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Colourpop Haul no. 1627482919 lol

Good morning from my sweet little boy 😘 
He woke up earlier than me today lol. So he tapped on my head while shouting “woi woi woi” to wake me up. I was being kind when I said he tapped on my head. More like crazy whacking hahaha.

Remember I said that I’ll be sharing my latest Colourpop haul after the BuJo post? Took pics of everything last night so that I can post up everything today.

I got everything during their 20% or is it 40% sale. Ordered at the end of December and received them on Monday...which I think was not bad lah. I was expecting it to be late with all the promo and sales they had been doing.

First up I got their creme gel colour liner to try out. I have one other gel liner in my collection and it sucked big time. Wanna see if the Colourpop one is better.

Got it in the shade Swerve which is the safest color of all, black.

I can’t get the thing to open 😐 So I’ll have to wait till the hubby is home to help me open it before I can swatch it.

Anyways I’ll talk ab…