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Project Pan 2018 Update #3

I've been doing so many beauty posts back to back coz I've been slacking on a lot of beauty updates. I'll try to put in other topics ok? But for now just let me try to clear off some monthly update posts.

I've missed out two months of Project Pan updates. But like I said in the previous post, I'll try my best to update whenever I can when. I'll still try to update once a month if possible lah. The project is almost drawing to the end anyways. Better update every month to see how I am doing at the last leg.

If you've missed out on my other Project Pan posts, I'll link everything right here for your convenience,
Introduction Update #1Update #2 In the last update, I've accumulated 17 items. Over the few months, I've almost finished two items. One of it I'm calling it done while the other I'm gonna finish it all the way. One item I'm decluttering/throwing away and I'll talk about why later on. Because I've thrown that item away, …

Throwback Thursday: A Famosa Resort

Suddenly remembered about these photos that I've never posted before when SR talked to me about this trip recently.

A conversation SR and I had lately...

SR: Eh how come we didn't bring Zyon when we went to A Famosa the last time ah?
Me: When is that?
SR: Tu... that time we went with our Youth Fellowship.
Me: Ohhhh... he went what.
SR: Yameh? I don't remember him being there.
Me: He went lah. He was in my belly.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha~ Stupid husband forgotten that I was pregnant at that time. He also forgot that I was pregnant from 2016 till 2017. He said he thought that I was only pregnant in 2017. I told him that no one was pregnant for four months and gave birth 😓

Alright now on to the photos. Not many but I've never posted them anywhere. So might as well post it here.

Spot a 3 months pregnant me lol
TBH I wanted to swim but I don't think it's nice to see me in a swimming suit at that moment hahaha.

During dinner we celebrated the birthdays of some Novemb…