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Update on Resolutions 2016: from March up until now

Sorry I've not updated on my resolutions for so damn long. I've had the draft for March-April but never published (>. >) Don't know what's wrong with me. Then I got very busy in the months after. When I was free...which is now, my laptop broke down (you might have know about it if you read my Dayre *here*). Anyways in case you've missed the January-February one *here* is the link. If you want to read all about my resolutions, click *here*.

Let's jump right into it. I'm expecting it to be a very long post since it's from March =/. So I'll try to talk less unrelated stuff *fingers crossed* You know how I can digress sometimes =P Sorry it will be without photos this time round coz I have not fully learned how to use my computer yet (> . >) I promise the next post will be filled with photos once I've learned how.


So it's August now...I'm sorry to tell you guys that I have not finished re…