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Give me some skins!!!!

Damn sad lah... I can't find any nice skins on blogskins. I did found a few lah. But it was not perfect. And the one that I posted in the template one got some shit ass problems. So I had to remove it. And resort to this default skin by blogspot. And so all the thing that were editted is not there no more. Shit rite? I have to search for all the linking again and paste it. I could do it now but I got this shit assed assignment to do... damn it!!!!
Anybody out there good at designing skins or knows how to design skin? Can design a skin for us arh? Or you teach me lah. Then I can do one custom made one for my blog...
Isk isk isk~ damn pissed over the blog's skin thing lah...
Anyways, something else that is not so angry from me is...
I was reading some blogs and found out some damn funny abbreviations from some bloggers... damn funny lah... all this originated from their blogs k? Cannot find anywhere else.
This one I read from Eevon's blog. It actually means Oh My God Ban…

Tutorial Class

Today at 10am I had my tutorial.

I hated tutorial.

Coz I just don't like it.

This morning's tutorial was even worse.

My tutor made big comments about my fingers today. Yes, my poor over-skinny fingers.

Today as I was playing, she said that my fingers keep collapsing at the knuckles area. Coz in piano playing, your knuckles are supposed to be the highest point. And if you have your knuckles keep collapsing, your playing will be quite weak. I had not have this problem before...Well, that's what I thought lah. My previous piano teachers did tell me that my fingers do collapse (another bad thing for piano playing). And I corrected it. Manatau, now come a new prob d.

Its not that I cannot accept that I have this problem. I mean, I can accept anything that she says although I don't usually agree with her. But it's the way she tells it.

She told me what to do and then I was trying to do it. But I couldn't do it really well. Well, of course lah. It takes time to change…

Do you like them 'bling'???

You guys know rite how much these Japanese people love to do their nails until its like so glamorous??? Something like this...
I used to like it a lot honestly. I always wanted to go to a nail salon and tried on those acrylic nails and add those shining stuff onto my nails. It was really glamorous to me. And I envied Chels coz she had the talent to do her nails by herself into those above without going to the salon.
But now, maybe I was over that age d... hmmm~ maybe just one "bling" on the nail...just one small one is enough for me lah. Haha!!! Seems like I'm not totally that age huh??? Haha!!!
These Japanese had gone over the board with these blings. And I am so 'blinded' by all these things they had done to their stuff... they can tahan all these 'blings' arh???
Check it out, man
This is supposed to be a notebook or something I think
This one a bit over lor I think. I don't think I can bare looking at the cover of my notebook so 'bling'.
I t…

Christine's birthday bash

Yet another late post. Aiyo~ I tell you ar... After Sinren helped me to deal with some probs on my computer arh... It came back becoming worst. It became damn damn slow. So editing photos takes up a lot of time. So... sorry lah. The posts with photo will have to take some time to be posted. Gomen ne! well unless if I don't edit those photos lah. Then it will be boring lor, rite?

Anyways...this happened on 22nd July. Christine came back to Malaysia (from Australia) on 7th of July. Then back to Australia by the end of July. So before she goes back there, we, the Wong family members decided to have a birthday party for her. Err~ I mean a be-early birthday party lah. Coz her birthday is on 24th mah... we did the party on 22nd.

Ok, ok... I know you guys might feel weird why I call myself the Wongs when my surname is not even Wong. Of course I know lah my surname is not Wong. Its Pang mah... But I am much closer to my mother's side of relatives and btw I am my mum's child. So I …