is Mark doing?

Why do I have so many posers in my life??? have failed the pose

Uncle Lai Wei took over Uncle Paul's bbq-ing

Fellow camera(wo)men:

After dinner we went inside the family room again. With our stuffed stomachs, all we could do was sit around and shout: "DAMN FULL ARH!!!
Baby resting on a very comfortable seat

Next I decided to start taking photos with my relatives. Last time hardly can take photos with my cousins one-on-one coz I no camera mah... With camera phone not so nice. Now got d. Mati-mati also must take. Drag them and force them till they cannot tahan and finally take with me.

My first victim:

Yes, my grandma... see lah. Popo so old d. The kind but loud-voiced lady who always made pyjamas for me is so old d. Walk also got problem...sigh~ must really take good care of her. Broken her leg recently. Don't know if I told u guys before. Love you popo... *muaks muaks*

This photo not so clear coz didn't switch on the flash. The one took with flash one I look damn ugly so was rejected from the blog...(the blog only accepts nice photos...haha!)

Jeremy is not 'bo song' with anything. Its just not his thing to smile for the camera

In the midst of taking photos, it was cake cutting time.

Sorry, this was badly editted

I forgot the names of the cakes. Anyone can tell me???

BTW, one cake is for Christine and the other one is for those who were born in the month of July.

I did an editted summary of the whole cake cutting thing... can't load it. Don't know why.

Then it was the presents time for Chris.

Erm~ I didn't take the photo of the thing both Sinren and I gave her. Terlupa ok... it was a set of earrings and bracelet from MOMOE.

Sometimes I just don't get it. Why is the things sold at MOMOE so expensive? Its not even a branded brand. Just don't get it... its so expensive tht I can hardly get things there except for... err~ socks... haha!!!

Ok, back to the story. (out of the topic as always -_-lll)

This is Christine with the present Beu, Bie and Beckie bought her:
That pig is supposed to remind Chris of Ballet... damn cute!!!

Then the photo taking session with my cousins continues...

Didn't smile but still look nicer compared to me

Beu's and my poutty faces (sorry that it is on the side...something is not right and I don't know what it is)

Tell me why she look so good pouting and I look like some kind of weirdo!!!!??????!!!!

I wanted to take photo with Mark who lost weight like crazy. Yes, a guy losing weight like gila…one day when I finds his much younger photos I’ll show u guys how fat he used to look. Anyways, he will be leaving for NS next year. So its gonna be hard for me to see him then coz it takes 2 years for a Singapore’s NS.

He was reluctant...
But I continued to bug him...

Then he's not satisfied with the outcome and asked for a re-take...

The only pic with Beckie facing the camera

The first photo was actually not that nice...coz Mark and Beckie's face were blurred. But I sayang wanna delete lah. So I merge both together.

Didn't take photos with Ebbie, Wei Xian, Ethan and David. Gotta do it the next time. Who knows entah mana where all these small butts will end up after finishing their high schools or whatever...

Last but not least, the birthday girl and my best friend since I was a baby:

After much photo taking and eating, we had to leave. I've got class tomorrow and so does the rest of my cousins. And Chris, Mark and the rest their family members have to rush back to Singapore early in the morning.

Kinda think of it... I won't be seeing Chris for a long, long time till she comes back the next time... AAAAAHHHH!!!! I’m gonna miss her so much...

Couzie... come back lah more often!!!

Ok, enough of fake emo-ing. She will come back one lah. She wanna visit pop mah...

On the way back, we passed a place where the twin towers very clearly and Auntie Michelle stopped to let his son to take the photo of the towers. So I also took lor...

And before going off from this post, here's my beloved fattie pants asking me to tell you guys 'hi' and 'bye':
Ok lah... that's all for today...



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